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Prix Louis Tillaye (Scm.) : JARDY, the first main winner of the Winter Meeting 2000 - 2001.
Picture APRH


25/11/2000 - Still leader of the french Sires, BUVETIER D'AUNOU efficiently wins two main races at Vincennes with his promising sons Gobernador and Grand Farceur (1' 13" 9 - 2 100 m - autostart)..
Earlier, Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM) remains unbeaten after her fourth race.

2/11/2000 - Opening of the Paris-Vincennes Winter Meeting. Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins the Prix Louis Tillaye (Scm.), this time defeating Jenko.
IN LOVE WITH YOU efficiently comes back! He is placed fourth of Prix de la Drôme.

31/10/2000 - Kéfie Perle (DEFI D'AUNOU), one week after her first win, defeats Kidea (EXTREME DREAM) in the first main race for 2-y-o's fillies, Prix Marcel Dejean at Vincennes (1' 20).

29/10/2000 - Milano - Gran Premio Paolo e Orsino Mangelli, one of the most famous sprints, worldwide. A sad Sunday!
Juliano Star (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) ran in the second trial, facing Legendary Lover K (6th Hambletonian Stakes). He was finally placed sixth at the term of a very tactical race! Abracadabrant (COKTAIL JET) did'nt race against Abano As (second of the trial then final winner) and Brumal Hanover (3rd Yonkers Trot).
Amy di Jesolo and Adri di Jesolo have been disappointing in the fillies version (winner : Avigliana).

Looking forward : Prix Louis Cauchois is the first main turnament for the young generation. Really impressive, Kermitt (COKTAIL JET), twice winner in august and september, chased behind the leaders and galloped at the end while he was struggling for victory.
Winner at Vincennes, on tuesday, Kéfie Perle will stay in the racing and breeding history as the first winner of the Sire DEFI D'AUNOU.
Earlier in october, Kaisy Dream (EXTREME DREAM and the well known Daisy Chain) won at Enghien.

16/10/2000 - Kid Blue (BUVETIER D'AUNOU and the excellent mare Alexane) wins his first race at Enghien.

08/10/2000 - Roma (Tor di Valle) is today the center of Europe. In the Grand Prix du Jubilé, Varenne welcomes and defeats an astonishing meeting of great horses : in fact, only the two famous geldings Victory Tilly and Giesolo de Lou were missing. Abracadabrant (COKTAIL JET) is disqualified in the Italian Derby (3-y-o's), and Amy di Jesolo (Super Bowl - Rain di Jesolo) is tenth.
Adri di Jesolo (Donerail - Only di Jesolo) is second to Avigliana in the Italian Oaks.

29/09/2000 - Main event, tonight at Vincennes. Kéfie Perle, by DEFI D'AUNOU and the champion mare Fine Perle, begins her career with a second place in the first race, beaten by Kiss Melody, a daughter of EXTREME DREAM. The famous horse so appears in the sires' columns for the first time, on the track where he became famous.
Earlier in september, "Défi" was very successful with his second crop at the Vincennes Yearlings Sales (see results).
Thursday - Jenko, trained by Jean-Philippe Dubois, became classic (monté) winning the very important Prix des Elites (Gr.1).
Wednesday - Giesolo de Lou (1' 13"4), trained by Jean-Etienne Dubois, defeated Remington Crown and Jackhammer in the Grand Prix d'Amiens (Gr.3).

24/09/2000 - While Juliano Star (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) and Jain de Béval (COKTAIL JET), both 1' 15" 7, were placed second and third to Jolmeto in Prix Victor Régis (Sc. - 2 700 m), Jessamina, again for COKTAIL JET, was becoming a semi-classic filly in Prix Uranie (Sc.- 2 700 m) only beaten by Jorade du Fruitier and Jalencia. Colts and fillies won't meet again before the ultra-classic race, Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1), here at Vincennes in December.
Earlier this week, the brother to EXTREME DREAM, Kilimandjaro, has won his first race, at night, at Vincennes.

17/09/2000 - A festival of the Sires, the day of the Prix de Normandie (Gr.1). In this classic race, Hugo du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) defeats (1' 17" 9) Hadriana and Holly du Locton, for his first try with a saddle on his back.
Then, Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) easily wins the Prix de Basly (Scm.), Jenko (ESOTICO STAR) is third.
Izakaline wins the last race for CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, Jest the first one for BUVETIER D'AUNOU and, COKTAIL JET dominates the one in the middle, the important Prix Emile Wendling, with a promising Jain de Béval.
Friday, the daughter of Bluette d'Hilly, Katima, has won the Prix Polaris at Vincennes. Horses of the same family are for sale.


Prix de Normandie (C. - 3 000 m) : HUGO DU BOSSIS imperial in the final meters.
Picture APRH

9/09/2000 - Prix de l'Etoile (Gr.1), Juliano Star (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is third to Jalencia and Hermès de Péricard.

2/09/2000 - Aside Critérium des 5 Ans and Critérium Continental, Jenko (ESOTICO STAR) wins a brilliant success in Prix Pierre Gamare (Sc. - 2 700 m). September 1, at night at Vincennes, one of the first good races given to 2-y-o's has seen a COKTAIL JET, Kermitt, beating the brother to EXTREME DREAM, Kilimandjaro and Ksar de Béval, by ESOTICO STAR. 5th, another nice son of ESOTICO STAR has just raced the last 250 meters : his name is Kasting du Bourg.

28/08/2000 - Not worried (ten weeks without racing), Juliano Star (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) keeps control over his generation ; he dominates Junior du Rib in Prix Pierre Plazen (Sc. - 2 175 m).
Kilbuck Rose (Enrose) is third at Vincennes for her second race. Enrose is featured online for sale.

