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From march 23 to june 20




Main performances




Particularly Nina des Racques, Not Disturb, Nelson de Vandel, Never Black, Nuage de Lait, Nem, New York, Nancy Menuet, Nouvelle Aventure, Négro Rio, Namara, Mazarina, Montecatini, Majesté Castelets, Mon Premier Céhère, Mahana, Miss Castelle, My Happy Jet, Maître d'Atout, Mamaora, Love You, Liberty d'Ar, Loumana Flor, Ludo de Castelle, Laetenter Diem, Lutin Malin, Lynx du Goutier, Classico Merett, Garros, Kalinkaya, Kourgana, Kildare Wood, Kamela Charm, Jeanbat du Vivier, Judoka Royal, Jaguar de France, Infant du Bossis ...


May 19 - Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2) : LOVE YOU beats Général du Lupin, for the first time.
Picture APRH



20/6 - Vincennes

Second in the Prix du Président de la République (Gr.1), a mighty Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) shines, travelling along with champion mare Migraine.

Prix Albert Viel (Gr.1) : Not Disturb (DEFI D'AUNOU) becomes classic, being placed third. Picture APRH.

Third in the Prix d'Essai (Gr.1), Nelson de Vandel (DEFI D'AUNOU), Critérium des Jeunes winner, is now classic, also "monté".

Prix Xavier de Saint-Palais (Gr.2) : record race (1' 13" 1 for the two first ones). Second to L'As de Neige, the powerful Lutin Malin (COKTAIL JET) has improved a lot, in the last weeks ; fourth, Léda d'Occagnes (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) struggled.

Aside those main events, an interesting Prix de Grasse : Lynx du Goutier (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) defeats a promising Little Wood (DEFI D'AUNOU), who started twenty-five meters behing him.


MISS CASTELLE is placed second in the Prix du Président de la République (Gr.1).
Picture APRH

19/6 Kouvola - Already winner of twenty races, Classico Merett (COKTAIL JET) is placed an excellent third in Kymi Grand Prix (Gr.1 - Kart de Baudrairie), just in front of Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT).

Further down south, in Toulouse - Beloved by Richard Wiliam Denéchère, the Fan Idole trainer, Moon Star (COKTAIL JET) adds Prix du Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne to the list of her victories.

18/6 Vincennes - In foal to CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, the excellent mare Kamela Charm (COKTAIL JET) easily dominates Prix Eudora.

12/6 Vincennes - The excellent Modern Jazz (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins Prix de la Chartre-sur-le-Loir, particularly beating the handsome Mosquito Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU), third.
A sixth victory, this year, in Prix Louis Jariel (Sca.), for LOVE YOU, whose bank account has now reached the million of euros! He defeats his favorite challenger Lazio du Bourg, Laetenter Diem (COKTAIL JET) and Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET).
Between those two highlights, the brave Kalliste (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) had dominated Prix de Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

11/6 - Vincennes at night - Three very promising colts dominate an interesting Prix Obéron. Nem (COKTAIL JET) beats Nuage de Lait (DEFI D'AUNOU) and Nice Love, own brother to LOVE YOU.

5/6 - Lindesberg (Sweden) - Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) shows off, in front of Etain Royal. 1' 14" 6 - 2 640 meters.

1/6 - Vincennes - Prix Chambon P (Gr.2), revenge of Général du Lupin against LOVE YOU, while Jeanbat du Vivier (COKTAIL JET), back to eventing, shows his royal gait, finishing third, not far from his half-brother.
Already winner ten days ago, Never Black (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirms his high potential in Prix Talitha.

30/5 - A tremendous eleven day story for Jean-Pierre Dubois!
The one horse show of champion jumper Kotkijet, fascinating Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris winner, in echo to LOVE YOU, Daguet Rapide (4-y-o's Grand Prix in Solvalla) and Ask For The Moon, classic filly (Prix Saint-Alary - Gr.1) on the flat.

29/5 - Enghien - Prix de l'Obélisque : Judoka Royal (COKTAIL JET), again winner without much emotion. 1' 14" 7 - 2 850 m!

28/5 - Vincennes - New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU) is rewarded : in Prix Fama, she easily beats the excellent Noise.
Then, in Prix Ali Hawas, the semi-classic filly Nancy Menuet (GOETMALS WOOD) could control the race ; after a fault, five hundred meters away from the line, she had to struggle a litttle more to win.

