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From march to november 1999,



  Update 15/11 : AND ARIFANT (13 635 820 FF) is the 2nd French Leading Sire behind Viking's Way (14 556 820 FF) and BUVETIER D'AUNOU ranks 4th (11 957 760 FF), behind Sancho Pança (12 554 050 FF).  




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GOETMALS WOOD, at Argentan.
Picture Fabrice Simon



1/11/99 : The day of Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli (Gr.1).
Pearsall Hanover is fifth in the final of the Big Event, to Zambesi Flash. Very attractive recently, Zeta Di Jesolo is also fifth of the fillies version and GOETMALS WOOD, regular at the highest level, is disqualified in the last turn of the Prix Vittorio di Capua.

29/10/99 - Vincennes : First hope among the "J", Just A Nevele (BUVETIER D'AUNOU - Cassette) finishes 3rd Prix Marcel Dejean to Java de Billeron and might race in the next semi classics. Good winner in 1' 17" 8 (2 200 m), I Am The Best is from BUVETIER D'AUNOU and the unforgettable Bahama.

19/10/99 : GOETMALS WOOD is third to Général du Pommeau and Giant Cat in Championnat Européen des 5 ans (Gr.1), at Vincennes (2 100 m - autostart).


ZETA DI JESOLO wins the Italian Oaks.


09/10/99 : ZETA DI JESOLO (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), great winner in the Italian Oaks (Gr.1).

26/09/99 : INSTALL (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) beats Incredible Charm (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in Prix Victor Régis (Sc.).

19/09/99 - Island Dream and Ivory Pearl, both by COKTAIL JET, finish third and fourth in Prix Uranie (Sc.). Earlier that week, EXTREME DREAM made his come back after three years without racing.

07/09/99 - GOETMALS WOOD defeats all the best 3-y-o's of the country, but Isadora d'Ombrée. In the Prix de l'Etoile (C.), he finishes so fast (1' 12"- 2 200 m - Vincennes GP - Départ volté), that he beats the Track Record (départ volté). ISLAND DREAM (COKTAIL JET) is fourth.

28/08/99 : GOETMALS WOOD signs a great performance in the Critérium des 5 Ans (C. - 1' 13" 8 - Vincennes 3 000 m). Marvellous second to Général du Pommeau (an amazing 1' 13" 6), he dominates a brilliant Giant Cat.

HERMES DU BUISSON (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is now a classic horse. He wins the Critérium Continental (C. - 1' 14" 5 - Vincennes 2 100 m) defeating Himo Josselyn.

21/08/99 : ISLAND DREAM (COKTAIL JET) dominates Iatka Bocain and Ivory Pearl (COKTAIL JET).1' 16 "2 at Vincennes (2 175 m) in the Prix Guy Deloison (Sc.). Incredible Charm (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is third of the Prix Pierre Plazen (Sc.) in 1' 17" 2 on the same course. The "Coktail Jet" and "Cygnus d'Odyssée" keep winning, everywhere in France, this summer.

18/08/99 : GOETMALS WOOD and Go Lucky (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) are 3rd and 4th to Gai d'Hautmonière and Général du Pommeau in the Prix Jockey (Sc. - 1' 14" 9 - Vincennes - 2 175 m). Next race will be the Critérium des 5 Ans, featured august 28th., with also Giant Cat and GANYMEDE.

17/08/99 : HERMES DU BUISSON (BUVETIER D'AUNOU),winner again at the semi classic level! He beats Hermès Perrine (1st disqualified) and Hulk de Godisson in the Prix Guy le Gonidec (Sc. - 1' 15" 8 - Vincennes - 2 700 m).
Two blue chips are rising up, this summer : Ibis Blue (AND ARIFANT) and In Love With You (COKTAIL JET), were 1st (1' 17" 8) and 3rd in the Prix de Cagnes sur Mer (Vincennes - 2 700 m - Grande Piste).

8/08/99 : GOETMALS WOOD, 2nd to Giesolo de Lou in the Prix de La Haye (International Gr.2 - 1' 15 - Enghien - 2 850 m)

7/08/99 : ISLAND DREAM (COKTAIL JET) dominates all her contemporaries; today, she realises 1' 13" 8 (1 609 m - Enghien) in the Prix Henri Cravoisier (Sc.).

1/08/99 : In the important Prix d'Europe (International Gr.2), GANYMEDE beats the record time (in company of Draga) of the 2 850 m at Enghien finishing 5th to Giant Cat and First de Retz (both start at the 2 825 meters pole): 1' 14" 5.

