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From december 20, 2003 to february 8, 2004




Main performances




Particularly Nina Madrik, Nadia du Buisson, Mahana, Mara Bourbon, Millenium Wood, Magot du Ravary, Mamaora, Mandarino Blue, Miss Castelle, Naglo, Léda d'Occagnes, Let's Go Along, Love You, Liberty d'Ar, Loumana Flor, Lucky d'Hilly, Ludo de Castelle, Lucido, Kaiser Sozé, Kaisy Dream, Herba Bourbon, ...


NAGLO triumphs in Prix de France (Gr.1).
Picture APRH

8/2 - Vincennes - Prix de France (Gr.1) : A great victory for Naglo (COKTAIL JET), faster than Varenne! 1' 10" 7.

7/2 - Vincennes - MILLENIUM WOOD doesn't resist to the attack of Mambo King at the tracks cross, but finishes faster than him. Placed second, he reminds us his half-brother GOETMALS WOOD, winner of this Prix Ephrem Houel (Sca.), 6 years ago.
Hidden shadow all the way, Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU) is an excellent fourth. The panther will roar again.
Prix du Bouscat winner, so fast in the last two hundred meters, Livorno Star, own brother to JULIANO STAR, is improving this winter.

5/2 - Vincennes - Prix Jean Le Gonidec (Sca.) - The judges offer to Liberty d'Ar (EXTREME DREAM) a first semi-classic event. For his first try at this level, Let's Go Along, third, had perfectly won, but the son of COKTAIL JET was at last placed behind Tsar d'Inverne, he might have troubled at the end.
LOVE YOU (+ 25 meters) only "works" in the last two hundred meters and is placed excellent fourth.
Liberty d'Ar 1' 14" 2 - Love You 1' 13" 7, 2 850 meters main track. Picture by APRH.
Au monté, Nancy Menuet (GOETMALS WOOD), second in january on this track, dominates Prix d'Auffay.
Promising, Mac Kindley (EXTREME AUNOU) wins Prix de Bois-le-Roi.

4/2 - Vincennes - Powerful, Karole de Vandel (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) : a coast to coast on the 2 700 meters of the main track, in Prix de Bourg-en-Bresse. 1' 14" 9!

2/2 - First races in Enghien in 2004 and GOETMALS WOOD really shows offs! Need A Chance controls Prix de l'Authie like an old horse. One hour later, Milady Wood won Prix de Montsalvy... with a touch of class.

31/1 - Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) frankly dominates Prix de Valence, often a victorious step for future classics.

30/1 - Cagnes-sur-Mer - A fifth consecutive success for Korado d'Avèze (DEFI D'AUNOU) in Prix Krama Kall.

29/1 - Duel between two very promising 5-y-o's in Prix de Verdun! Let's Go Along (COKTAIL JET) defeats L'Aunou du Fier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).

26/1 - Madame Illusion (GANYMEDE) flies in the last two hundred meters to win Prix de Belley, on the same course than the Prix d'Amérique.

25/1 - Prix d'Amérique 2004 : At 5, a brave Naglo (COKTAIL JET) is placed fourth, at the end of an uncomfortable trip, on the outside.

24/1 - Vincennes - Prix de Clamecy winner, Lucido (EXTREME DREAM) is particularly impressive on the classic course (2 700 meters - main track).

19/1 - Vincennes - Malabar Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) frankly wins Prix de Pouillac.

18/1 - Vincennes - Mamaora (EXTREME DREAM) is an efficient third to classic winners Memphis du Rib and Milord du Chêne, in the Prix Charles Tiercelin (Sca.).
Four runners in the Prix Camille de Wazières (Scm.) : twice winner "au monté" this winter, Mandarino Blue (GANYMEDE) becomes semi-classic, being placed third.

17/1 - Vincennes - Prix Roederer (Sca.) : Malabar Circle As follows Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) all the way, and gains on her on the finish-line. Both might race, next, in Prix d'Amérique. Lucky d'Hilly (COKTAIL JET) is third in front of Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE).
Then, a brilliant Milady Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) won Prix de Gavray...

15/1 - Vincennes - Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) easily wins Prix de La Capelle.