25/5 - Vincennes - First and second in Prix Firmament, Laetenter Diem and Garros shine in the name of COKTAIL JET.
Macadam Cow Boy (DEFI D'AUNOU) wins Prix Chaldaéa.
Second of the Prix Galléa, Nice Dream, brother to KAISY DREAM, is beaten neck by Time Out, a dutch son of Armbro Goal.

21/5 - Vincennes - Montecatini (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirms, beating two sons of EXTREME DREAM, Melchior Jet and Mister Tib, in Prix Camilla.
The blood doesn't lie. Second to L'As de Neige in Prix Victor Cavey (Scm.), Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) seems very comfortable, "au monté" ; always present, Liberty d'Ar (EXTREME DREAM) is placed fourth.
Never Black (DEFI D'AUNOU) shares victory with Never Viking, in a promising Prix Lamberta.

19/5 - Caen - An impressive LOVE YOU defeats Général du Lupin, in the Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr.2). Beginning "au monté", Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) almost surprises Migraine at the end of the Prix Henri Ballière (Scm.) ; second, she particularly dominates Majesté Castelets (AND ARIFANT), third.
Then, in the always interesting rendez-vous for 3-y-o's, Prix de la Touques, the very elegant Nuage de Lait (DEFI D'AUNOU) shone ; Nouvelle Aventure (DEFI D'AUNOU) was a close third.

In the Saint-Léger des Trotteurs (Gr.1), Nevez, placed third, reminded us the talent of a young sire, who disappeared at 4, Incredible Charm.

18/5 - Winners at night in Vincennes - Leonardo de la Noé (AND ARIFANT) in Prix Kissa, Melody Square (COKTAIL JET - Annette de Rozoy) in Prix Egéria, Instable (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in Prix Katharina.

16/5 - Bjerke (Norway) - Mazarina (GOETMALS WOOD) shows off on the mile in Dagligvarehandelens Hoppelop. A few hours later, a gorgeous Uma Thurman was walking up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival, to release Kill Bill 2.

15/5 - Vincennes - In Prix Ozo (Sca.), Nina des Racques (COKTAIL JET) seems alone on the track, easily defeating No More Time, Noise and New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU). The very promising chestnut colt Not Disturb (DEFI D'AUNOU) gains a first semi-classic reference, being placed second in Prix Kalmia (Sca.) ; Négro Rio (COKTAIL JET) is placed fourth.
Montréal (AND ARIFANT), a lead to victory in Prix de Mamers for this powerful dragster.



This spring, Prix Ozo (Sca.) looks like Prix Masina (Sca.).
And NINA DES RACQUES showed off. Picture APRH


11/5 - At night in Vincennes - Leenane and Made in Urzy respectively win Prix Déjanira (main harness race), and Prix Ottilia, au monté ... in tribute to EXTREME DREAM.
Jaguar de France (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is perfectly efficient in Prix Icléa, also au monté.

10/5 - Sad news : EXTREME DREAM is gone this morning.

8/5 - Vincennes - Lutin Malin (COKTAIL JET), third in Prix Jean Gauvreau (Scm.), could be one of the main challengers in Prix de Normandie, in september.
In the Critérium des 4 Ans (Gr.1), a remarkable Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) perfectly gets ready to next Prix du Président de la République ; fourth, she beats Mon Premier Céhère (EXTREME AUNOU) at the end.
Then, Land du Coglais (AND ARIFANT) was placed third in Prix Albert Demarcq (Sca.).

3/5 - Enghien - Duel in Prix de la Porte de Champerret : Match (DEFI D'AUNOU) beats Memphis Joke.

2/5 - Helsinki - Among the best finnish horses - if not the best one, Classico Merett (COKTAIL JET) is placed third to champion Rotation in the Finlandia Ajo (Gr.1).

30/4 - Vincennes - COKTAIL JET saw triple ... A promising Lutin Malin beats Lagon (DEFI D'AUNOU) and Lobell de Mareuil (EXTREME DREAM), au monté, in Prix Circé. Earlier, Kildare Wood had won a second race in a row, Prix Capella. And in Prix Maginus, the adversaries of a fast and efficient Maître d'Atout, caught a cold in the last turn.

29/4 - Enghien - DEFI D'AUNOU sees double in Prix de Montrésor. The impressive Nuage de Lait wins and Never Black finishes fast to be placed second.

27/4 - Vincennes - Winner ten days ago in Enghien, Nem (COKTAIL JET) doubles in Vincennes. With a touch of class!

25/4 - Milan - Gran Premio Europa (Gr.1), Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirms all her graded I references, being an easy and superb second to champion Daguet Rapide.

23/4 - Vincennes - By COKTAIL JET and the essential Névadara, Négro Rio wins a first race, Prix Hévélius.

