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Vincennes Winter Meeting 1999 - 2000,



  Critérium des 3 Ans and Critérium des Jeunes have been dominated by the duel between BUVETIER D'AUNOU (Install and Juliano Star) and COKTAIL JET (In Love With You and Jeanne's Fella).  



At the end of the winter meeting (15/03), BUVETIER D'AUNOU is the Leading French Sire (6 285 100 FF), in front of PODOSIS, his 1998 main rival, and REVE D'UDON. COKTAIL JET (4 924 600 FF), 4th with his two first crops, and AND ARIFANT are seen next, in company of VIKING'S WAY.





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JULIANO STAR dominates JEANNE'S FELLA in Critérium des Jeunes (C.).
Picture APRH


11/03/2000 : Cagnes sur Mer, Ultrason (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), 4th to a marvellous MONI MAKER in the New French Record Race (1' 10" 5), Grand Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d'Azur, in 1' 12" 7.

4/03/2000 : INCREDIBLE CHARM (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), placed again, this time, in Prix de Sélection (C. - Insert Gédé).

2/03/2000 : JARIFANTE SPEED (AND ARIFANT) beats Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in Prix Félicien Gauvreau (Scm.). Both Sires confirm a real ability to give brilliant mounted trotters.

27/02/2000 : Critérium des Jeunes (C.) - JULIANO STAR, higher than his half-brother ESOTICO STAR! The son of BUVETIER D'AUNOU have caught Jeanne's Fella (COKTAIL JET) up, just before the line. BUVETIER D'AUNOU and COKTAIL JET have featured a truly fantastic performance, two months after their first duel in Critérium des 3 Ans (C.).
Another semi-classic filly for COKTAIL JET : Idole, 3rd Prix Louis Le Bourg (Scm.).
GOETMALS WOOD, fifth in Prix de l'Union Européenne (Gr.3).

24/02/2000 : as it occured in semi-classic Prix Ephrem Houel, 1 - 2 - 3 for the Dubois Sires in Prix Jules Thibault (Sc. - 2 175 m). Ivory Pearl whose success is the first at this level, dominates Install(BUVETIER D'AUNOU) and INCREDIBLE CHARM.

21/02/2000 : Hugo du Bossis (AND ARIFANT), nice second to Historien (1' 14" 5) in Prix Ovide Moulinet (Sc. - 2 175 m). HERMES DU BUISSON (1' 14" 3 - 2 200 m) is 5th.

20/02/2000 : Prix de Paris (Gr.1), GOETMALS WOOD was again too far in the last turn to pretend to win the last big event of the winter meeting. Fast again in the last meters, he ends his course, as a third to a sensational Galopin du Ravary (1' 15" 2 - 4 125 m), Giant Cat being second.
Dominating Obelix Laukko, Varenne confirms his tremendous winter with an easy win in Championnat européen des 5 ans at Trevise (1' 14" 5 - 2 060 m).

13/02/2000 : Génois de Pouline (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), brave, becomes classic as 3rd Prix des Centaures (C.) to Gringo de Villière. 1'14"8 - 2 200 meters!

12/02/2000 : Prix Ephrem Houel (Sc.). The dynasty is feeling perfectly fine! COKTAIL JET with IN LOVE WITH YOU and Ivory Pearl, 2nd and 3rd to IVILLA BLUE (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).

10/02/2000 : Prix Roederer (Sc.). HERMES DU BUISSON and Hugo du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) placed 2nd and 3rd to an untouchable VARENNE. Obélix Laukko is fourth. Two horses by BUVETIER D'AUNOU won today : Gratifying (Ta Diablesse by Hymour) and Isério (the well known Uséria by Jorky).

6/01/2000 : Prix de France (Gr.1), GOETMALS WOOD is fourth to Giant Cat, Remington Crown and Moni Maker, beating at the end a pale Général du Pommeau.

5/01/2000 : IDEAL DE L'ITON (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) may be considered as the new Leader of the mounted 4-y-o's, after his second semi-classic win in Prix René Palyart (Scm.). He surely beats Island Dream (COKTAIL JET), second.
In Prix Paul Viel (Sc.), JULIANO STAR (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is now a semi-classic winner! The final was gorgeous, but Jeton d'Or who had pushed his rival on his outside, became second after commission's decision giving the win to ESOTICO STAR's half-brother.
These wins in the two main races were confirmed by the efficient success of Hawaiian Melody (BUVETIER D'AUNOU ) defeating a lovely dancer Herba Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) in Prix de Périgueux.

30/01/2000 : Prix d'Amérique - GOETMALS WOOD, 1' 13" 7, is 6th, three seconds behind the angel GENERAL DU POMMEAU. VARENNE, 1' 13, bred in association by Mr. Jean-Pierre Dubois, attacked and is a beautiful 3rd in that all records race.
News : IN LOVE WITH YOU and HALIMEDE, new Sires in 2000.


