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Summer 2002




Main performances




Particularly Jam Pridem, Kérido du Donjon, Kiss Melody, Kaisy Dream, Kapitano, Lucky d'Hilly, Léda d'Occagnes, Love You ...


Prix Albert Viel - ex Prix Capucine (Gr.1) : LUCKY D'HILLY, a new classic winner by Coktail Jet.
Picture APRH



19/09 - Vincennes : An excellent day for AND ARIFANT, winner with Jarifant de Carsi (Prix de Bergerac), but also second with Montréal (Prix des Cyclamens) and Galant du Donjon (Prix d'Aurillac).
These brilliant performances will find an echo in the superb win of their half-sister Herba Bourbon, two days after in Caen (Prix de Moulins-la-Marche).

18/09 - September Yearling Sales : 170 000 euros = Highest bid in 2002 for Nelson Mip,
a colt by IN LOVE WITH YOU and Gazelle Bleue (Buvetier d'Aunou).

17/09 - Marion du Fanil (COKTAIL JET) raised in Prix Polaris, at night in Vincennes. 1' 17" 4 at 2 (2 200 m).

14/09 - Prix d'Eté (Gr.2) : Good news, Gobernador (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is back! After surgery and more than a year without racing. A return with a big fault at the start!
Kildare Wood (COKTAIL JET) is second in important Prix Joseph Aveline.
A paradoxical day for CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE! Ludo de Castelle shows himself as a very promising horse, winning for the second time consecutively, Léda d'Occagnes adds Prix de Basly (Scm.) to her quest for victory, but Jardy misses the last step to reach his Graal, Prix de Vincennes at 3, Prix du Président de la République at 4, Prix de Normandie at 5!

10/09 - John Arifant (AND ARIFANT) comes back ... from Mars to win Prix Agena, an european race, often defended by excellent horses. 1' 14" 2 - 2 100 m autostart.
By CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, Kangou du Cygne dominates Prix Lampetia.

9/09 - Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET), winner of his trial in front of Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM)! Both are qualified for the Grand Prix de l'UET in Caen.
Qualified 1' 16" 4, Magic I Am (GOETMALS WOOD) wins his first race in Caen.

8/09 - In Bernay, Milady Wood gives a first success to GOETMALS WOOD.

5/09 - Just a perfect day! In order of appearance on the track ...
Four days after a success "au monté", Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins - already - her seventh classic or semi-classic event in the Prix Uranie (Sca.), frankly beating Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET), La Fée (DEFI D'AUNOU) and L'Ile de Rêve (COKTAIL JET), placed in that order.
Kid Wood will remain in DEFI D'AUNOU' s story as his first semi-classic winner, defeating the 5-y-o's in the Prix Legoux-Longpré (Scm.). Particularly Jairo des Veys (+ 25 m) and JENKO (+ 25 m).
Prix Victor Régis (Sca.) is a main date, three months away from the Critérium des 3 Ans : Love You (COKTAIL JET), easily contains Lucky d'Hilly (COKTAIL JET)' s efforts. Once again.


LOVE YOU, another champion for Jean-Pierre Dubois and a magic female line.
Prix Victor Régis (Sca.) in front of Lucky d'Hilly. Vincennes - September 5, 2002. Picture APRH


3/09 - Mahana, proud half sister to EXTREME DREAM and GOETMALS WOOD, by DEFI D'AUNOU, could not wait long before a first success. Frankly achieved, in Prix Badenia, tonight in Vincennes!

2/09 - Time for 2-y-o's to appear in Vincennes. Montréal (AND ARIFANT) wins the traditional Prix des Bruyères, one of the first dates for the youngest crop in age of racing.
In the main race, the blue chip Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins his first race, in front of a promising Lear Fan (AND ARIFANT).

1/09 - Seven years after his own title, COKTAIL JET wins a first Critérium des 5 Ans (Gr.1) as a sire, with a gorgeous Jeanbat du Vivier.
Followed by a second place in the Critérium Continental (Gr.1) with the formidable Kérido du Donjon.
Still alone in her world, Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is the efficient winner of the Prix Pierre Gamare (Scm.). Pictures Léda d'Occagnes.

29/08 - Two promising horses dominate Prix d'Eauze in Vincennes ...
Koktail de Perron (COKTAIL JET) beats Kid Speed (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE). 1' 16" 9 (2 700 m - Main Track).

28/08 - A few days after Ma Gibus, first winner in France for GANYMEDE, Mekita de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) is the first 2-y-o winner in Vincennes, this year. She dominates Mahana, half sister to EXTREME DREAM and GOETMALS WOOD, a daughter of DEFI D'AUNOU.
Also by "Défi", talentuous and stylish chestnut fillies, Kourgana and La Fée have devoured the two main events of the day.

24/08 Vincennes - We have seen, at least once, Varenne and Kiss Melody trotting together. In fact, till the last turn, when the champ decided to go! Finally, the daughter to EXTREME DREAM signed a formidable peformance as a second of the Trot World Cup (4th Trial - Gr.2), matching the old track record and beating Fan Idole. At 4!

New Vincennes track record for Varenne : 1' 10" 8. 1' 11" 3 for Kiss Melody.

21/08 - JENKO is third to Jirella in Prix Hervé Céran-Maillard (Scm.). Idéalement Vôtre (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), nice winner of the Prix de Noailles, is improving.

