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Fall 2004




Main performances




Particularly Orelady, Odessa du Vivier, Orsy Dream, Onyx du Goutier, Nina Madrik, Nina des Racques, Not Disturb, Nuage de Lait, Nancy Menuet, Norman Jet, Nice Dream, Nouvelle d'Atout, Mara Bourbon, Miss Castelle, Makhtoub Jet, Intoxicated, Magot du Ravary, Mon Premier Céhère, Moorea d'Orgères, Melody d'Ecajeul, Mercenaire, Mélody Square, Love You, Little Wood, Land du Coglais, Lagon, Classico Merett, Korado d'Avèze, John Arifant, Jardy, Infant du Bossis, Impérial Bourbon, ...


MISS CASTELLE, a first graded I victory for Goetmals Wood.
Prix des Elites - Picture APRH


20/12 - Vincennes - Hidden in this Prix de Vaumas, Nina Castelets (GOETMALS WOOD) surely wins, in the inside : a fourth success, the second during this meeting, in five races. A very promising Maitre d'Atout (COKTAIL JET) deservedly finds victory in the Prix de Cresserons.

19/12 - Grand National du Trot (Gr.2), the final round in Vincennes. John Arifant (AND ARIFANT) is placed third to Kazire de Guez, impressive winner, and Général du Lupin.
Efficient and so brave - twenty-four victories in 2004 -, Impérial Bourbon (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) offers to Mr. Vivant an astonishing adventure, the Amateurs Grand National's Final, the French Champion Title, but also the all categories record of the number of wins per year.

18/12 - Vincennes - Three great 4-y-o mares could reign, one day, in France. Today, Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) keeps on showing off in the Prix Philippe du Rozier (Gr.2m) defeating Prix des Elites' s winner at 3 Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT), also remarkable. Beaten after a bad start, the third star Migraine deprived Majesté Castelets (AND ARIFANT) of the third place.
Then, a promising Mac Kindley underlined the constant success of EXTREME AUNOU, in the Prix de Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

16/12 - Vincennes - Very talented filly, semi-classic Nancy Menuet (GOETMALS WOOD) wins Prix Urgent, looking forward a coming next Prix de Vincennes. On a sticky track, Névisa de May (HERMES DU BUISSON) honors her half-sister Kevisa in the Prix de Montargis.

15/12 - Vincennes - Lagon (DEFI D'AUNOU) likes the 2 175 meter course, main track ; he victoriously proves it in the Prix du Neubourg.
Own brother to classic KAISY DREAM and Nice Dream, Orsy Dream dominates some interesting colts in the Prix des Giroflées.

13/12 - Vincennes - Two very promising mares Moorea d'Orgères (EXTREME AUNOU) and Melody d'Ecajeul (DEFI D'AUNOU) are first and second of the Prix de Luxe, main race of the afternoon.
Then, Neptuna du Bouffey (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) surely won Prix d'Oraison.

12/12 - Vincennes - Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1) - Nice Dream, own brother to KAISY DREAM and Norman Jet (COKTAIL JET), respectively fourth and fifth, are now classic colts.
Prix Ariste Hémard (Gr.2) : Ma Cadette (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), placed second to a filly by Echo, My Love Lady, gets her first semi-classic.stripes.
Mercenaire (DEFI D'AUNOU) had perfectly initiated the show winning Prix de Mansle. Either winner or disqualified, Nouvelle d'Atout (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) happily ended it, dominating since the start Prix d'Hennebont.

11/12 - Vincennes - Magot du Ravary (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins his first semi-classic event in the Prix Octave Douesnel (Gr.2), catching up with Mage de la Mérité in the straight line. Picture Magot du Ravary.

10/12 - Vincennes - Two wins for COKTAIL JET with Linabelia, who deserved it, in the Prix d'Amiens, and with Melody Square who shines in the last meters of the Prix de Mirambeau.
Then, DEFI D'AUNOU imitated his elder and alter ego : two victories for the chestnut sire, with a powerful Korado d'Avèze in the Prix de Rostrenen, "au monté", and with Onyx Jiel, efficient winner of the Prix des Jacinthes (group A).