23/08/2000 - In Prix Jockey (Sca. - 2 175 m), ultimate race before Critérium des 5 Ans (Gr.1), BUVETIER D'AUNOU saw Hasting relaying HERMES DU BUISSON, who didn't race. Newcomer among the stars, Hasting surely defeats Hulk des Champs and Himo Josselyn.

21/08/2000 - Just a perfect day for COKTAIL JET who loved Vincennes. His colts and fillies also seem to appreciate the big track. Ivory Pearl and In Foot have frankly shown it this afternoon for the first dates of the summer meeting, respectively winning the Prix Cénéri Forcinal (Scm. - 2 175 m) and Guy Le Gonidec (Sca. - 2 700 m), the two semi-classics of the day. Install (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), alone 25 meters behind the other horses, ends a nice course as a 5th to In Foot and Ipson de Mormal.

19/08/2000 - Giesolo de Lou (1' 13" 1), 3rd to king Victory Tilly in Sundsvall Open Trot (Gr.1 - 2 140 m). GOETMALS WOOD has been disqualified.
Kidea (EXTREME DREAM) wins Prix de la Place de la République at Enghien.

13/08/2000 - Ultrason (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), 1' 15" 6, is 2nd of the Prix de La Haye (Gr.2 - 2 875 m - Enghien) beaten by Farnese in the last meters.

6/08/2000 - Both quite impressive, Amy di Jesolo (Super Bowl - Rain di Jesolo) defeats Adri di Jesolo (Donerail - Only di Jesolo) in Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr.3 - 1 609 m - Enghien). Owner : Ecurie Bolgheri SRL.


AMY DI JESOLO seems better, this summer, than ADRI DI JESOLO.
Picture APRH


5/08/2000 - As she already proved it at Solvalla, Ivory Pearl (COKTAIL JET) appreciates the flat tracks. Tonight, she wins Prix de Milan (Gr.2 - 2 150 m - Enghien) against most of the best french 4-y-o's. This beautiful success follows another win, on the same track, in Prix de Genève, july 15.
A filly named Joyeuse Gédé and a colt Jeanbat du Vivier have easily and very nicely won at Enghien, this week. Both are by COKTAIL JET.

3/08/2000 - For the first time appears in the Sires' columns the tremendous name of EXTREME DREAM. He is the Sire of a filly (dam Enrose), Kilbuck Rose, placed 7th in a race scheduled for unraced 2-y-o's. Enrose is for sale, now.
Later, Ultrason (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) has won the important Prix de la Méditerranée.

2/08/2000 - Young brother to EXTREME DREAM and GOETMALS WOOD, KILIMANDJARO is a very wise and nice 3rd in Prix de la Porte de Choisy at Enghien, his first race.

29/07/2000 - Jain de Béval (COKTAIL JET) and Jenko (ESOTICO STAR) are 3rd and 5th to Amy di Jesolo in the Prix de Rome (2 875 m - Enghien) . Sunday 30, in the Prix d'Europe (Gr.2 - 2 875 m), GOETMALS WOOD is sixth to Jackhammer. HERMES DU BUISSON was coming back on the track after his breeding season. The Critérium des 5 Ans (Gr.1) is scheduled in one month.

09/07/2000 - Impressive winner, ten days ago, of the Prix Altair (1' 14" 2 - 2 100 m autostart), at Vincennes, Jenko (ESOTICO STAR) frankly wins again, this time at Enghien, in Prix de Berlin (2 150 m autostart). In Prix de Washington (Gr.2 - 1 609 m), GOETMALS WOOD is placed, one more time, as a second to Gisella du Gîte ; meanwhile, GANYMEDE was defeated by Grand Frisson for the third place.

At Gelsenkirchen, a strong revenge for Giesolo de Lou trained by Jean-Etienne Dubois in the Elite Rennen (Gr.1 - 3rd Word Cup Trial - 2 011 m - autostart). In Germany, the famous gelding defeats Varenne who always says "Yes!" and Baron Pepper.

French Sires Classification (update june 18th) : BUVETIER D'AUNOU (103 w. - 11 039 950 FF) trots along the rail - as he always did -, three lengths in front of the elegant AND ARIFANT (60 wins - 8 407 790 FF). Podosis (44 wins - 7 704 950 FF), Jet du Vivier (73 wins - 7 482 730 FF), Sancho Pança (63 wins - 7 332 450 FF), Viking's Way (60 wins - 7 306 620 FF), Sébrazac (38 w. - 6 974 980 FF), Workaholic (71 w. - 6 880 695 FF), Rêve d'Udon (57w. - 6 821 900 FF) are fighting behing, quite far away from the leader.
Leading French Sire in 1999 (only considering harness racing), "Buvetier" seems to head towards a first title of Champion Sire (harness + monté) for the first time in his young career.

18/06/2000 - Four classic races make it the big event, the richest day of the year on the track of Paris-Vincennes : Prix Capucine, d'Essai, du Président de la République, René Ballière.
A day to mark with three white stones (as we say in french, sometimes!). Idéal de l'Iton (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) frankly wins Prix du Président de la République (Gr.1), Jarifante Speed (AND ARIFANT) pushes Jardy to gallop in Prix d'Essai (Gr.1) and Juliano Star (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) easily captures Prix Capucine (Gr.1).

GOETMALS WOOD is placed again at the highest level, as a third to Général du Pommeau, terrific winner(1' 11" 3) of the Prix René Ballière (Gr.1).
BUVETIER D'AUNOU complete this démonstration with Isério and Gros Grain, winners of the main Prix de Nesles and Prix de Grasse.
COKTAIL JET had initiated it, in the first race of the day, with the chestnut colt In Foot, handsome winner against good performers.



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