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Spring 2006




Main performances




Particularly Password, Pin Up de la Loge, Prétence, Pétillante, Pad d'Urzy, Pamina du Breucq, Possession, Pour Yvonnick, Private Dancer, Pumba Jet, Pyla Plage, Olitro, Otello Pierji, Ostiana, Ocarina de Vonnas, Olblak du Bocage, Odessa du Vivier, Ouragan de Celland, Oakwood du Closet, Othello de la Noé, Osiris de l'Iton, Opaline d'Atout, Overtrick, Orélia Phil, Ode de Faël, Our Love, Open Charm, Orlando Blue, Farifant, Nijinski Blue, Nuage de Lait, Nice Love, Nahar de Béval, Noble de France, Jetstile, Eclisse Domar, Mara Bourbon, Monte Georgio, Mont Cenis Honey, Macadam Cowboy, Marlena, Maelia de Vandel, Ludo de Castelle, Loulou Jet, Lynx du Goutier, Loumana Flor, Lord de l'Aron, Jardy,


On the inside, JARDY resists to Mara Bourbon.
Prix René Ballière (Gr.1) : Picture APRH


20/6 - Vincennes (night) : The excellent Pamina du Breucq (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) controls Possession (GROS GRAIN) in the Prix Eunyke.
Pamina du Breucq : four races, three wins.

19/6 - Vichy : Grand Slam 1st Trial's winner, Farifant (AND ARIFANT) easily repeats in the 2nd Trial - Prix Pierre Coulon (Gr.3).

18/6 - Vincennes : In the Prix René Ballière (Gr.1), a brilliant Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) finishes so fast, so close to a superb Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE)!
In a very lofty Prix Raymond Fouard which looked like a semi-classic, Otello Pierji (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) waits and surely beats OLITRO.

16/6 - Vincennes (night) : Winner, one week ago, Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET) is victorious again tonight in the Prix Orontius. She was going twice faster than any of her opponents in the last turn.

12/6 - Vincennes (night) : GROS GRAIN first and second of the Prix Gratia, with Overtrick, very pleasant winner, and Orion de la Couy!
Pretty dancer stamped by GOETMALS WOOD, Popinée de Timbia really shows off in the Prix Pénélope.
Poupette du Banney (IN LOVE WITH YOU) takes home Prix Pariana, "au monté".

11/6 - Charlottenlund : Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) triumphs again in a scandinavian Grand Prix, this time in the Copenhagen Cup (Gr.1), following a script that already led her to victory in the Grand Prix d'Oslo.
Superb, Mara Bourbon, on the outside of Citation most of the race, surely beats him in the straight line, while resisting to Giant Diablo' s return .

10/6 - Vincennes : Unfortunate several times during the spring, NUAGE DE LAIT wins the first semi-classic event of his career, the Prix Louis Jariel (Gr.2), finishing fast. 1' 11" 6 - 2 175 m!
Picture by APRH : Heat - Nuage de Lait.
Lynx du Goutier (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) adds Prix du Quercy to his record, a third consecutive victory.
A talented Othello de la Noé (GANYMEDE) and a serious Pumba Jet (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) respectively dominate Prix du Dauphiné and Prix d'Istres.
Last race, the Prix de Gien : Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET), since january without racing, comes back successfully.

7/6 - Laval : COKTAIL JET's nephew, Loulou Jet (Echo), placed second in the G.N.T.'s 6th Trial, is the new leader of our Tour de France.

6/6 - Vincennes (night) : In the Prix Siri, Pour Yvonnick (COKTAIL JET) victoriously discovers Vincennes, surely defeating three sons of GOETMALS WOOD, Prodigious, Pampero de Soto and Price Star, placed in that order behind him. Pour Yvonnick is now unbeaten in three starts.

2/6 - Bologna : A first italian victory for Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) who brilliantly defeats El Nino, Freiherr As, Derrick di Jesolo in the Premio della Repubblica. 1' 12" 2 - 1 660 m autostart.

30/5 - Vincennes (night) : aside the excellent second place of Loumana Flor (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix Chambon P (Gr.2 - Lady d'Auvrecy), Osiris de l'Iton (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), own brother to classic Idéal de l'Iton, has honored his blood "au monté" in the Prix Niobe and Perfect Tejy (IN LOVE WITH YOU) has shone in the Prix Talitha.

29/5 - Vichy : In the Grand Slam's 1st Trial (Gr.3), Farifant (AND ARIFANT) beats Nice Love (COKTAIL JET) at the end. Picture APRH.

28/5 - Solvalla : Mara Bourbon, missing in the Elitloppet, Pin Up de la Loge (GROS GRAIN), victorious (1' 13" 5), covers herself in glory on the mile of the Trearingseliten för Ston. Pretence (KAISY DREAM) is placed fifth.