9/12 - Vincennes - This winter, many opportunities will be offered to Classico Merett (COKTAIL JET). This afternoon, he confirms, as he dominates Prix de Blois, that he really appreciates the main track. 1' 12 - 2 100 m autostart!

8/12 - Vincennes - Two blue chips struggle in the Prix Vourasie : brave in the last two hundred meters, Orelady (AND ARIFANT) is a close second to Otika Vita. A long while later, Option Force (GOETMALS WOOD) is placed third, in front of Owena d'Isop (IN LOVE WITH YOU).

7/12 - Vincennes - An omnipotent BUVETIER D'AUNOU in the Prix Ourasi, first main date for the young generation : behind his grand-sons, Olimède (Ganymède) and Ojipey Vinoir (Hasting), his son Onyx du Goutier has impressed to take the third place.
Earlier, Maestro Bourbon (AND ARIFANT and Ocre Et Verte) had surely won Prix de Laon (group A).

6/12 - Vincennes - They were five at the start in the Prix d'Alès, four failed and Nino de Cahot (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) "walked over" in the last five hundred meters.

5/12 - Nice Love (COKTAIL JET) easily controls Prix de la Roche-sur-Yon... as a very promising colt.
Placed third in the Prix Joseph Lafosse (Gr.2m), after a superb battle with L'As de Neige for the gain of the second place, Lagon (DEFI D'AUNOU) gets his first semi-classic references.
One week after Monie de la Vallée, Anita de la Vallée was featuring her half-sister by AND ARIFANT, Nita de la Vallée. Graceful dancer, she dominates Prix de la Réole. A first win "au monté" for a first start at Vincennes!

4/12 - Milano - Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) gave fourty meters in the Gran Premio d'Inverno (Gr.3), ... and keeps on winning.

2/12 - A fourth victory, the first at Vincennes, in five starts for Nina Castelets (GOETMALS WOOD), who leads and dominates the Prix de Mirecourt.

1/12 - Vincennes - Nuit d'Urzy (DEFI D'AUNOU) in the Prix de Ferrières : a third success in a row!.

29/11 - Vincennes - Nina Madrik (IN LOVE WITH YOU) still stands as the best french 3-y-o filly : in the Critérium des Pouliches (Gr.2), she particularly defeats an always nervous, but so impressive Nina des Racques (COKTAIL JET), second.
LOVE YOU controls his half-brother Classico Merett (COKTAIL JET) in the important Prix Marcel Laurent (Gr.2). Picture APRH.
Then, Monie de la Vallée (DEFI D'AUNOU and champion mare Anita de la Vallée) won her first race "au monté", in the Prix de Trappes.

26/11 - Vincennes - Option Force (GOETMALS WOOD) dances on the outside, most of the Prix Polyxo, but nevertheless wins a third race in four starts.

25/11 - Again victorious, Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) gave twenty five meters in the Prix Jacques Olry (Gr.2m). Picture APRH.

21/11 - Montegiorgio - Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) shows his magnificent gait, winning the Palio dei Comuni (Gr.1). Kiwi (COKTAIL JET) is placed fifth.

20/11 - Sweden - Intoxicated (COKTAIL JET) and Tresor Boko (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) are respectively second and third to champion Conny Nobell (Pearshall Hanover), in the 3 yo's Breeders' Crown (Gr.1 - Farjestad).

19/11 - Vincennes - Placed second last week, Orelady (AND ARIFANT) shines, easily winning Prix Fortuna.
Then, DEFI D'AUNOU's show started with the wins of Nuit d'Urzy in the Prix Hestia and Move Along Jet in the Prix Phobos,... but also, the excellent results of My Happy Jet and Mercenaire, second and third to Mourotais in the Prix Mebsuta, main event of the evening. So many promises in the same night!

16/11 - Vincennes - BUVETIER D'AUNOU, twice winner with Magika Céleste in the Prix Titan and Kalliste, "small but sharp" in the Prix Ohio, perfectly initiates the evening for Northwood (EXTREME AUNOU) in the Prix Siwa (groupe A). Main race, tonight, Prix Laetitia is dominated all the way by a brilliant Maélia de Vandel (COKTAIL JET), in front of Ma Cadette (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).

