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Winter 2003




Main performances




Particularly Mahana, Miska des Rondes, Mood West, Love You, Ludo de Castelle, La Fée, Kiwi, Kid Wood, Kourgana, Kérido du Donjon, John Arifant ...


On the outside, KIWI shows off in Prix de Sélection (Gr.1), march 1st.
Ludo de Castelle and Love You, second and third, complete the success. Picture APRH


18/3 - Paris-Vincennes at night for the first time, this spring, and two victories for the 3-y-o's. Majesté Castelets (AND ARIFANT) frankly wins Prix Adria, particularly defeating Milord de Crépon (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), third ; Mon Premier Cehère (EXTREME AUNOU) seduces in Prix Coelestina.
Also a blue note for the excellent Land du Coglais (AND ARIFANT), second to Lulo Josselyn in Prix Agathe.

16/3 - Let's keep on dancing the Grands Prix waltz. Jeanbat du Vivier (COKTAIL JET) wins in Vire.

15/3 - Le Croisé-Laroche. And Herba Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) keeps on winning, this spring. Today, she defeats excellent elements like Royal Gull, in Grand Prix Charles Desrousseaux (Gr.3).

6/3 - Caen - Herba Bourbon's career is remarkable! In Prix de Parigny, the daughter of AND ARIFANT particularly beats Indien de l'Aron and Javaki d'Argent (1' 13" 9 - 2 450 m).
Mon First Blue (GANYMEDE), impressive, wins Prix de Cussy.

5/3 - Jest (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) dominates the first trial of the Grand National du Trot (Gr.3) in La Capelle (2 650 m - 1' 14" 8). Half-sister to classic Look de Star by DEFI D'AUNOU, Morning Star frankly wins Prix du Croisé-Laroche.

1/3 - Prix de Sélection (Gr.1)
COKTAIL JET proves his tremendous power : Kiwi, the elder, wins ; the 4-y-o's LOVE YOU and LUCKY D'HILLY answer, being placed third and fifth. Still excellent, and more efficient this winter, Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is second.
One hour later, the handsome Jeanbat du Vivier (COKTAIL JET) easily beats Joligny in Prix du Lude.
The winter meeting 2002 - 2003 is over.

26/2 - Enghien - Two winners by AND ARIFANT . The promising Marcus d'Enfer in Prix de Vouziers, is imitated, one hour later, by L'Atlas, who defeats Le Dream (EXTREME DREAM) and Luigi (COKTAIL JET) in Prix de Pougues-les-Eaux.


MAHANA wins the Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).
As a proud sister to Goetmals Wood and Extrême Dream ...
As a daughter of Défi d'Aunou.
Picture APRH

23/2 - Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1) : Nesmile honored by the two brothers DEFI D'AUNOU and EXTREME AUNOU, who both obtain their former classic medals. In the heart of the Dubois bloodlines, Mahana defeats Miska des Rondes.

21/2 - Vincennes - Prix Paul Bastard (Scm.) : Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) stays unbeaten,"monté", against his contemporaries. Both by CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, Kid Speed and Kissie du Vivier are placed third and fourth.

19/2 - Enghien - Prix d'Hyères : Must du Buisson, another frank winner for GANYMEDE.

18/2 - Vincennes - Galant du Donjon (AND ARIFANT) and Limpide Gédé (COKTAIL JET) show off and respectively win Prix du Chesnay (1' 15" 3 - 2 875 m) and Prix de Magny-en-Vexin.

17/2 - Placed third for his first race, then winner in Enghien, the very promising Millenium Wood (AND ARIFANT) returns home with a second consecutive success, this time in Vincennes in Prix de Tignes.
Also by AND ARIFANT, Kaiser Sozé adds another semi-classic reference to his honours list, as a third in Prix Ovide Moulinet (Sca.), particularly beaten by Kinder Jet.

16/2 - Vincennes - Idéal de l'Iton (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is a brilliant fourth in Prix de Paris (Gr.1).
Stamped by BUVETIER D'AUNOU, Karole de Vandel frankly wins Prix de Cahors.

13/2 - Vincennes - First semi-classic winner for GOETMALS WOOD, Mood West makes an impression in Prix Edouard Marcillac (Scm.). 1' 16" 9 - 2 175 m. Picture by APRH on the Sire's page.
Mint Julep (COKTAIL JET) is fourth.

11/2 - Enghien - Elegant and efficient, Magnésium (COKTAIL JET) stays unbeaten in two races, winning Prix de Saint-Quentin.

10/2 - Enghien - One, two, then three shooting stars in Prix Bémécourt! Miss Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) frankly wins in front of Mamaora (EXTREME DREAM) and Ma Gibus (GANYMEDE).

8/2 - Vincennes - LOVE YOU is second to Lilium Madrik in Prix Ephrem Houël (Sca.), in front of his sister Let's Go Darling (COKTAIL JET), third.
An impressive win stamped by Lusitania (COKTAIL JET) in Prix de Gournay-en-Bray : 1' 16" 3 - 2 700 m.

7/2 - Enghien - Another brilliant winner for GANYMEDE : Mega Tivoli, half-sister to Jibon Tivoli.

6/2 - Prix Jean Le Gonidec in Vincennes - Kiwi (COKTAIL JET) wins a first semi-classic event, defeating Perfect Sund ; Kaiser Sozé (AND ARIFANT) is an excellent third.
Picture APRH : Kiwi.

