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Fall 2002




Main performances




Particularly Mentor du Goutier, Mahana, Marion du Fanil, Miska des Rondes, Léda d'Occagnes, Love You, Kiss Melody, Kérido du Donjon, Naglo ...


MENTOR DU GOUTIER, a second semi-classic winner for Défi d'Aunou, in France.
Picture APRH


18/12 - Vincennes - Mentor du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU) dominates all along the course and wins the first semi-classic race for 2-y-o's, Prix Emmanuel Margouty (Sca.).

16/12 - Vincennes - Promising, the semi-classic filly Liberty d'Ar (EXTREME DREAM) and Lear Fan (AND ARIFANT) frankly win ...

14/12 - Vincennes - When Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) meets the other 4-y-o's, it seems that the chestnut champion trots alone in his world, winning without fighting. This time, it occurred in Prix Philippe du Rozier (Scm.).
Next date "au monté" : the Mount Everest of all horses, the Prix de Cornulier (Gr.1). At 5!
The real Kiwi is back. In the Prix de Reims, an important event of semi-classic level, the handsome bay son of COKTAIL JET shows his astonishing power, winning alone. 1' 12" 7 - 2 100 m autostart.

13/12 - Vincennes - The same couple, the same result ... Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) defeats again Moorea d'Orgères (EXTREME AUNOU), in Prix Una. As it was november 5th.

12/12 - Vincennes - John Arifant (AND ARIFANT) wins the highly prized Prix de Belfort.

8/12 - Vincennes - Fast as the wind, again, in the last two hundred meters, LUCKY D'HILLY is a close third in Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1), beating Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), fourth, and his brother Look de Star (COKTAIL JET), fifth.

6/12 - Vincennes - Mentor du Goutier and Mercenaire, both by DEFI D'AUNOU, dominate the Prix Weringia. The second one is an handsome son of Champion Mare Bahama.
Then, the excellent Katy la Cépière (DEFI D'AUNOU) kept the lead during all the course, frankly winning Prix Mérak.

4 and 3/12 - Vincennes. First important dates for the younger generation in age of racing.
1 - 2 - 3 in Prix Vourasie : Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU) defeats Marion du Fanil (COKTAIL JET) and Miska des Rondes (EXTREME AUNOU).
The night before, Montréal (AND ARIFANT) was placed third to two colts by Hello Jo, in the brother's race, Prix Ourasi.

2/12 - Vincennes - Talentuous and even quite impressive, Mousse Au Chocolat (COKTAIL JET) easily wins Prix des Campanules.

30/11 - Wolvega - Jam Pridem (COKTAIL JET) wins his first group I in Prix des Géants (Gr.1), defeating Freiherr As and Intact Hornline.

29/11 - Vincennes - 8 races, 4 wins. For COKTAIL JET, Lusitania sails as a promising colt in Prix Walpurga, and Judoka Royal wins a ninth consecutive race in Prix Arietis.
Messire de Janvrin (EXTREME AUNOU) had perfectly initiated this evening, in Prix Klio. Then, Let's Go Force (AND ARIFANT) won the other trial of the Prix Walpurga.

28/11 - Ten days away from the Critérium des 3 Ans, Vincennes schedules Prix Jacques de Vaulogé (Sca.) and Queila Gédé (Sca.).
In the fillies' race, Prix Queila Gédé (Sca.), Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is placed second to Lazio du Bourg. L'Aunou du Fier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), third, gains her first semi-classic references. L'Ile de Rêve (COKTAIL JET), fourth, finishes in front of her sister Let's Go Darling, sixth.
In the Prix Jacques de Vaulogé (Sca.), Love You (COKTAIL JET) frankly defeats his brother LUCKY D'HILLY, second, and most of the best french colts.

22/11 - Vincennes - L'Aunou du Fier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) dominates some good fillies in the Prix du Beaujolais (1' 16" 7 - 2 850 m small track).