20/4 - Vincennes - Not seen since january, an impressive Nina des Racques (COKTAIL JET) comes back on the track to dominate Prix Masina (Sca.), the occasion for Jos Verbeeck to declare that she was the best french 3-y-o filly of his whole career ; placed third, New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU) improves.
Beaten by Neuf de Coeur in La Capelle, Naia de la Mérité (GOETMALS WOOD) wins her first race, Prix Arachné.
Lobell de Mareuil (EXTREME DREAM), au monté in Prix Harmonia : his fifth success of the year.


17/4 - Enghien - LOVE YOU is a spectacular third in Prix de l'Atlantique (Gr.1).

Aside the big event ...
Little Wood (DEFI D'AUNOU), hidden all the course, wins Prix de l'Argonne. Nem (COKTAIL JET) dominates Prix de l'Isère and stays unbeaten in two starts, then Modern Jazz (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) repeated his last victory, in Prix de Lons-le-Saunier (group B).

16/4 - Vincennes - Last dates before Critérium des 4 Ans, the Prix Gaston de Wazières (Sca.) was featuring the best fillies, and Prix Gaston Brunet (Sca.), some of the best colts.
Beaten by Miss de Corveil, an always brave Mahana (DEFI D'AUNOU) resists to Miss Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) and Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD), respectively third and fourth.
Recently second to Daguet Rapide, Mon Premier Céhère (EXTREME AUNOU) is, tonight, second of another great horse, Meaulnes du Corta ; Montecatini (DEFI D'AUNOU), fast and third, gains his first semi-classic references.

14/4 - Toulouse - Two victories for AND ARIFANT with the impressive L'Atlas and with Not Alone.

13/4 - Vincennes - Kildare Wood (COKTAIL JET) leads Prix Eukrate... all the way.
Then, Lady Jet (EXTREME DREAM) easily won Prix Ariel.


Love You defeats Loumana Flor and Land du Coglais.
Prix Henri Levesque (Sca.) - Picture APRH


10/4 - Vincennes - Prix Henri Levesque (Sca.) : LOVE YOU keeps on winning, this spring. Today, he beats again his half-sister Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET). Land du Coglais (AND ARIFANT) is a brilliant third.
Third to Noora de l'Iton in Prix Hémine (Scm.), a brave Nancy Menuet (GOETMALS WOOD) completes the domination of the fillies.
Stamped by DEFI D'AUNOU, the excellent My Happy Jet defeats Maxibon in Prix d'Auxerre.
Prix de Dampierre was the last race of the day and in the last stretch, ... Modern Jazz (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) broke away.

6/4 - Vincennes - Mine d'Or (COKTAIL JET) is the easy winner of the Prix Alioth. 1' 17"4 - 2 850 mètres - small track.
Nuage des Brouets will remain as the first winner in Vincennes for HERMES DU BUISSON. It occurred "au monté", in Prix Modestia.

3/4 - Vincennes - A few weeks away from Critérium des 4 Ans.
In the colts' race, Prix Phaéton (Sca.), Mon Premier Céhère (EXTREME AUNOU) is a significant second (dead-heat with Mister Picoulerie) to champion Daguet Rapide.
On the fillies' side, the pretty dancer Mazarina (GOETMALS WOOD) becomes semi-classic in Prix Paul Leguerney (Sca.), particularly beating Mamaora (EXTREME DREAM), placed third. Where will this winged lady stop? Could she be a star? - Picture.

Not Disturb (DEFI D'AUNOU) is definitely very pleasant ; so fast in the last meters, he wins Prix de Saintes.
Prix de Beaucaire was today's last date : Neige d'Avril (COKTAIL JET), New York (IN LOVE WITH YOU) and Nouvelle Aventure (DEFI D'AUNOU) were superior.

2/4 - Vincennes at night - Fast and serious, Namara, by DEFI D'AUNOU and Cassette, wins a first race, Prix Enif.
Then, Magnificent Rodney (COKTAIL JET) in Prix Aethra and the expressive and powerful North America (AND ARIFANT) in Prix Léto (monté) rose. Both winners ... with a touch of class!

26/3 - Vincennes - Already winner on the dark track, this winter, Nancy Menuet (GOETMALS WOOD) easily dominates Prix Alcor, au monté.

23/3 - Vincennes - By COKTAIL JET and a mare by BUVETIER D'AUNOU, Maître d'Atout wins Prix Adrastea.
One hour earlier, Little Wood's try in Prix Saturne (second) had shown the important potential of this gelding by DEFI D'AUNOU.



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