25/07/99 : In Race, daughter of COKTAIL JET and half sister of DREAM WITH ME (Rangone), wins in 1' 17" 4 at Enghien (2 150 m - autostart). Also by COKTAIL JET, In Love With You (Amour d'Aunou) is an easy winner, at Enghien.

17/07/99 : The Prix de Genève might be named, one day, Prix BUVETIER D'AUNOU. For the second year in a row, two of his sons take the two first places of this european event. In 1999, Hermès du Buisson and Hello Jo; in 1998, Go Lucky and Ganymède.

11/07/99 : Island Dream (COKTAIL JET), nice second of Iton du Gîte in the Prix de Berlin (1' 15" 2, 2 150 m aut. - Enghien). DEFI D'AUNOU (2nd in 1' 11" 5) and GANYMEDE (3rd in 1' 11" 6), excellent but beaten by Remington Crown in the Prix de Washington (International - 1 609 m aut. - Enghien).
AND ARIFANT keeps the leadership of the french Sires, BUVETIER D'AUNOU is third.

20/06/99 : Island Dream (COKTAIL JET) takes the leadership of the french 3-y-o's. She wins the important Prix Capucine (Gr.1 - Classic) dominating Iatka Bocain, another filly. Later in the afternoon, always at Vincennes, GOETMALS WOOD, 4th , beautifully finishes in the All Star fireworks, the magnificent Prix René Ballière (Gr.1).


Picture Fabrice Simon.


12/06/99 : HERMES DU BUISSON (1' 14) becomes a semi classic winner in the Prix Paul Leguerney (Sc. - 2 100 m) in front of Hugo du Bossis. This time, BUVETIER D'AUNOU dominates AND ARIFANT.
News from GIESOLO DE LOU, PEARSHALL HANOVER and FORTUNA WINNER : GIESOLO DE LOU, unfortunate in the Elitlop's final after his successfull trial in front of Moni Maker, easily defeats Gill's Victory, Special Force and Rite On Line in the Copenhagen Cup. PEARSHALL HANOVER (Dexter Cup) and FORTUNA WINNER (Colonial Trot) are among the best american 3-y-o's. A promising summer.

05/06/99 : DEFI D'AUNOU, easily, wins the Grand Prix Kymi (Int. - Finland) dominating Meadowbranch Lou and Louise Laukko.

25/05/99 : 1... 2... 3... GENERAL DU POMMEAU, GANYMEDE and GOETMALS WOOD in the Prix Chambon P (Gr.2). Looking to the future Prix d'Amérique 2000...

16/05/99 : And GANYMEDE became a Star... defeating GILL'S VICTORY in the Grand Prix d'Oslo (Gr.1 - 1' 12" 6).
GOETMALS WOOD became a Champion... brilliantly dominating GENERAL DU POMMEAU, DEFI D'AUNOU and LOVELY GODIVA in the Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2) at Caen.

15/05/99 : ISLAND DREAM (COKTAIL JET), best french filly, wins again in the Prix Ozo (Sc. - 2 175 m - 1' 14" 2). On sunday, GIESOLO DE LOU and GANYMEDE will compete in the Grand Prix d'Oslo (Gr.1); GOETMALS WOOD and DEFI D'AUNOU will race in the Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2).

25/04/99 : GOETMALS WOOD, 2nd to GIESOLO DE LOU in the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie (Int. - 1 609 m)

  17/4/99 :GANYMEDE wins Prix de l'Atlantique (2 150 m - Gr.1). He defeats, superb, REMINGTON CROWN. CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE is 4th.

  16/4/99 : Hugo du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) and Hermès du Buisson (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), 2nd and 3rd Prix Phaéton (Gr.2 - Sc. - to Hulk des Champs.

13/4/99 : GANYMEDE, 2nd Prix Henri Levesque (2 200 m - Sc.) to GIANT CAT, beats GENERAL DU POMMEAU, at the end of a very tactical race (1' 16" 2).

10/4/99 : In Love With You (COKTAIL JET), again very seductive.

3/4/99 : Incredible Charm, son of CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, already semi-classic, is 3rd of the Prix Paul Karle (Sc.).

27/03/99 : HAND DU VIVIER and Hugo du Bossis, both sons of AND ARIFANT, dominate the semi-classic Prix Gaston Brunet (Sc.). ISLAND DREAM by COKTAIL JET wins the Prix Masina (Sc.).

17/03/99 : HAND DU VIVIER (AND ARIFANT), again very impressive, in the semi-classic Prix Gaston de Wazières (Sc. - 2 175 m). A race, in which a son of BUVETIER D'AUNOU, Hermès du Buisson, finishes second, in front of another son of AND ARIFANT, fourth.


Winter meeting 98/99 at Vincennes





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