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Fall 2008




Main performances




Particularly Sirène Boréale, Showtime Bourbon, Signe d'Amour, So Lovely Girl, Séduction d'Anama, Salammbo du Vivier, Série Ouest, Sam Bourbon, Silia Pierji, Sherry Love, Salima du Goutier, Spooler des Obeaux, Séducteur Mérité, Shucca, Succès du Poto, Saxo de Vandel, Sept Merveilles, Santa Anita,
Royal Crown, Rocklyn, Rhéa Pride, Rapide Aventure, Repeat Love, Rubis de Padd, Rick des Sales, Royal Lover, Royale de Crépon, Rubis de Boussier, Rieussec, Rex de Vandel, Royale For You, Robinia, River Love, Rose Love, Reflet Gédé, Rembrandt, Really Queen, Riga des Jacquets, Rebecca Jet, Royale Flower, Révirade, Real Music, Round Ball, Rusty de Vive, Remember My Name, Rhythm And Blues, First Eleven L,
Qualita Bourbon, Quaker Jet, Quick Wood, Quick Nevele, Quinella Aimef, Qlassic Charm, Qasida Jet, Quinoa du Gers, Quatuor Alto, Quid de Corneville, Quip du Beauvoisin, Quatrain, Quid de Chahains, Quordoba, Queen Legend, Quick Ilona, Quatialys, Quety du Goutier, Quairos Jiel, Qualine du Quenne, Quickly Paris, Querelle de l'Iton,
Private Love, Plenty Pocket, Power Jet, Pine Chip Wood, Palmyre, Princess Wild, Poker Dream, Polka de Vandel, Pianiste du Lys, Pavot de la Frette, Power of Love, Pine Apple Jet, Paquita de Lou, Paloma Vici, Commander Crowe,
Oasis Gédé, Opaline d'Atout, Oyonnax, Orage du Noyer, Ozark, Fabrice Axe,
Nil, Norma de la Frette, Napoule, Nectar,
Magnificent Rodney
, Monte Georgio, Maestro Bourbon...

Quido du Goutier, Quarla, Priscilla Blue, all three by the unforgettable Extreme Dream.


Grand National du Trot 2008 ends in triumph for Oasis Gédé
Picture by APRH


20/12 Vincennes : Impressive, Rhéa Pride (LOVE YOU) really shows off in the Prix du Merlerault. (1' 12" 8 - 2 100 m autostart).
Prix des Amandiers : Séducteur Mérité (GANYMEDE), three wins out of three starts, stays unbeaten.

18/12 Vincennes : Brilliant and easy winner of the Prix Une de Mai (Gr.2 - 2yo's - fillies), Sirène Boréale (GOETMALS WOOD), five wins out of six starts, confirms her leadership. Picture.
Both by LOVE YOU, Salammbo du Vivier and Séduction d'Anama are respectively third and fourth, in front of Série Ouest (DEFI D'AUNOU).
Two hours later, Really Queen (GROS GRAIN) let the others way behind in the Prix de Fougères.

17/12 Vincennes : Unique semi-classic open to 2yo's colts, the Prix Emmanuel Margouty (Gr.2)!
Stamped by KAISY DREAM, the elegant Showtime Bourbon controls the race from coast to coast. The powerful Signe d'Amour
(BUVETIER D'AUNOU) is second.
Picture by APRH.

Riga des Jacquets (GOETMALS WOOD) easily "pockets" the Prix de Thouars.

15/12 Vincennes : A duel under the sign of GANYMEDE! Quinoa du Gers, for his second victory of the meeting, defeats his half-brother Quatuor Alto in the Prix de Cresserons.
Spooler des Obeaux (AND ARIFANT) "blooms" in december. In the Prix des Azalées.

14/12 Vincennes : Oasis Gédé (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), winner of the Grand National du Trot 2008, dominates with panache the Finals (Gr.2).

13/12 Vincennes : The talented Rieussec (GOETMALS WOOD), finishing fast, wins in brilliant style the Prix de Beauvais.

12/12 Vincennes - And the beat goes on for GOETMALS WOOD, successful with Queen Legend in the Prix de Chinon.
Prix des Freesias : defeated by Sherry Love, one week ago, Shucca (GOETMALS WOOD) is second to Salima du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU), half-sister to Quido du Goutier.
Already winner, november 26, Polka de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) repeats in the high-prized Prix de Belfort.

11/12 Vincennes - Three consecutive victories for Princess Wild (GOETMALS WOOD). Today's target : the Prix de Neubourg (monté).
Stopped for more than a year, the semi-classic Pine Chip Wood (KAISY DREAM) has perfectly recovered. His first success ever, in the Prix de Charroux, seems to definitely prove it.
Half-brother to champion mares Mara Bourbon and Qualita Bourbon, the powerful Sam Bourbon (GOETMALS WOOD) controls the Prix des Iris, opening his resume as a future excellent horse
The promising Rex de Vandel gently travels in the Prix les Mathes-la-Palmyre, offering to GOETMALS WOOD his third race of the afternoon.

10/12 Vincennes : Already fifth of the semi-classic Prix Paul Karle (Gr.2), harnessed, Rubis de Padd (IN LOVE WITH YOU) positions himself "au monté", dominating the Prix Urgent, eleven days before the Prix de Vincennes (Gr.1).
Winner of an event, november 29, Nil (GANYMEDE) confirms in the Prix Poitou-Charentes.