5/2 - Vincennes - Miska des Rondes (EXTREME AUNOU) wins Prix Roquépine (Sca.), last race before the Critérium des Jeunes.
Picture APRH : Miska des Rondes.

3/2 - Enghien - After GANYMEDE and GOETMALS WOOD, it is time for AND ARIFANT, to be placed first and second in Paris. His sons Millenium Wood and Maestro Bourbon dominate Prix de l'Authie.

2/2 - Vincennes - Lionne Française (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) wins Prix de Montluçon.

1/2 - Vincennes - Lewis Somolli (AND ARIFANT) adds a frank fourth success to his honours list.

1/2 - Mentor du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU), second once again to Mon Bellouet, in Prix Paul Viel (Sca.), is certainly the Second Leading French 3-y-o colt.

30/1 - Both by COKTAIL JET, the excellent Katiche Wood and Kildare Wood end the course, first and second, in Prix de Verdun.

26/1 - Prix Camille Blaisot (Sca.) against contemporaries and Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) easily wins. APRH Picture : Kérido du Donjon.

23/1 - Fillies by GOETMALS WOOD are again first and second, this time in Prix de Maisons-Laffitte. Mysterious Valley and Milady Wood dominate Ma Cadette (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).

20/1 - Prix de la Ferté-Macé : GANYMEDE imitates GOETMALS WOOD, last week, taking the two first places with Mathieu de Salomon and Mister Wood, still in Vincennes.

19/1 - DEFI D'AUNOU' s efficience dosn't stumble during this winter meeting. Today, he adds to his honour-lists another semi-classic mark, with La Fée, second in Prix Charles Tiercelin (Sca.).

Prix de Cornulier (Gr.1) : brave, Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) is fourth in the All Star game.

18/1 - Vincennes : Mountain Wood and Mysterious Valley, fillies by GOETMALS WOOD, take the two first places in Prix Ableiges.
Kelle Emotion (DEFI D'AUNOU) is a remarkable second to Gigant Neo in Prix Roederer (Sca.).

13/1 - Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU) wins Prix Gélinotte (Sca.), defeating Miska des Rondes (EXTREME AUNOU), second, at fault at the start.

11/1/2003 - Winner of the former main race, Mentor du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU) is placed second to Mon Bellouet in the second semi-classic event offered to this crop, Prix Maurce de Gheest (Sca.).

7/1/2003 - Sister to LOVE YOU, already winner in Cabourg, My Lovely Girl (COKTAIL JET) easily wins her first parisian race, in front of Mamaora (EXTREME DREAM).

2002 - statistics : COKTAIL JET is the New King of the French Sires.

5/1/2003 - Kourgana, stamped by DEFI D'AUNOU, is a pretty and excellent chestnut mare. Today, she didn't wait for Korean and Kérido du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) - both started 25 meters behind her - to win her first semi-classic event, Prix de Croix (Sca.).


KOURGANA and Prix de Croix (Sca.)
Picture APRH

4/1/2003 - Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) becomes semi-classic winner in the Prix de Tonnac-Villeneuve (Sca.), defeating LUCKY D'HILLY, Concord Jet, Cherokee Chief ... and the snow. Picture APRH.

1/1/2003 - Half-brother to CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE by AND ARIFANT, Fan d'Odyssée wins the sixteenth race of his long career, Prix de Pont-Château. Half an hour before, the excellent Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET) had defeated Lana Svelte in Prix de Croissanville.
In the main event of the New Years' Day, Prix d'Angoulème, Kiwi (COKTAIL JET) is placed second to Kaléo du Brindeau, but dominates Kaiser Sozé (AND ARIFANT) and Katiche Wood (COKTAIL JET), respectively third and fourth.

30/12/2002 - A brilliant victory for Kissie du Vivier (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in Prix de Vichy, in Vincennes.

28/12 - Already winner, december 26, with Mood West in Prix des Genêts, also in Vincennes, GOETMALS WOOD sees his Maneth Wood dominating Prix des Gardenias, whose conqueror, last year, was Lazio du Bourg.

Efficient and fast, Likely Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) frankly wins Prix d'Argences.

25/12 - Prix Constant Hervieu, the main Christmas Day race.
John Arifant (AND ARIFANT) and Ingala (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) (+ 25 meters) dominate such horses as Joyeux Lutin, Tout ou Rien, Hovercraft, Skogans Joker and Alesi OM.

22/12 - Kourgana confirms, in the Prix de Beauvoir, the success of colts and fillies by DEFI D'AUNOU.

21/12 - 1 - 2 - 3 for our young sires, in the first semi-classic race for 2-y-o fillies, Prix Une de Mai (Sca.).
Miska des Rondes (EXTREME AUNOU) defeats Mitidja (EXTREME DREAM) and Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU).
APRH Picture of Miska des Rondes : see EXTREME AUNOU

One day, sportsmen might dream on La Fée (DEFI D'AUNOU). Today (+ 25 meters), she enchants Vincennes, frankly winning Prix de Château-Chinon against excellent elements. This beautiful and powerful chestnut filly should compete at the highest level, soon or later.

18/12 - Vincennes - Mentor du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU) dominates all along the course and wins the first semi-classic race for 2-y-o's, Prix Emmanuel Margouty (Sca.).




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