21/11 - Vincennes - Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) can't be stopped since six months. Today, he wins Prix Jacques Olry (Scm.).

16/11 - Vincennes - Prix de Bretagne (Gr.2) and Hand du Vivier's come back (AND ARIFANT), after twenty six months without racing. Gobernador (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) did start twenty five meters behind the winner Hypérion, but is an excellent and promising fourth.

In november, the 3-y-o's show doesn't stop : today, it is fillies' turn, in Prix Reine du Corta (Sca.). The sisters L'Ile de Rêve and Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET) are placed second and fifth, Lucrèce (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is fourth, Liberty d'Ar (EXTREME DREAM) sixth...

Sweden - Naglo (COKTAIL JET), already winner of his semi-final, triumphs in the 3-y-o's Breeders' Crown (Gr.1), particularly beating Hovding Lavec, a son of Echo.

14/11 - Vincennes - The two main dates for 3-y-o's are scheduled in december.
Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) keeps on winning ... Today, she frankly defeats the excellent Latinus in the Prix Louis Tillaye (Scm.).
Look de Star (COKTAIL JET) was coming back on the track after seven months without racing. He is a brilliant second to L'As de Boussières in the Prix Abel Bassigny (Sca.).

14/11 - Vincennes - Big show for 3-y-o's. Will be seen on stage Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in Prix Louis Tillaye (Scm.), Look de Star and Love You (COKTAIL JET) in Prix Abel Bassigny (Sca.).


Following her historical victory in Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli, LEDA D'OCCAGNES wins a tenth prestigious success,
in Prix Louis Tillaye (Scm.) inVincennes. Honours list : two groups I, eight semi-classic races
Picture APRH


12/11 - Vincennes - Half-sister to EXTREME DREAM and GOETMALS WOOD, Mahana wins a second race in Prix Polyxo. She defeats Morning Star. Both fillies are by DEFI D'AUNOU.
Brilliant, Idéal Cocktail (COKTAIL JET) wins his most important win, so far, in Prix du Salon du Cheval (1' 14" 9 - 2 850 m).

9/11 - Argentan - Ingala (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is placed second to Iliada de l'Iton in Prix Paul Buquet (Gr.3 - Int.).

8/11 - Vincennes - The race for 2-y-o's featured a second elegant win in two starts for Mint Julep. The son of COKTAIL JET defeats Me Too by GOETMALS WOOD.

7/11 - Vincennes - First semi-classic win of the meeting with the impressive performance of Jardy. The son of CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE particularly beats Jalba du Pont and Japon in Prix Doynel de Saint-Quentin (Sca.). With an handicap of 25 meters.

6/11 - Nantes - Galant du Donjon (AND ARIFANT) is placed third to Général du Lupin in the Grand Prix de Loire Atlantique (Gr.3). Ingala (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is fourth.

5/11 - The young Sires are successful ... Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) dominates Moorea d'Orgeres (EXTREME AUNOU) and Milady Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix Cérès, at night, in Vincennes.

But the older ones stay concerned... Lucrèce (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) defeats La Rouge (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the Prix Gyptis.

4/11 - Paris - Vincennes : opening day of the winter meeting
By the dam of the winners Karina Jet and Loulou Jet, Delmonica Jet, half-sister to COKTAIL JET, Melchior Jet (EXTREME DREAM) discovers Vincennes and frankly wins.
Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) adds a third consecutive success to his honours list.
In Prix Octave Douesnel (Sca.), Kelle Emotion (DEFI D'AUNOU) is placed second, particularly defeating Kiwi (COKTAIL JET), fourth and Kid Speed (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), fifth.

In Germany, Nelson November (COKTAIL JET) wins the Mazda Cup (1' 16" 7 at 2 - 2 000 m). State of Art (DEFI D'AUNOU) is third.

