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  AND ARIFANT and BUVETIER D'AUNOU, the two Top Sires in harness races at the end of the winter meeting. With the mounted races, they stand 1st and 5th, respectively earning 6 403 900 FF and 3 855 500 FF.  





27/03/99 : HAND DU VIVIER and Hugo du Bossis, both sons of AND ARIFANT, dominate the semi-classic Prix Gaston Brunet (Sc.). ISLAND DREAM by COKTAIL JET wins the Prix Masina (Sc.).

17/03/99 : HAND DU VIVIER (AND ARIFANT), again very impressive, in the semi-classic Prix Gaston de Wazières (Sc. - 2 175 m). A race, in which a son of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, Hermès du Buisson, finishes second, in front of another son of AND ARIFANT, , fourth.

6/03/99 : HELLO JO gets even with HIMO JOSSELYN and wins the Prix de Sélection (Gr.1), his third group 1.

29/02/99 : DEFI D'AUNOU glides over the Prix de l'Union Européenne (Gr.2)... ISLAND DREAM, a daughter of COKTAIL JET, is 3rd of the Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).

25/02/99 : Hugo du Bossis, 3rd of HULK DES CHAMPS and HIMO JOSSELYN in the Prix Jules Thibault (Sc. - 2 175 m - Grande piste). Another semi classic colt for AND ARIFANT!

24/02/99 : Sportsmen will appreciate. Idjet Mab, a son of COKTAIL JET, brilliantly wins at Enghien, owned by Madame Albert Viel.

21/02/99 : DEFI D'AUNOU, fantastic in the three great classic races at Vincennes in 1999. In the Prix de Paris, he is 3rd to REMINGTON CROWN and LOVELY GODIVA.

16/02/99 : He is a son of COKTAIL JET and his dam AMOUR D'AUNOU is a sister of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, DEFI D'AUNOU and EXTREME AUNOU. This afternoon, he won alone in 1' 18" 8 at Enghien (2 250 m), owned by Mr. Wildenstein... His name : In Love With You.

13 et 14/02/99 : AND ARIFANT , a breathtaking success! This week end, FAN QUICK is second to HOLLY DU LOCTON in the Prix des Centaures (Gr.1) and HAND DU VIVIER wins his third semi classic, Prix Ephrem Houël (Sc.).

February 11th. - GOETMALS WOOD, 2nd to Général du Pommeau in the Prix Roederer (Sc. - 2 100 m - autostart).

9/2/1999 : ISLAND DREAM (COKTAIL JET) wins his second semi classic and may be considered as the best 3 y.o. filly in France, three weeks before the Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).

Prix de France 99 : DEFI D'AUNOU, superb again, is 2nd to MONI MAKER and defeats GENERAL NOVEMBER, REMINGTON CROWN and LOUISE LAUKKO.

7/2/99 : Prestigious win for FAN QUICK, the best AND ARIFANT (mounted), in the Prix du Calvados (Gr.II - 2 175 m ).

6/2/99 : Incredible Charm now honours his father, CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE. Already 2nd of the semi classic Prix Maurice de Gheest, he is 2nd of a new semi classic, Prix Paul Viel (Sc. - 2 175 m).


PRIX D'AMERIQUE 99 : 1st, MONI MAKER, fabulous in the final. She beats LOVELY GODIVA, a superb DEFI D'AUNOU, ECHO and CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE.


The day of the "Cornulier" : And the beat goes on for AND ARIFANT. Excellent in the Prix de Cornulier, 2nd with FAN QUICK, he sees HAND DU VIVIER taking the leadership of the french 4 y.o.'s in the semi classic Prix de Tonnac - Villeneuve. In this important race, the exceptional success of the Sires featured here seems evident, as a son of AND ARIFANT beats HELLO JO, a son of BUVETIER D'AUNOU and a brother of FULL ACCOUNT, HASARD LAVEC.

23/1/99 : 1st GOETMALS WOOD - 2nd GO LUCKY (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the semi classic Prix Jean Le Gonidec (2 900 m).

18/1/99 : It was written, considering the impressive succes of all his first "I"! COKTAIL JET wins his first semi classic as a Sire, the Prix Gélinotte (Sc. - 1' 15" 9 - 2 100 m - autostart - fillies) with ISLAND DREAM (Bambina). The other island, ISLAND FLOWER (Caribbean Island), by CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, is 3rd.

17/1/99 : Before the Prix d'Amérique, the Prix de Belgique, the last meeting point for all the great horses : ECHO, 5th, has set everybody's mind at ease. DEFI D'AUNOU and CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE have done what they were asking for. To be continued...

  16/1/99 : Incredible Charm, son of CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, already semi classic, is 2nd of the Prix Maurice de Gheest (Sc.).

10/1/ 99 : as a Sire, AND ARIFANT wins the two semi classics of the week end at Vincennes, Prix Charles Tiercelin with HAND DU VIVIER and Prix de Croix with GOETMALS WOOD.
Finally, BUVETIER D'AUNOU, leader of the young stallions (G and H), is second of the French Sires (to PODOSIS).

3/1/99 : DEFI D'AUNOU plays a nice come back at Vincennes with a third place behind MONI MAKER and CAPITOLE in the Prix de Bourgogne.

27/12 : GOETMALS WOOD and Go Lucky, a son of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, are 2nd and 3rd of the Prix Ariste Hémard (Sca - to GIANT CAT), beating this time GENERAL DU POMMEAU.

26/12 : already winners, Incredible Charm and Island Flower are an honour to their sire, CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE. Both finished 4th of the first semi classics for 2 y.o.'s, les Prix Emmanuel Margouty and Une de Mai.

Christmas : the AND ARIFANT are shining. FAN QUICK is 4th of the International Prix Jules Lemonnier (M.) and Hand du Vivier wins the next day the important Prix de Château Chinon (Grande piste - 460 000 F - 2 800 m).

22/12 : a very interesting filly of COKTAIL JET, prettily named It's My Hope, wins at Vincennes. To be continued.

12/13 - Syndication of GOETMALS WOOD, one of the best french 4 y.o's, for his sire's career : the last 3 shares.
For his first race of the winter at Vincennes, GOETMALS WOOD is second of the Prix Octave Douesnel (Sc.).
The syndication of GANYMEDE is over.

HELLO JO, one of the best sons of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, 2nd of the Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1).

HALIMEDE, own brother of GANYMEDE, wins his first semi classic, Prix Abel Bassigny (2 700 m).

Ginger Lady' s win at Vincennes in the important Prix Laetitia is a beautiful symbol of the success of the sires featured here. As a matter of fact, she is the daughter of AND ARIFANT and UNISPEED, the famous sister of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, DEFI D'AUNOU and EXTREME AUNOU.

The first descendants of COKTAIL JET enjoy a triumphal success nearing perfection at Vincennes : Island Dream, Isola Love, Iole du Roumois, Istan du Perthuis...
A performance confirmed at the first outing for talented 2 y.o's, the Prix Louis Cauchois (Vincennes - 400 000 FF, 2 100 m), brilliantly won by IF ONLY.
Everything seems to prove that the champion is making a success in his reconversion. A great new "Dubois" stallion is born.

BUVETIER D'AUNOU was already the leader of the young stallions (G and H), he is now the Number One of the French Sires (updated 09/30/98). AND ARIFANT is third.

DEFI D'AUNOU is becoming a great traveller. After Hamburg, our national "rastahorse" has glided over Jagersro and finished 3rd to MONI MAKER in the Grand Prix des Nations at Milano.





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