13/11 - Vincennes - Today, Nina des Racques (COKTAIL JET) just raced the last two hundred meters of the Prix Reine du Corta (Gr.2), to be placed an impressive third in the inside. All will highly consider this filly in the next Critérium des Pouliches and Critérium des 3 Ans.
Then, Option Force (GOETMALS WOOD) controlled Orelady's return, a filly by AND ARIFANT, in the Prix des Bégonias.

12/11 - A first start at Vincennes for Orsy Dream, own brother to KAISY DREAM, and a first win. Travelling alone in the Prix Hermentaria, as a very promising colt! Beloved, Official Secret (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is a promising third.
In the Prix Gemma, strong, Monoi Barbès (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) easily dominates the race ... Then, Northlands Park (COKTAIL JET) came in the last turn to grab Prix Palatia.

11/11 - Vincennes - The braves never stop! Malice d'Aunou (COKTAIL JET), Jerybo (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) and the powerful Mister Président (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) respectively win the Prix de Castres, the Amateurs' Cup (semi-finals - confirmed in the final round, eight days later) and the Prix de Béthune.

9/11 - Vincennes at night - A first try and a victory "au monté" for Le Rescator (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in the Prix Eurynome.

8/11 - Half-sister to Indy de Vive, Neva de Vive (DEFI D'AUNOU) wins Prix d'Avranches, au monté.

6/11 - Argentan - Fifty meters behind the leaders at the start, Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) has really impressed, this afternoon, in the Prix Paul Buquet (Gr.3). A third consecutive success!

Halmstad (Sweden) - Naglo had won the 3-y-o's Breeders' Crown (Gr.1), his half brother Makhtoub Jet (COKTAIL JET) dominates the 4-y-o's Breeders' Crown (Gr.1).

4/11 - Vincennes - Two semi-classic events were scheduled for the first afternoon of the Paris-Vincennes winter meeting.
Prix Doynel de Saint-Quentin (Gr.2) will remain as the first semi-classic win for the elegant Land du Coglais (AND ARIFANT) ; LET'S GO ALONG' s return for the gain of the third place has impressed. Picture : Land du Coglais.
In the Prix Edmond Henry (Gr.2m), sweet Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) dominates the 5-y-o's on the main track (2 700 m), particularly beating her half-brother Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), excellent second. Picture : Miss Castelle.

2/11 - Vincennes at night - An easy victory for Mutine d'Ecajeul (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix Cléomède, "au monté".

Jagersro - The first swedish 2-y-o's by JULIANO STAR show off. Unix Håleryd wins and Com Querida is placed second in the main Olle Bergfedts Lopp.

1/11 - Milano - Gran Premio Paolo e Orsino Orsi Mangelli (Gr.1), again, on the mile, in two eliminatories and a final
Nuage de Lait (DEFI D'AUNOU) and NOT DISTURB are placed second of their eliminatory ; a preserved NOT DISTURB is fifth in the final.
Everglade As (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is placed third in the fillies' race (Int. - Gr.2).

29/10 - Mon Premier Céhère, 4 y-o of the month in Vincennes, beats Mélodie du Réaume, Montesicar and Miss Wood. One week earlier, the bay son of EXTREME AUNOU had won the Grosbois Models Contest.
One hour later, Nouchka (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) "walked over", in the Prix Orion (monté).

27/10 - There were still three races to go, this afternoon in Enghien, ... and Kandjar (DEFI D'AUNOU), Mask du Granit (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) and Mister Mérité (COKTAIL JET) shone, winning Prix de l'Observatoire, and Prix de Vauvillers group A and group B.

26/10 - Vincennnes - Hidden during the course, then trapped, Odessa du Vivier (GOETMALS WOOD) is nevertheless an excellent third in Prix Marcel Dejean, first main date for 2-y-o fillies, just in front of her half-sister Osmose de la Roque.

19/10 - Vincennnes - Nuage de Lait (DEFI D'AUNOU) controls the Prix Timocharis, all the way.
Maélia de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) had well initiated the evening, winning Prix Gerda. Owena d'Isop (IN LOVE WITH YOU) perfectly concluded it, dominating the Prix Aludra.

