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From february 9 to march 20




Main performances




Particularly Nelson de Vandel, Nina Madrik, Neuf de Coeur, Not Disturb, Nouvelle Aventure, Mahana, Millenium Wood, Mon Premier Céhère, Mehdi de Vandel, Let's Go Along, Love You, Liberty d'Ar, Loumana Flor, Kalinkaya, Kourgana, ...


Défi d'Aunou and In Love With You show off in Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1)
A classic, in the name of Nesmile!
Picture APRH


20/3 - Vincennes - Each race more impressive, LOVE YOU (+ 25 meters) defeats classic Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET) in Prix Robert Auvray (Sca.).
His last rush impressed, five days ago in Argentan ; Not Disturb (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirms on the classic course, winning Prix de Châtillon.

19/3 - Vincennes - By DEFI D'AUNOU and the famous mare Bahama, Nouvelle Aventure dances ... and brilliantly wins Prix Alcyone.

16/3 - First evening of the year in Vincennes. Mon Premier Céhère (EXTREME AUNOU), not seen since december, defeats Montesicar in Prix Agathe, and should now appear in the semi-classics. Earlier, the elegant Loktail Atout (COKTAIL JET) had perfectly dominated Prix Enceladus.

15/3 - Argentan - A very impressive Kalinkaya (COKTAIL JET) wins Grand Prix de la Sarthe. 2004 should be her year!
By DEFI D'AUNOU and classic Island Dream by Coktail Jet, Not Disturb really shows off in Prix du Calvados, beaten a nose for victory.

13/3 - Le Croisé-Laroche - Grand Prix Charles Desrousseaux (Gr.3 - Former Prix de Croix winner, last winter, Kourgana (DEFI D'AUNOU) starts twenty five meters ahead her main adversaries and doesn't miss the opportunity to dominate the race, all the way.

11/3 - Lyon - Back to the track, in view to another italian campaign, Liberté (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) perfectly stretches herself, as a second to Super Light in the Critérium de Trot.
Earlier, New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU) had won Prix du Barrois.

10/3 - Laval - Grand Prix Charley Mills (Gr.3). Starting with his winner, fifty meters behind the leaders, LOVE YOU, superb and efficient, cruises not so far away from Général du Lupin.
Then, the very promising Mehdi de Vandel (DEFI D'AUNOU) seemed to race alone, in the last stretch of Prix du Maine.

4/3 - Caen - John Arifant (AND ARIFANT) wins the main event, Prix de Parigny.

10/3 - Laval - Grand Prix Charley Mills (Gr.3). Impressive, LOVE YOU is placed second to Général du Lupin. Both were starting fifty meters behind the leaders.

3/3 - Amiens - Promising, respectively placed first and third, New Marceaux (COKTAIL JET) and Nico (GOETMALS WOOD) dominate the race for 3-y-o's.

28/2 - Prix de Sélection (Gr.1): Fifty meters ahead, the 4-y-o's were out of reach. Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirms again her high class, being placed second to Meaulnes du Corta.
LOVE YOU is fourth, beating his contemporaries, particularly his half-brother Let's Go Along. MILLENIUM WOOD has been disqualified downhill.

26/2 - In France also, we have our Queen L.
Stretching her legs, Mazarina (GOETMALS WOOD) has danced during all the trip, nicely winning important Prix Vindex.
Powerful, well balanced, her contemporary Majesté Castelets (AND ARIFANT) had impressed in the Prix des Centaures ; today, she dominates Prix de Loudun, still "au monté".
Then, Monoi Barbés (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) defeated Mac Kindley (EXTREME AUNOU) in Prix de Montpazier.

22/2 - Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1) - Crowned, last year, with champion filly Mahana, DEFI D'AUNOU holds his title with a powerful colt, Nelson de Vandel.
At his first attempt, IN LOVE WITH YOU is classically honored : Nina Madrik is a great second.
DEFI D'AUNOU had already won the two first races with Lagon, really impressive on a 2 175 meter course and Korado d'Avèze, victorious nine times, placed once second in the last ten starts.
Then, in the last race, Prix de Guise, Maneth Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) defeated some excellent mares.

20/2 - Vincennes - L'Aunou du Fier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is an excellent second to champion Latinus in Prix Paul Bastard (Scm.), for her first race "au monté".

19/2 - Seen at her advantage in Cagnes-sur-Mer, Benedicta Zac (COKTAIL JET) elegantly wins Prix du Cantal.
In Prix du Plateau de Gravelle (Gr.2), Kelle Emotion (DEFI D'AUNOU) dances, on the outside of Tsar d'Inverne, leading the race, then is finally placed fourth.

16/2 - In Prix Ovide Moulinet (Sca.), LOVE YOU defeats most of the best french 5-y-o's, including the rising star Let's Go Along (COKTAIL JET), excellent second, and the Criterium winners Lazio du Bourg and Lulo Josselyn.

Already winner for his first start, at Enghien, Need A Chance (GOETMALS WOOD) charms Vincennes, this time.



With Naglo and the french 5-y-o's, Coktail Jet dominates this age category in Europe.
February 16, LOVE YOU beats his half-brother Let's Go Along in Prix Ovide Moulinet (Sca.).
Picture APRH



15/2 - Vincennes - Stamped by DEFI D'AUNOU, My Happy Jet easily dominates Prix de Fréjus.

13/2 - Cagnes-sur-Mer - AND ARIFANT saddles a new winner on the southern track. In Prix de Solvalla, an european race, Ix and Arifant beats Ice Coktail de Lou (COKTAIL JET).

12/2 - Vincennes - Judoka Royal (COKTAIL JET) adds a win in Prix de Châteaurenard to a prosperous winter.1' 12"9 - 2 100 m autostart).
Lobell de Mareuil in Prix de Mortagne? Again a winner monté for EXTREME DREAM.
In Prix de Graignes, every year, promising colts gather together. Nice Dream, brother to KAISY DREAM, Nelson de Vandel (DEFI D'AUNOU) and New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU) are respectively placed second, third and fourth to Nedjd des Rondes.

10/2 - Enghien - First trotter ever, racing under the colors of Mr. Alec Head, the novice Neuf de Coeur (BUVETIER D'AUNOU - Fine Perle) shows off, winning Prix de Saint-Quentin.
Often placed, Médoc du Closet (GOETMALS WOOD) initiates himself - in front of the judges - to victory's pleasures in Prix des Côtes d'Armor.

9/2 - Enghien - A promising Neige d'Avril (COKTAIL JET) nicely wins Prix Bémécourt, in front of Nausicaa du Chêne (EXTREME DREAM).



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