12/1 - Vincennes - Nina Madrik (IN LOVE WITH YOU) keeps on dominating the other 3-yo fillies. The name of the show, today : Prix Gélinotte (Sca.). Her half-sister Nadia du Buisson is again placed : she is fourth.
A blue monday, initiated by Lagon (DEFI D'AUNOU), well balanced and brilliant winner of the first race, Prix de Forcalquier, and perfectly ended with the victorious nose of Mazepa (EXTREME AUNOU) in the last event, Prix de Quetigny.

11/1 - The judges give victory to Naglo in the Prix de Belgique (Gr.2). Beaten a nose, Naglo (COKTAIL JET) had been handicaped in the last meters by Késaco Phédo' s move. Picture by APRH on Naglo's pictures age.
Filly by COKTAIL JET, Kalinkaya is rising the level of her performances, this winter ; she is second to Super Light in Prix de Rouen, an european race.

10/1 - Vincennes - Efficient in the semi-classic events, Liberty d'Ar (EXTREME DREAM) is placed third in Prix Léon Tacquet (Scm.), just in front of Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE).

8/1 - Cagnes-sur-Mer : Kaiser Sozé (AND ARIFANT) wins Prix de la Côte d'Azur (Gr.2), as in a dream. If he had been twenty-two euros richer, he should have started twenty five meters behind the lead.

5/1 - Vincennes - GANYMEDE invades Prix de Martigues. His fillies Madame Illusion and Maflymède are respectively first and third.
An esteemed Nelson de Vandel (DEFI D'AUNOU) wins a first success in Prix Ramses, shortly beating Notre Atout (COKTAIL JET).

4/1 - Vincennes - LOVE YOU frankly beats Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in Prix de Croix (Sca.).
And the dancer danced ... Precious pearl, Herba Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) wins the important Prix de Lille.
Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) is placed third in Prix de Pardieu (Scm.).

3/1 - Vincennes - In Prix de Tonnac-Villeneuve (Sca.), Millenium Wood (AND ARIFANT) confirms his Critérium des 3 Ans. Beaten this time by Meaulnes du Corta, he particularly defeats Dulal (COKTAIL JET), interesting winner in Italy, and Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU), placed fifth.

27/12 - Vincennes - Fast in the last meters, New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU) shines in the traditional Prix des Gardenias.
Dos gardenias para ti ....
Would they lead you to the Hall of Fame, to the Madison Square Garden!

26/12 - Cabourg - Her name, pedigree (DEFI D'AUNOU and Bahama) and style invites you to travel and dream. Nouvelle Aventure victoriously begins her career in Prix des Saponaires (race B), her ears heading towards other missions, other territories.

25/12 - Vincennes - Let's Go Along (COKTAIL JET), impressive in Prix de Lombez (1' 15" 8 - 2 700 m). Nice Love, brother to LOVE YOU, keeps the advantage on Not Alone, by AND ARIFANT, in Prix des Genêts.

24/12 - Handsome colt, Manitoba (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) shines in Prix de Valenciennes au monté. As a future good horse!
Earlier, Kasida (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) had won Prix de Château-Salins,the number 12 of her victories.


NAGLO and LOVE YOU struggle in the international Prix Ariste Hémard (Sca.),
in the beginning of the winter. Photo APRH


21/12 - Prix de Vincennes (Gr.1) : fifty meters away from the leader during the first half of the race, Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) attacks uphill, but is dominated by Milord du Chêne at the end.
LOVE YOU's worst nightmare, Naglo wins Prix Ariste Hémard (Sca.) in the last meters. The other son of COKTAIL JET has really impressed the sportsmen for his first french start, evoluting most of the course on the outside of his chestnut brother.
Picture by APRH : Naglo discovers french races.

20/12 - IN LOVE WITH YOU dominates the first semi-classic for 2-y-o fillies, Prix Une de Mai (Sca.). Efficient and brave, Nina Madrik wins and Nadia du Buisson is placed third.

Magot du Ravary (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is now unbeaten in seven starts. Today in Prix de Château-Chinon, he has frankly controlled some semi-classic horses, as known as Mon Premier Céhère (EXTREME AUNOU) and Mamaora (EXTREME DREAM), placed behind him.



Prix Gélinotte (Sca.) - NINA MADRIK leads the french 3-y-o fillies.
A spectacular start for IN LOVE WITH YOU!
Picture APRH



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