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Summer 2008




Main performances




Particularly Salammbo du Vivier, Syracuse, Sofia Thourjan, Simoun, Simba des Etoiles,
Rocklyn, Rapide Aventure, Royal Crown, Rick des Sales, Randarifane Gwen, Rosiériste, Rubis de Boussier, Rocky Blue, Red Star, Radium du Chêne, Royal Luxor, Raspberry, Royale For You, River Love, Rose Love, Reflet Gédé, Rapid Tilly, Redlight Jet,
Qualita Bourbon, Quaker Jet, Quick Wood, Quick Nevele, Quinella Aimef, Qlassic Charm, Quinta des Lucas, Queso Manchego, Queen Along, Quenta Por Favor, Queen du Bouffey, Quango Jet, Quazako, Qasida Jet, Quel Prince, Quatuor Alto, Ribaude, Brigham Dream,
Private Love, Prodigious, Plenty Pocket, Power Jet, Palmyre, Peppermint, Pinoche du Rib, Pianiste du Lys, Paddy de Chaumière, Poupée d'Aunou, Princess Wild, Paisy Sted,
Opium, Oyonnax, Opaline d'Atout, Olgado, Olympe de Jiel, Onyx Speed, Fabrice Axe,
Nuage de Lait, Narval d'Ecajeul, Monte Georgio, Mont Cenis Honey, ...


Royal Crown : 1' 10" 7 - Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr.3 - Enghien)
New 3yo French Record. Picture by APRH


19/9 Vincennes (night) : Rose Love (LOVE YOU) controls the Prix Bianca.

18/9 Vincennes : Easy victories of Queen du Bouffey (COKTAIL JET) and Quango Jet (LOVE YOU), respectively in the Prix de Narbonne and in the Prix d'Auvergne.

15/9 Vincennes (night) : Quazako (COKTAIL JET) seduces in the Prix de Janzé. Princess Wild (GOETMALS WOOD) beats Poupée d'Aunou (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the Prix de Béziers, "au monté". Reflet Gédé (COKTAIL JET) wins in brilliant style the Prix de Metz.

13/9 Vincennes : Rocklyn, Rapide Aventure and Royal Crown, all by LOVE YOU, respectively finish third, fourth and fifth of the Prix de l'Etoile (Gr.1).
Fifth of the Prix du Président de la République at 4, Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) repeats in the Prix de Normandie (Gr.1).
Qasida Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) controls the Prix André Choisselet (monté).
Relative to CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE, Quel Prince (LOVE YOU) shines in the Prix de Lagny.

12/9 Vincennes (night) : Fabrice Axe (GANYMEDE) shoots out in the straight line to pocket the Prix Ophélia.
Simoun (DEFI D'AUNOU) controls the Prix Erato.
Raspberry (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) victoriously hits her target : the Prix Alkmène.

9/9 Vincennes (night) : Honouring a name, worldwide known with "Victory", Rapid Tilly (GANYMEDE) wins in brilliant style the Prix Alexandra.

6/9 Vincennes : Some pretty sensations!
Half-sister to LET'S GO ALONG by IN LOVE WITH YOU, Queen Along dominates the Prix d'Asnières.
A convincing Opium (DEFI D'AUNOU) takes home the Prix du Mont-Saint-Michel.
Remarkable second of the Prix de Basly (Gr.2m), Rick des Sales (HERMES DU BUISSON) becomes semi-classic (monté).
In the Prix Cénéri Forcinal (Gr.2m), Quinella Aimef (COKTAIL JET) confirms her quality in the back of classic winner Quokine Berry, particularly leaving behind Quinta des Lucas (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), fourth.

5/9 Vincennes (night) : Serious, Olympe de Jiel (AND ARIFANT) easily wins the Prix Adelinda.
In the Prix Ambrosia, Salammbo du Vivier (LOVE YOU) beats Syracuse (COKTAIL JET) and Sofia Thourjan (LET'S GO ALONG).
Ten starts, nine wins! The gelding Qlassic Charm (LOVE YOU) happily discovers the small track in the Prix Scylla.

2/9 Vincennes (night) : LOVE YOU sees double in the Prix Philoméla with Royale For You and River Love, first and second..

1/9 Vincennes : Pianiste du Lys (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) dominates the Prix de Mehun-sur-Yèvre.

31/8 Vermo (Finland) : Ribaude (IN LOVE WITH YOU) triumphs in the Derby (4 yo's - 1' 14" 4 - 2 600 m).

30/8 Mohawk : Main american victory for Brigham Dream (KAISY DREAM) in the Breeders Crown (mares)!

Critérium des 5 Ans (Gr.1) : both by GOETMALS WOOD, Private Love and PRODIGIOUS finish fast, fourth and fifth, after an hidden course.

28/8 Vincennes : Previously third to Paola de Lou and Prince de Montfort, Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) deserved a semi-classic victory. In the Prix Legoux-Longpré (Gr.2m), she beats two 4 yo's, our President Quita d'Eronville and Quartz de Calendes. Picture by APRH.
Again perfectly efficient, Quick Wood (LOVE YOU) places second of the Prix Jules Thibault (Gr.2), beaten by classic Quel Amour Dudel.
Paddy de Chaumière (HERMES DU BUISSON) brilliantly wins the Prix d'Avallon.

27/8 Vincennes : The Prix Guy le Gonidec 2008 (Gr.2) will remain as the ninth success in a semi-classic event for Qualita Bourbon (LOVE YOU) in her short career. Not seen on a racetrack since three and an half month, she defeats Quarla (Extreme Dream). Picture by APRH.
Also by LOVE YOU, Quick Nevele places fourth in front of Queen Flore, relative to QUATRE JUILLET.

Poupée d'Aunou (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) easily takes home the Prix de Segré (monté).