Picture Gérard Forni


23/01/2000 : Prix de Tonnac-Villeneuve (Sc. - 2 175 m), 1st BUVETIER D'AUNOU with Install (1' 14" 9), 2nd CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE with INCREDIBLE CHARM, 3rd COKTAIL JET with IN LOVE WITH YOU, new Sire in 2000 at Haras de la Brosse. A fantastic dynasty!
One hour later, in Prix Camille de Wazières (Scm. - Gr.2), IDEAL DE L'ITON gives to CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE his first semi-classic win as a sire.

22/01/2000 : HERMES DU BUISSON placed again at a semi-classic level, as 3rd Prix Jean Le Gonidec (Sc.).

16/01/2000 : Prix de Belgique (Gr.2) with HELLO JO (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), 7th and GOETMALS WOOD, disqualified. GOETMALS WOOD should race in Prix d'Amérique, 30th of january.

09/01/2000 : HUGO DU BOSSIS (AND ARIFANT) beats a nose HERMES DU BUISSON in the important Prix de Croix (Sc. - 2 700 m) and returns home with a first semi-classic win. Later in the afternoon, ISLAND DREAM (COKTAIL JET) triumphs again in another semi-classic event, but this time in a mounted race, Prix de Pardieu (Sc. - 2 175 m).

Statistiques 1999 : first and second of the french Sires (harness only), BUVETIER D'AUNOU and AND ARIFANT! COKTAIL JET is Leader of the french young Sires.

08/01/2000 : Both by COKTAIL JET, Ivory Pearl and IN LOVE WITH YOU could not resist to an impressive INSERT GEDE, great and beautiful winner of Prix Charles Tiercelin (Sc. - 2 700 m - 1' 17"2).

27/12/99 : And Jancartier (AND ARIFANT) was flying, for his first race, directly at Vincennes!

26/12/99 : Author of a tremendous final effort, Island Dream, Champion Filly by COKTAIL JET , is 2nd to Ighanian in Prix de Vincennes (Gr.1).
Two hours later, Hugo du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) is a brilliant 3rd to an impressive Varenne in Prix Ariste Hémard (Sc.)

23/12/99 : ESOTICO STAR appears very present in Prix Emmanuel Margouty (Sc.), first semi-classic for the "J". His half-brother Juliano Star finishes 3rd, while his son Jenko is 5th. Otherwise, COKTAIL JET and CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE have many newcomers to recommend them, those days : Idéal Cocktail, Ile Mauritius, In Foot, If You Like, In Black, Jessamina for the Prix d'Amérique winner, and Idéalement Vôtre, Java du Ried, Isla Bonita, Idéal de l'Iton for the winner of Critérium des 4 Ans.

12/12/99 : Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1). INSTALL (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), fantastic winner in front of a superb IN LOVE WITH YOU (COKTAIL JET). Island Dream (COKTAIL JET) is 4th.

9/12/99 : IBIS BLUE (AND ARIFANT), a new semi-classic winner in Prix Raoul Ballière (Scm. - 2 700 m)!

7/12/99 : Iolanthe (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), Idole des Racques (COKTAIL JET) and Jenko (ESOTICO STAR) whose brother Juliano Star, by BUVETIER D'AUNOU, is the recent 3rd Prix Ourasi) are all nice winners at Vincennes.

2/12/99 : 10 days before Critérium des 3 Ans, IVILLA BLUE (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) becomes a semi-classic filly, dominating Prix Reine du Corta (Sc.). On their side, in the colts race, IN LOVE WITH YOU (COKTAIL JET) and INCREDIBLE CHARM respectively finish 3rd and 4th Prix Abel Bassigny (Sc.).

21/11/99 : Italy smiles! The four best italian 2-y-o fillies, today, were bred or are owned (Adri di Jesolo) by Mr. Dubois. AIGRE DOUX is a daughter of AND ARIFANT; she dominates Adri di Jesolo in Gran Criterium at Milano. In Gran Criterium Filly, ANDAZ (Cezio Josselyn) surely beats Acidez.

20/11/99 : The COKTAIL JET revolution rises! Three of his daughters Island Dream (Quioco), Ivory Pearl (Workaholic) and It's My Hope (Speedy Crown) finish 2nd (1' 15" 5), 3rd and 4th to IATKA BOCAIN in Prix Queila Gédé (Sc. - 2 175 m).
On his way to Prix d'Amérique, GOETMALS WOOD' s gait and racing scenario remind us the final meters in preparation races of the famous COKTAIL JET and DEFI D'AUNOU. The strategy is similar. GANYMEDE had an easy course and Hello Jo was an excellent 4th.

18/11/99 : First semi-classic for 3-y-o's of the Paris-Vincennes Winter Meeting 1999/2000. COKTAIL JET defeats BUVETIER D'AUNOU. A so charming IN LOVE WITH YOU, for his first try at this level, beats INSTALL in Prix Jacques de Vaulogé (2 175 meters harness - restricted to colts).

Update 15/11 : AND ARIFANT (13 635 820 FF) is the 2nd French Leading Sire behind Viking's Way (14 556 820 FF) and BUVETIER D'AUNOU ranks 4th (11 957 760 FF), behind Sancho Pança (12 554 050 FF).



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