17/10 - Napoli - Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) devours the Gran Premio Freccia d'Europa (Gr.2), on the mile, particularly defeating Magnetic Power. The road-movie will now slide towards Milano, for the Grand Prix des Nations (Gr.1).

16/10 - Torino - Placed third of her eliminatory to a son of Echo, Mage de la Mérité, Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) is qualified for the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1), scheduled in two weeks. In company to Daguet Rapide and a son of Ganymède, Mambo King, first and second of the other trial.

In Sweden, Naglo (COKTAIL JET) is third to Steinlager and Tsar d'Inverne in the Svenskt Mästerskap (Gr.2), at Aby.

15/10 - Vincennes - Previously winner in Laval, Only With You (IN LOVE WITH YOU) confirms in the Prix Klytia.

14/10 - Enghien - Mah Jong du Vivier (AND ARIFANT) easily dominates Prix de la Porte d'Aubervilliers, as a promising horse.

13/10 - Enghien - Maxou de Prez (GOETMALS WOOD) is a brave horse. In the Prix de la Place des Vosges, he fights with Mancini all along the last stretch, and beats him at the end.
Then, Nora de Lou (COKTAIL JET) honored her breeders in the Prix de Pont-Saint-Martin.

12/10 - Prix Bohémia in Vincennes, an elegant rendez-vous for ambitious 4-y-o's : the excellent Mon Premier Céhère (EXTREME AUNOU) beats Mister Picoulerie and Mentor du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU).

10/10 - Roma - What a sensation to admire Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) dancing in a group I, in his first race ever in Italy, Gran Premio Gaetano Turilli, against Freiherr As, Legendary Lover K or Tag The Devil!

8/10 - Vincennes - As his son HERMES DU BUISSON, again winner tuesday night with Nova de Billeron, BUVETIER D'AUNOU doesn't stop showing off : a third victory in three starts for Onyx du Goutier in Prix Chryseis and a brilliant success for Notre Secret (Duzachinga), who beats Northlands Park (COKTAIL JET) in Prix Phaedra.

1/10 - Vincennes
Prix Margarita : Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) beats Kuza Viva, while Kiwi (COKTAIL JET) wisely returns to the track, eight months after an eighth rank in the Prix d'Amérique.
In the Prix Enis, last race of the evening, an elegant chestnut colt named Numa (HERMES DU BUISSON) has victoriously answered to Milza (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), winner of Prix Licetus, one hour earlier.

29/9 - Marseille-Vivaux - Houston (AND ARIFANT) wins the G.N.T.'s 10th Trial (Gr.3), and Lucky Marceaux (COKTAIL JET) the Prix de Grosbois.

28/9 - Vincennes - Again a positive report for GOETMALS WOOD! Odessa du Vivier easily dominates Prix Dione.

26/9 - Vincennes - A magnificent victory for Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix des Elites (Gr.1).
A promising Master Dancer (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins for his first start at Vincennes, easily controlling Prix d'Aquitaine.

24/9 - Vincennes - Le Rescator (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in the Prix Aglaja, and Onyx du Goutier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the Prix Palès both confirm a former win. The son of "Buvetier" is now unbeaten in two starts ; the powerful Oncle Sam (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) and One Of The Best (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) are respectively placed second and third..

23/9 - Vincennes - An easy victory for Kandjar (DEFI D'AUNOU) in the Prix de Trie-sur-Baïse!

22/9 - Le Croisé-Laroche - Placed second to Général du Lupin at 4, Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) shows off in the Grand Prix de la Fédération Régionale du Nord (Gr.3). Spectacular, racing around some glorious elders, she catches up with Freiherr As, in the straight line.
Hidden during the course, Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) finishes well, finally placed fourth in front of Lazio du Bourg.


MARA BOURBON, more and more impressive.
A victory in Prix Guy Le Gonidec (Sca. - Picture APRH), then a show in Le Croisé-Laroche.

21/9 - Vincennes at night - By HERMES DU BUISSON, Nyala confirms training sensations, easily beating Nymphe d'Occagnes (IN LOVE WITH YOU) in the Prix Diotima.



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