26/8 Cabourg : First winner for LET'S GO ALONG, in the Prix des Chelidoines : the filly Sofia Thourjan.

25/8 Vincennes : Simba des Etoiles (EXTREME AUNOU) dominates in brilliant style the Prix des Bruyères, imitating Qasida Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU), half-an-hour earlier, in the Prix de Rochefort-sur-Loire (monté).

23/8 Vincennes : Impressive victory in the Prix de Nueil-sur-Layon (monté) for Pinoche du Rib (COKTAIL JET)!
Last attacker, Rubis de Boussier (IN LOVE WITH YOU) "pockets" the Prix de Bihorel.

18/8 Vincennes : Royal Crown (LOVE YOU) keeps on winning. Today, the semi-classic Prix Guy Deloison (Gr.2) was her target. Picture
Promising 6 yo, Olgado (COKTAIL JET) is heading to the top races, "au monté" ; he proves it dominating the Prix d'Epernay.

13/8 Enghien : Randarifane Gwen (AND ARIFANT) shows off and deeply seduces in the Prix du Pré Saint-Gervais.
AND ARIFANT's nephew, Monte Georgio (GANYMEDE) is second to Occitane in the marathon, the Prix de Buenos-Aires (Gr.2) in front of Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET), third.
Redlight Jet (COKTAIL JET) shines in the Prix de Chaudes Aigues.

11/8 Enghien : Finishing very fast, even impressive, Power Jet (GANYMEDE) wins in very brilliant style the Prix de la Porte de Passy in front of Peppermint (DEFI D'AUNOU).
Royale For You (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix de la Porte de Vitry.


Quaker Jet finds in the Prix de Genève (Gr.3)
the second group victory of his promising career. Picture by APRH


9/8 Enghien : Quick Wood, galloping a few meters away from the post, offers victory in the Prix de Genève (Gr.3) to his half-brother Quaker Jet (LOVE YOU). Picture by APRH.
Half-sister to excellent Kalahari and Nosy Be, the tough and talented Palmyre (GANYMEDE) perfectly controls the Prix de la Côte d'Or.

7/8 Enghien : Easy winner on this track, july 12, Narval d'Ecajeul (GANYMEDE) repeats in brilliant style in the Prix de la Concorde.
Finishing fast, Olgado (COKTAIL JET) is second to Nègre du Digeon in the Prix de Londres (Gr.2m).
Rick des Sales (HERMES DU BUISSON) controls the Prix de Ruffec, "au monté".

3/8 Enghien : A talented Rosiériste (MILLENIUM WOOD) takes home the Prix de la Porte Pouchet. Born in purple, Red Star (COKTAIL JET - Kourgana) honours her blood in the Prix de Clichy.

27/7 Enghien : Royal Crown (LOVE YOU) wins with panache (1' 10"7) the Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr.3). Her half-sister Royale Aventure (LOVE YOU) places third. Picture by APRH.
Winner on this track, earlier this month, Rocky Blue (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) repeats in the Prix du Roule.
Impressive in the straight line, Quatuor Alto (GANYMEDE) easily takes home Prix de Nouzonville.

26/7 Enghien : Two races "au monté" = two victories. The very pretty Quenta Por Favor (LOVE YOU) deeply seduces in the Prix de la Place Maubert.
Close relative to Coktail Jet, Power Jet (GANYMEDE) beats at the post Peppermint (DEFI D'AUNOU) in the Prix des Ternes.
Randarifane Gwen (AND ARIFANT) shows off in the Prix de Vouvray.

20/7 Enghien : Mont Cenis Honey (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) impressively wins the Prix de la Porte Montmartre.
Pinoche du Rib (COKTAIL JET) devours the Prix de Bonny-sur-Loire (monté).

18/7 Cabourg : 1' 12" 8 - 2875 m! Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU) brilliantly beats the track record in the Prix Fandango (Gr.3m). Former reference : 1' 13"1, Général du Lupin (harness).

12/7 Enghien : Placed second of the Prix de Bruxelles, NUAGE DE LAIT keeps on rolling on his beautiful summer.
Quick Wood (LOVE YOU) dominates with a touch of class the important Prix du Louvre.
Narval d'Ecajeul (GANYMEDE) "pockets" the Prix du Palais de Chaillot.

10/7 Enghien : Winner last week, Paisy Sted (KAISY DREAM) repeats in the Prix de Rochechouart.
Quenta Por Favor (LOVE YOU) deeply seduces for her first start "au monté", in the Prix de la Porte de Sèvres.

3/7 Enghien : Half-brother to NUAGE DE LAIT, Queso Manchego (COKTAIL JET) efficiently controls the Prix de la Madeleine.
Following his victory in the Prix de la Tour Eiffel, Paisy Sted (KAISY DREAM) may certainly see... higher and further.
Rocky Blue (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) defeats Radium du Chêne (MILLENIUM WOOD) in the Prix du Panthéon.

1/7 Vincennes (night) : The excellent Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU) wins, alone, the Prix Gauricus, breaking the 2 875 meter course record in 1' 13.

28/6 Enghien : NUAGE DE LAIT finishes excellent second of the Prix de Washington (Gr.2), beaten by a son of Full Account, Felix del Nord.
Half-an-hour earlier, Rapide Aventure (LOVE YOU) had occupied the same rank in a high level Prix de Berlin (Gr.3).

27/6 Vincennes (night) : Half-sister to LET'S GO ALONG by IN LOVE WITH YOU, Queen Along is victorious for the first time at Vincennes in the Prix Nunky.
Onyx Speed (GANYMEDE) shines in the Prix Hygica.

24/6 Vincennes (night) : Royal Luxor (IN LOVE WITH YOU) controls all the way the Prix Sita, "au monté".



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