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Fall 2005




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Particularly Prétence, Password, Pin Up de la Loge, Private Love, Princesse Bourbon, Paola du Vivier, Passion de Morgane, Player, Pocket Wood, Onyx du Goutier, One And Only, Orsy Dream, Oasis Gédé, Oh James, Onyx Speed, Orage du Noyer, Official Secret, Open Charm, Oakwood du Closet, Oyonnax, Out Of Africa, Not Disturb, Narvick du Buisson, Niakou Bele, Nouvelle Aventure, Jetstile, Intoxicated, Mara Bourbon, Miss Castelle, Melly Charm, Magot du Ravary, Mont Cenis Honey, Macadam Cowboy, Nelson November, Loumana Flor, Ludo de Castelle, Lord de l'Aron, Jardy, Infant du Bossis ...


MARA BOURBON shows off in the Championnat Européen des 5 Ans (Gr.1).
September 25, 2005. Picture APRH


19/12 - Vincennes : Oh James (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) finishes fast to add Prix de Pithiviers to his resume : five wins in eight starts.
A talented and strong Narvick du Buisson (GOETMALS WOOD) resists till the post to win the Prix de Cresserons.
Ridden on the inside by Jean Baudron, Midway Lady (COKTAIL JET) dominates the Prix de Noisy-le-Sec.
Later, in the group A of the Prix de Fustignac, New Matyss (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) was becoming the fourth winner of the afternoon.

18/12 - Vincennes : Magot du Ravary (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is an excellent second to Kito du Vivier in the Clotûre du Grand National du Trot 2005 (Gr.2).
Sad news from New Jersey : classic Nelson November (COKTAIL JET) kills himself, escaping.

17/12 - Vincennes : Norma de la Frette (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) dominates the Prix d'Argentan, "au monté".
Nouvelle Aventure (DEFI D'AUNOU) deserved a success in a prized race ; she finds it in the Prix de Reims.

15/12 - Vincennes : Free, Macadam Cowboy (DEFI D'AUNOU) appreciates the course (2 175 m) and shows off in the straight line of the Prix de Charroux.
Onyx Speed (GANYMEDE) defeats Ozark (AND ARIFANT) in the Prix de Sillé-le-Guillaume. Both broke away from the field.

14/12 - Vincennes : Private Love, half-sister to IN LOVE WITH YOU by GOETMALS WOOD, stands in the heart of the Dubois Stallions. Today, she gently wins the Prix des Iris.
Earlier, Never More (GOETMALS WOOD) had dominated the Prix de Decize in brilliant style.

13/12 - Vincennes : Natacha de Lou (DEFI D'AUNOU) finds her race "au monté" : the Prix de Pons.

10/12 - Vincennes : Two weeks before the Critérium Continental (Gr.1), NOT DISTURB comes back to Vincennes to be placed a remarkable second in the Prix Octave Douesnel (Gr.2).
Her Majesty Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) gives twenty-five meters in the Prix du Bourbonnais (Gr.2) and shares victory with Super Light!
Picture APRH : Mara Bourbon.
A very brilliant Princesse Bourbon (KAISY DREAM) in the Prix des Hortensias, Namibie (GANYMEDE) in the Prix de Jullouville, "au monté", an improving Mont Cenis Honey (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the Prix de Meslay-du-Maine, Of Course Wood (HERMES DU BUISSON) in the last event of this great saturday, the Prix de Neuillé-Pont-Pierre. Five victories for the stallions : just a perfect day!

8/12 - Vincennes : Winner of the Prix Raoul Ballière (Gr.2m - 2 850 m), One And Only (GROS GRAIN) stays unbeaten in three starts "au monté". Three semi-classics! - Picture APRH : One And Only.
Up-and-coming fillies, Paola du Vivier (COKTAIL JET) and Oasis Gédé (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) respectively control the Prix des Camélias and the Prix de Montaigu (group A).

7/12 - Vincennes : The elegant and powerful chestnut filly Prétence struggles to honour KAISY DREAM in the Prix Vourasie, first important date for 2 yo fillies. Passion de Morgane (COKTAIL JET) is placed third. Picture APRH : Prétence.
Three promising colts intensely fight in the Prix des Jacinthes. Close relative to Prétence (his dam Grande Lady is a sister to Prétence), Pine Chip Wood (KAISY DREAM) dominates Panache de l'Iton (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), but can't resist to Password (GOETMALS WOOD).
Earlier in the afternoon, Oakwood du Closet (GOETMALS WOOD) had brilliantly won the Prix du Sap, beating Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU).