27/5 - Enghien : Othello de la Noé (GANYMEDE) shows off in the Prix d'Espelette. Orion de la Couy (GROS GRAIN) controls the Prix de la Vienne. Perle d'Aunou (COKTAIL JET)'s first parisian victory occurs in the Prix de Sare.

26/5 - Vincennes (night) : The filly by Extrême Dream, Genny di Jesolo, now unbeaten in six starts, and the colt by Malabar Man, Fuego di Jesolo, have much impressed, respectively dominating the Prix Fama and the Prix Constellation.

23/5 - Vincennes (night) : A talented Eclisse Domar (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) surely controls the Prix Firmament. 1' 12" 3 - 2 100 m autostart.

19/5 - Vincennes (night) : Ouragan de Celland (GOETMALS WOOD) defeats Otello Pierji (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the Prix Camilla.

17/5 - Caen : A fiery, well balanced, ... pretty Pétillante (COKTAIL JET) leads at top speed the Saint Léger des Trotteurs (Gr.1), but can't resist to Philoténor's return in the straight line.
The Prix de La Touques is most of the time dominated by a future excellent horse. The name of the winner in 2006 : Possession, a filly by GROS GRAIN and Caolica de Sucé.

14/5 - Bjerke : Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) triumphs in the Grand Prix d'Oslo (Gr.1). Pictures.
At the end of a long trip in front of the race, on the outside of Steinlager, Mara Bourbon shakes off the title holder in the straight line, winning in brilliant style.
Nouvelle Aventure (DEFI D'AUNOU) joins the party, after her victory in the Hoppelop (1' 12" 7 - 1 609 m).

13/5 - Vincennes : A remarkable "coast to coast" featured by Password (GOETMALS WOOD), unstoppable winner of the Prix Kalmia (Gr.2 - 1' 14" 3). Pine Chip Wood (Grande Lady), second, shines on the outside. Still maiden, the son of KAISY DREAM is now semi-classic.

Finishing well in the back of Pearl Queen, unbeaten in five starts in 2006, Pin Up de la Loge (GROS GRAIN) is placed second of the Prix Ozo (Gr.2).

The fast Macadam Cowboy (DEFI D'AUNOU) perfectly hits his target : the Prix du Mans.
Ouragan de Celland (GOETMALS WOOD) seduces, adding Prix de Mamers to his resume. A fifth victory in eleven starts!


Improving, PASSWORD has controlled the Prix Kalmia (Gr.2), and particularly
the fast finish of Pine Chip Wood. Photo APRH


9/5 - Vincennes (night) : A very talented Orlando Blue (GANYMEDE) shines in the Prix Jupiter, "au monté".
Nash d'Eronville (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) had perfectly initiated the evening, surely dominating the Prix Régulus.

7/5 - Grand Prix de la Loterie (Gr.1) : At Napoli, it is not so easy to find his way in the straight line, after a forced hidden race. Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is finally placed third to Malabar Circle As and Lets Go.

6/5 - Vincennes : A superb OLITRO is a very brilliant second to Orlando Vici in the Critérium des 4 Ans (Gr.1), finishing fast in the inside.
The Prix Maginus, raced april 28th, was an excellent reference : not very lucky in the straight line, Otello Pierji (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) and Ostiana (COKTAIL JET) are respectively placed fourth and sixth.
Marlena appreciates the 2 700 meter course on the main track : the mare by GOETMALS WOOD shows off in the Prix de Combrée.
First in march, Pad d'Urzy (KAISY DREAM) confirms in may in the Prix de Dreux, defeating Picsou du Pommeau, the first son of Général du Pommeau, winner at Vincennes.

3/5 - Saint-Galmier : Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) devours the Grand Prix du Centre-Est (Gr.3), beating Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) and his half-brother Lynx du Goutier (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE).

2/5 - Vincennes (night) : Oocker (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) - 1' 13" 6, 2 100 m P.P. autostart - and Ode de Faël (DEFI D'AUNOU), close relative to Gobernador, are improving : tonight, they respectively dominate Prix Glauke and Prix Ida.
"Au monté", Popayan des Arkads (IN LOVE WITH YOU) easily wins Prix Anna.

29/4 - Finlandia-Ajo (Gr.1 - Helsinki) : Unfortunate in the straight line after an hidden course, NUAGE DE LAIT is a very promising fifth, close to the second.

28/4 - Vincennes-night - Prix Maginus was looking like a semi-classic event : the excellent Ostiana (COKTAIL JET) shortly defeats OLITRO. A promising Otello Pierji (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is placed third.
A fourth consecutive victory for Monte Georgio (GANYMEDE), brilliant in the Huberta!
Winner once again, Pumba Jet (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) gently spins her web in the Prix Arachné.