19/08 - Vincennes - The opening of the summer meeting and its four semi-classic dates almost totally controlled by COKTAIL JET.
Kapitano (COKTAIL JET) becomes semi-classic in Prix Guy Le Gonidec (Sca.), defeating Késaco Phédo (+ 25 m), while Koktail de Perron (COKTAIL JET) is an excellent third.
Love You (COKTAIL JET) confirms his huge potential, drawing Lucky d'Hilly (COKTAIL JET), second, till the pole in Prix Pierre Plazen (Sca.).
Again extremely impressive, Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) wins his fourth race in a row, Prix Céneri Forcinal (Scm.).
Alone, Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) prevents Coktail Jet's Big Slam, beating Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET) and Liberté (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in Prix Guy Deloison (Sca.).

Pictures Kapitano, Kérido du Donjon, Love You. Leda d'Occagnes' s picture on CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE' s pages.

17/08 - Jam Pridem (COKTAIL JET) places himself between Legendary Lover K and Général du Pommeau, in Kouvola, in the Kymi Grand Prix (Gr.1).

14/08 - Still Enghien. Day after day, winner after winner, the COKTAIL JET ' s wave grows. Today, Lola de Lou and Luzachinga, at the two first places of the Prix du Ballon d'Alsace, followed Jeanbat du Vivier's high performance, impressive winner of the Prix de la Porte d'Italie (1' 15" 4 - 2 875 m).

12/08 - Leading French Young Sires, COKTAIL JET and DEFI D'AUNOU have been very polite to each other, today, in Enghien. Son of the younger, Ludovic has defeated the own brother to Jam Pridem, Laetenter Diem in the Prix de la Porte Pouchet (1' 16" 4 - 2 150 m autostart). Then, Lutin Malin, by "Coktail", dominated Lac de Vandel, by "Défi", in the Prix de Bandol (1' 16" 8 - 2 150 m autostart).
In Solvalla, saturday, in the Queen L's Lopp, Ivory Pearl finished once again second to Not A Spacecase, particularly beating Hilda Zonett.

4/08 - Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr.3) - Lucky d'Hilly and Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET), second and third to Likable River, at term of a tactical race, finish as fast as the winner.
Brave in a rain storm, Khalife d'Aunou (DEFI D'AUNOU) leads and wins the last event.

3/08 - Six group I winners were on stage, today, in a very attractive Prix de Milan (Gr.2). Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET), new french "Président", has finished faster than KAISY DREAM (second) and Korean, dominating "Kaisy", not far from the pole.
Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM) totally missed the start, lost many meters, came back and did gallop again...
Pictures Kérido du Donjon.

Kanick has won in the name of EXTREME DREAM. So did La Vie du Tremblay, but for BUVETIER D'AUNOU.

1/08 - We were just writing upon him, yesterday... Jam Pridem (COKTAIL JET) beats Hello Dona and Indy de Vive in Prix de la Méditerranée (1' 13" 3 - 2 150 m aut.), for a fourth success in a row. This summer attack over Enghien (three races) was scheduled and has been perfectly directed.
The handsome and strong Jeanbat du Vivier (COKTAIL JET) has flown in Prix de la Chaussée d'Antin - 1' 15 (2 875 m) -. This singular 5-y-o could have high pretentions, very soon.
Kasida (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) wins the first race and Lutin Malin (COKTAIL JET), the last one, as a promising colt.

Already winner at Woodbine and Meadowlands, Grand Farceur (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), this time, dominates the best canadian horses at Montréal (1' 12" 2 - 1 609 m).

31/07 - Proud own brother to Jam Pridem, Laetenter Diem (COKTAIL JET) dominates good horses in Prix des Tuileries. 1' 16 - 2 150 m - autostart.

30/07 - Ivory Pearl (COKTAIL JET) is placed second to Not A Spacecase in the Stolopp, International, in Jägersro. 1' 12" 9 - 1 640 m.

27/07 - Prix d'Europe at Enghien : the 4-y-o's champion filly Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM) seized the opportunity of her twenty-five meters of advantage at the start, defeating Général du Pommeau. A formidable win for an extraordinary filly!
2 875 m - 1' 14" 2 for the winner. Pictures APRH : Kiss Melody
Prix de Rome at Enghien - Impressive victory of Love You (COKTAIL JET), Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET) is third.

22/07 - And the beat goes on for Jam Pridem (COKTAIL JET), who today defeats Zinzan Brooke Tur in Prix de Bruxelles at Enghien (1' 13" 3 - 2 150 m autostart).
Excellent come back of Kiwi (COKTAIL JET), third in Prix du Louvre.

13/07 - Enghien. In Prix de Genève, Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM) wins the twelfth race of her career. A career still without any place after 20 races.
It seems that KINDER JET, excellent second, appreciates his first breeding season. Katiche Wood (COKTAIL JET) is third of this high level rendez-vous.
2 875 m - 1' 15" 6 for the winner, who lost fourty meters at the start.

Often a very exciting turnament, the Prix de la Porte Saint-Martin was the opening race of the day. La Fée (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirmed the power of her charms and tricks, frankly defeating Lumière de Faël (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the last 200 meters.

11/07 - Enghien. At the start, they were three, three sons of COKTAIL JET, and, at the end, they took the three first places of a good race, the Prix de la Madeleine, Koktail de Perron dominating Kapitano, Kildare Wood and twelve other opponents.
Some news from Giesolo de Lou' s breeders.

7/07 - KAISY DREAM amazes his elders, and particularly Général du Pommeau and Jackhammer, who stayed in front of him till the end of the Prix de Washington (Gr.2), at Enghien, but not so much in front...
Lucky d'Hilly (COKTAIL JET) confirms his latest performances, winning Prix de Berlin.

28/06 - Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM) danced, tonight, in Prix Jules Thibault (Sca.), easily dominating Kid Blue (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).

27/06 - Outstanding since two months, Jam Pridem (COKTAIL JET) defeats Royal Gull in the Prix de New York at Enghien (2 150 m autostart - 1' 13" 5).


JAM PRIDEM can't stop winning, those weeks.
Picture APRH



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