1/11 - A formidable success for Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE)! She wins the world famous Gran Premio Paolo e Orsino Orsi Mangelli (Gr.1) in Milano, defeating Pablo As and Concord Jet. Unlucky, LUCKY D'HILLY is fourth.
In the Gran Premio Paolo e Orsino Orsi Mangelli (Gr.1) for fillies only, Liberté (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is a brilliant second to Striking Memory, while Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET) is fourth.
In the Grand Prix des Nations (Gr.1), Jam Pridem (COKTAIL JET) is placed fifth to Victory Tilly and Fan Idole.

29/10 - Miska des Rondes (EXTREME AUNOU) defeats Marion du Fanil (COKTAIL JET) in the important Prix Marcel Dejean. 1'16" 7 - 2 200 m Main then small track.
A few days away from the winter meeting, Kelle Emotion (DEFI D'AUNOU) and Kiwi (COKTAIL JET) have proven their fitness, being second and third to Kathalie du Ranch in the interesting Prix Ménippe.

25/10 - A night at the Trot Opera.
John Arifant (AND ARIFANT) wins Prix Pierre Van Troyen, defeating excellent challengers.
Magic I Am (GOETMALS WOOD) is second in Prix Louis Cauchois, primary date for the youngest talents. First and third in Prix Timocharis, L'Ile de Rêve (COKTAIL JET) and Laredo Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) are promising horses.

15/10 - COKTAIL JET leads all the stallions' honour lists. As a sire of young horses (K + L), he dominates EXTREME DREAM, DEFI D'AUNOU, Dahir de Prélong and CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE.
A few weeks away from the winter meeting, Kiwi (COKTAIL JET), placed third tonight in Vincennes, is improving.

11/10 - Three nights in Paris, this week, and two events for 2-y-o's in Vincennes and one in Enghien.
Friday, Marion du Fanil (COKTAIL JET) stays unbeaten, defeating the fast Miska des Rondes (EXTREME AUNOU). for a fourth consecutive success in Prix Undina,
"Marion" was perfectly answering to Montréal (AND ARIFANT), winner tuesday on the big black track.
Thursday, My Love wins for GANYMEDE.

Friday night, copying John Arifant (1' 14" 5 - 2 850 m Petite Piste) and Jean Perrine (AND ARIFANT) excellent second and third in Prix Ino, Lilas Bleu (COKTAIL JET) and Kingly Pride (DEFI D'AUNOU) respectively win Prix Chryseis and Lucina.

5/10 - Half-sister to Look de Star, by DEFI D'AUNOU, Morning Star wins in Caen. Improving, January Dream (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) plays in Lyon.

3/10 - At night in Vincennes. Eight consecutive wins for Judoka Royal (COKTAIL JET), tough enough now to show in Paris, the main success of his career for Idem de Vrie (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in Prix Margarita, and again Kangou du Cygne (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), victorious in Prix Klymène.

29/09 - Prix de l'Etoile (Gr.1) : Stopped in the final turn, KAISY DREAM is placed third, just behind the first class filly Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET), second to L'As de Boussières.

28/09 - Grand Farceur (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is an excellent third in the Trot mondial (Gr.1) in Montréal, beaten by Fan Idole and Fool's Goal. Second, Varenne has been disqualified for leaving the racing course in the last turn.

26/09 - Vincennes : In the classic Prix des Elites (Gr.1), Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) did resist to Jirella's formidable return, ... till one meter away from the pole.
Magic I Am (GOETMALS WOOD) stays unbeaten in two races.

25/09 - Logically hidden during the course, for a second race after a year without racing, Gobernador (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is a formidable second to Insert Gédé in the Grand Prix de la Fédération régionale du Nord (Gr.3). He particularly defeats Royal Gull and Général du Pommeau.

24/09 - A new show for Marion du Fanil (COKTAIL JET), this time in Prix Aludra (1' 17" 4 - 2 100 m autostart).

21/09 - Caen : - Grand Prix de l'U.E.T.
A third graded I race for Kiss Melody (EXTREME DREAM), great winner in front of Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET).
1' 11" 7 - 2 100 m autostart.



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