25/4 - Vincennes (night) : The best 3 yo's are back on the track, but separately : Prix Masina (Gr.2) for the fillies and Prix Paul Karle (Gr.2) for the colts!
A brave Parnassa Aimef (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) becomes semi-classic, being placed third to champion Pearl Queen.
At the present time dominated by Prince d'Espace, Password (GOETMALS WOOD), second, confirms his rank, in company of Phlegyas.
Well hidden a very long time, Natacha de Rozoy (COKTAIL JET) shines, impressive, in the last 100 meters of the Prix Ate.
Au monté, Noble de France (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) repeats, adding Prix Loreley to his resume. In the Prix Hévélius, Oriane de Guez (EXTREME AUNOU) controls the race in the last 900 meters.

22/4 - Enghien : Mara Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) is placed fourth of the Prix de l'Atlantique (Gr.1).
Currently, Nahar de Béval is making up for lost time : the son of GANYMEDE wins the Prix de l'Argonne.
Earlier, Ode de Faël (DEFI D'AUNOU) had perfectly controlled the Prix de la Porte de Saint-Cloud.

21/4 - Vincennes (night) : Last main dates before the Critérium des 4 Ans : 2 100 meters autostart on the small track!
In the Prix Gaston de Wazières (Gr.2), Orée Bourbon (AND ARIFANT) finishes fast to gain her first semi-classic references, as well as a victory against the spirited Ocarina de Vonnas (COKTAIL JET).
Olblak du Bocage (GANYMEDE), ORSY DREAM
after three months without racing, and OLITRO are respectively placed third, fourth and fifth of the Prix Gaston Brunet (Gr.2). At a respectful distance of the superb duel between Opus Viervil and Orlando Vici!

18/4 - Vincennes (night) : Pétillante (COKTAIL JET) sparkles! Her bottle? The Prix Phaéo.
A brilliant Private Dancer (EXTREME AUNOU) dominates, "au monté", the Prix Adria.

16/4 - Modena - Gran Premio Renzo Orlandi (Gr.2) : Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) confirms his italian pretensions, as a second to Express Road.

15/4 - Vincennes : Otello Pierji honours BUVETIER D'AUNOU in the Prix d'Auxerre.

14/4 - Farjestad : The classic 5 yo Jetstile (COKTAIL JET) wins in brilliant style the Prins Carl Philips Jubileumspokal.
Vincennes (night) : A first parisian success for Our Love (Extrême Dream), half-brother to IN LOVE WITH YOU, in the judiciously named Prix Abundantia! Open Bourgeois (GANYMEDE) and Perle Magique (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) perfectly conclude the evening with two brave wins in the Prix Algeiba and Libussa.

11/4 - Vincennes (night) : In the Prix Izar, Oocker (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) beats two sons of AND ARIFANT, Owen and Ozark.
Prix Dorophéa : Ostiana (COKTAIL JET) "walks" over.

8/4 - Vincennes : Farifant (AND ARIFANT) is beaten by the champion Opus Viervil in the last meters of a lofty Prix Phaéton (Gr.2).

7/4 - Vincennes (night) : Noble de France (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) defeats his half-brother Nearly Charm in the Prix Libra.
Born in purple, Pumba Jet (BUVETIER D'AUNOU and Jessamina) charms the sportsmen in the Prix Enif.

2/4 - Bordeaux-Le Bouscat : Jardy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) seemed alone on the track in the 29th Grand Prix du Sud-Ouest (Gr.2), against Kito du Vivier and Java Darche! The 5 yo NUAGE DE LAIT is an interesting fifth.
Turino : Ludo de Castelle (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is placed second to Smashing Victory in the Grand Prix de la Côte d'Azur (Gr.2), perfectly beginning his european campaign.

31/3 - Vincennes : Half-sister to the excellent Gipsa d'Urzy, Perle d'Urzy (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) dominates the Prix Idunna.

28/3 - Vincennes-night : The talented Nahar de Béval (GANYMEDE) is back ; he proves it, adding the Prix Saturne to his resume. At the present time, the colts and fillies by GANYMEDE are flying : Orélia Phil confirms this tendency in the Prix Miriam, "au monté".

25/3 - Vincennes : A third consecutive victory for Monte Georgio (GANYMEDE). His target, today? The Prix de Beaumesnil.

24/3 - Vincennes-night : Pyla Plage (GANYMEDE) wins alone the Prix Léto, "au monté".

21/3 - Vincennes : Open Charm (AND ARIFANT) seduces once again in the Prix Agathe. Pad d'Urzy (KAISY DREAM) will remain as the winner of the Prix Coelestina. Nez Percé (GANYMEDE) defeats Negresco (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix Enceladus.



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