5/12 - Vincennes : A seventh win in 2005, a sixth success out of her last seven starts for Melly Charm (EXTREME AUNOU) in the Prix de Landivisiau.
Then, Narkia (GOETMALS WOOD) and Orélia Phil (GANYMEDE) easily dominate, respectively the Prix de Langon "au monté" and the Prix de Gençay (harness).

2/12 - Vincennes (night) : Duel between two very promising 3-y-o's in the Prix Hermentaria. The leader, the very expressive and elegant Orage du Noyer (IN LOVE WITH YOU) resists all along the straight line to Open Charm (AND ARIFANT), whose effort has also impressed.

In the Prix Campanus, Passion du Loisir (GOETMALS WOOD) has notched up a first victory.

1/12 - Vincennes : Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET) is placed third of the Prix Paul Buquet (Gr.2m) for her first try "au monté".

30/11 - Vincennes : Eleven days before the Critérium des 3 Ans, the best colts had an important date, the Prix Jacques de Vaulogé (Gr.2), ultimate repetition, but on the 2 175 meter course!
In the straight line, Onyx du Goutier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) was going really fast to catch up with a remarkable ORSY DREAM.
Picture by APRH : Onyx du Goutier.

The Prix de Carentan was the last race of the afternoon : the winner is Orizaba Vici (GOETMALS WOOD).

Sweden : Intoxicated defeats Passionate Kemp in the Grand Prix de Solvalla. The son of COKTAIL JET should now race in the Critérium Continental (Gr.1), at Vincennes, for christmas.

29/11 - Vincennes (night) : Half-sister to IN LOVE WITH YOU, Private Love (GOETMALS WOOD) doesn't hide out. Very seductive, she shows off in the Prix Siwa, winning easily.

28/11 - Vincennes : Despite her inexperience (eight starts including this one), Ocarina de Vonnas (COKTAIL JET) leads the Prix Queila Gédé - Critérium des Pouliches (Gr.2) in brilliant style and is finally placed second to Orphéa de Nay.

On the road to Prix d'Amérique, the Prix Marcel Laurent (Gr.2) is a superb event, particularly for the 5 y-o's, even if the 4-y-o's may participate. Behind Dumle Loss and Meaulnes du Corta at the time of their acceleration in the last turn, Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) is finally placed third, but finishes as fast as her two rivals.

Consistent, Player (GANYMEDE) is rewarded in the Prix des Freesias.

25/11 - Vincennes (night) : Oh James (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) dominates by far a prized Prix Prokne.

22/11 - Vincennes (night) : Previously winner of the Prix Antiope, november 1st at Vincennes, Melly Charm (EXTREME AUNOU) adds Prix Ostara to her resume, leading the race till the post. Melly Charm : six wins in 2005, eight since the beginning of her career.

18/11 - Vincennes (night) : Victorious of the Prix Klio, Overall du Closet (GOETMALS WOOD) perfectly ends an evening which had well begun in the Prix Fortuna with Pocahontas (DEFI D'AUNOU and a mare by Coktail Jet), a 2yo filly confirming a successful first race at Lisieux and so pleasing the children.

16/11 - Bjerke (Norway) : Jetstile (COKTAIL JET) defeats Needles'N Pins in the important Axel Jensen Memorial, trotting 1' 12" 8 (1 609 m - autostart). Jetstile : 22 starts - 14 wins.

15/11 - Three winners at Vincennes, at night! Niakou Bele (GOETMALS WOOD), Papa Gueno (IN LOVE WITH YOU) and Ombre Boréale (COKTAIL JET) respectively win the Prix Titan, Unitas and Florentina (group B).

14/11 - Vincennes : Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET) wins Prix du Languedoc with panache. She might be at the edge of a great winter.
One And Only (GROS GRAIN) beats Orélie de Retz in the last one hundred meters of the Prix Louis Tillaye (Gr.2m) : he is now unbeaten in two starts, both at a semi-classic level.
Easy winner of the Prix d'Avesnes, "au monté", Misky du Luat (AND ARIFANT) is improving.

11/11 - Vincennes (night) : So attractive, Pin Up de la Loge (GROS GRAIN) is now unbeaten in three starts, adding tonight the Prix Gyptis to her resume.
A very talented Open Charm (AND ARIFANT) really shows off in the Prix Palatia, signing a fourth success in a row.

10/11 - Vincennes : Very professional, COKTAIL JET and CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE dominate the group A and the group B of the Coupe des Amateurs with respectively Lucky Marceaux and Jumby d'Occagnes.
Earlier, an excellent Nymphe d'Oliverie (EXTREME AUNOU) had devoured a juicy Prix de Castres.

7/11 - Vincennes : O'Sullivan (COKTAIL JET - Dona Sol du Cadran) is the winner of the day. The target? Prix de Barenton.

5/11 - United States : Just Like Dream, by Donerail and Prix Ozo (Sca.) winner Just Like That (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), triumphs in the American National (1' 12" 2). Five days before, another made in US filly Le Rêve had impressed in the Orsi Mangelli Filly.

4/11 - Vincennes (night) : Previously winner at Mauquenchy, Pin Up de la Loge (GROS GRAIN) brilliantly stays unbeaten in two starts, taking home Prix Aegle. Oakwood du Closet (GOETMALS WOOD) wins Prix Lachesis ; his music is melodious : four races, two victories, twice placed second.

3/11 - Vincennes : Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) defeats Critérium des 5 Ans winner Meaulnes du Corta, and breaks in 1' 14" 4 the record of the Prix Doynel de Saint-Quentin (Gr.2 - 2 875 m G.P. - Picture APRH). Mickaël de Vonnas (GANYMEDE) is placed third.
In the Prix de Fouilloy, Official Secret (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) confirms his victory, last week, dominating the excellent Ocoée (AND ARIFANT) and Otello Pierji (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).

1/11 - Laval : NOT DISTURB victoriously gives fifty meters in the Grand Prix des 4 Ans.
Not in foal, the very talented Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET) keeps on! Placed second in the Grand Prix André de la Vaissière (Gr.3), she should find many opportunities to shine during the next Paris-Vincennes winter meeting. As well as LET'S GO ALONG, fifth for a come back after eleven months without racing
Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins, au monté, the Prix Georges Dreux.

28/10 - Vincennes (night) : Passion de Morgane (COKTAIL JET) and Prétence (KAISY DREAM) are placed second and third to Podranie du Chêne in the Prix Marcel Dejean, first interesting date for 2yo fillies.

25/10 - Vincennes (night) : Stamped by CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, the excellent Official Secret finishes fast in the Prix Polaris to beat good horses and particularly Open The Sky (GOETMALS WOOD). Brilliant second of the Prix Isara, Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is in advanced condition.

24/10 - Enghien (night) : Judges give victory to a brave Orcello Cal (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in the group A of the Prix des Pyramides ; Out Of Africa (EXTREME AUNOU) wins Prix de la Porte de Gentilly with plenty of scope.

22/10 - Caen : Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), our King of Marathons (Prix de Paris - Gr.1), devours the Prix de la Ville de Caen (Gr.3 - 4 400 m) for a second consecutive year.

21/10 - Vincennes : Pretty and powerful, Prétence (KAISY DREAM - Slave), former winner at Enghien, confirms at Vincennes in the Prix Aludra. With a touch of elegance!

16/10 - Padova : Infant du Bossis (AND ARIFANT) adds Gran Premio Ivone Grassetto (Gr.2) to his remarkable resume, defeating Chanson d'Inverne and Concord Roc.
Mauquenchy : NOT DISTURB brilliantly inaugurates the new racecourse, beating his half-sister Nouvelle Aventure (DEFI D'AUNOU), in the Prix Normandie III. A subliminal message!

13/10 - Enghien : Coast to coast and first victory for a very attractive Pocket Wood (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix du Pont de la Tournelle!

11/10 - Vincennes : A talented Notre Audace (DEFI D'AUNOU), heart-warming in the Prix Cyane!

10/10 - Enghien (night) : The colt Oscar Williams (COKTAIL JET) and the filly Odyssée du Goutier (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) have respectively controlled the Prix de la Porte de la Chapelle and the Prix du Palais Bourbon.

7/10 - Vincennes (night) : Niakou Bele (GOETMALS WOOD) wins Prix Ella (monté) in brilliant style.

5/10 - A Grand Prix Anjou-Maine (Gr.3) at Angers, dominated by its champions : Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) defeats LOVE YOU.
Travelling companion of Love You, Maneth Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) had previously and pleasantly won the Prix de La Chabolais.

25/9 - Vincennes : Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) wins the Championnat Européen des 5 Ans (Gr.1) with a touch of class! 1' 11" 3 - 2100 m autostart.
Miss Castelle (GOETMALS WOOD), placed second of the Prix de Normandie (Gr.1), can't catch up with 3yo filly Orphéa de Nay in the Prix des Elites (Gr.1). Placed fourth, ORSY DREAM is improving.
Two victories, today, for AND ARIFANT : Lord de l'Aron finds a good opportunity in the Prix de Barbizon ... and two wins for Jean-Pierre Dubois, who perfectly travels with Nouvelle Aventure (DEFI D'AUNOU) in the Prix de Feurs.

22/9 - Vincennes : Winner september 12, "au monté", Lucilius (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) repeats in the Prix Gaston Roussel.





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