9/12 Vincennes (night) : In the Prix Gerda, Silia Pierji (GOETMALS WOOD) honours her half-sister, the classic Milia Pierji.

8/12 Vincennes : Pianiste du Lys (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) takes home the Prix d'Evrecy.

7/12 Vincennes : Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1)
Third, finishing fast, Royal Crown (LOVE YOU) obtains the best ranking of her career in a classic.

6/12 Vincennes : The superb victory of an impressive Magnificent Rodney (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix du Bourbonnais (Gr.2)! Pictures by APRH.

5/12 Vincennes (night) : The excellent Fabrice Axe (GANYMEDE) follows Ufo Kievitshof and easily passes him in the last meters of the Prix Menkalinan.
Rembrandt (LOVE YOU) draws a victorious straight line in the Prix Vulpecula.
In the Prix Ottilia, Saxo de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) struggles with Sancho du Glay all along the course, shortly beating him at the post.

4/12 Vincennes : Finishing fast after an hidden course, Quick Ilona (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) wins at the post the Prix de Mirambeau.

3/12 Vincennes : And the beat goes on...
Sirène Boréale (GOETMALS WOOD) perfectly answers to So Lovely Girl, controlling the Prix Vourasie. Série Ouest (DEFI D'AUNOU) is third, beaten, this time, by Sardaigne.
Earlier, Succès du Poto (EXTREME AUNOU) had surprised Sam Bourbon (GOETMALS WOOD - Etta Extra) in the Prix des Jacinthes.
An interesting field of promising 3 yo's in the Prix du Sap : a seductive Reflet Gédé (COKTAIL JET) beats by a nose the talented dancer Rieussec (GOETMALS WOOD).

2/12 Vincennes : Following his victory in the Prix Ourasi, interesting date for 2yo colts, So Lovely Girl (KAISY DREAM), close relative to LOVE YOU, is now unbeaten out of three starts.
Both by GROS GRAIN, Pavot de la Frette and Power of Love reign over the Prix d'Oraison.

30/11 Milano : A script written for and by Jean-Pierre Dubois, twenty-one years after Rangone, four years after Daguet Rapide!
Qualita Bourbon (LOVE YOU) devours the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1). With a touch of class!
Half-brother to NOT DISTURB, Infinitif leads the race and keeps a brilliant third place.

30/11 Toulouse : Orage du Noyer (IN LOVE WITH YOU) loves this track and proves it in the Grand Prix "Paris-Turf" - Finale du Circuit des Grandes Epreuves du Sud-Ouest (Gr.3).

29/11 Vincennes : More and more efficient, Nil (GANYMEDE) shows off in the Prix de Bagnoles-de-l'Orne.
A very promising Rebecca Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) fends Royale Scarlet (KAISY DREAM) off in the Prix de Mirecourt.

28/11 Vincennes (night) : The two events for the youngest crop in age of racing are dominated by our stallions.
In the Prix Campanus, Sept Merveilles (KAISY DREAM) beats Soraya du Bouffey (COKTAIL JET) and Star Melody (GOETMALS WOOD). In the Prix Walpurga, Séducteur Mérité (GANYMEDE) defeats Sambo (GOETMALS WOOD).
Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) controls the Prix Thia.

27/11 Vincennes : "Small but sharp" Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET) finishes so fast that she wins the important Prix des Landes.
In the Prix de Ferrières, Rhéa Pride (LOVE YOU) attacks before the last turn and flies away.

26/11 Vincennes : And Polka de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) danced till the end of the Prix de Bourigny.

25/11 Vincennes (night) : Quid de Corneville (IN LOVE WITH YOU) devours in brilliant style the Prix Arsinoé.
Royale Flower (COKTAIL JET) fights for victory in the Prix Tercidina.

24/11 Vincennes : Two victories in nine days, "au monté"! After the Prix de l'Ile de Ré, the Prix d'Honfleur, Norma de la Frette (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) repeats, shortly defeating Maestro Bourbon (AND ARIFANT).
Royale de Crépon (GOETMALS WOOD) shines in the Prix d'Angles.

21/11 Vincennes (night) : Série Ouest (DEFI D'AUNOU) dominates the Prix Polyxo, beating Sardaigne.

20/11 Vincennes : Princess Wild (GOETMALS WOOD), Ozark (AND ARIFANT) and Révirade (GANYMEDE) are winners for our stallions, today. They successfully reach their goal in the Prix de Vitteaux, the Prix de Moscou and the Prix de Bazas.

19/11 Mauquenchy : Winner at Nantes, two weeks ago, Oasis Gédé doubles in the thirteenth Trial (Gr.3). The mare by BUVETIER D'AUNOU is now leading the Grand National du Trot, ahead by two points from Pluto du Vivier (Extreme Dream). Picture by APRH.
Own brother to LOVE YOU, Repeat Love adds to his resume a first victory in a graded race, the Prix du Donjon (Gr.3). Picture by APRH.

18/11 Vincennes (night) : Napoule (AND ARIFANT), Paloma Vici (GOETMALS WOOD) and Signe d'Amour (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) against Sinou Madrik take home the highest prices of the evening, respectively the Prix Hedda, the Prix Ostara and the Prix Fortuna.

17/11 Vincennes : Quatialys (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) "pockets" the Prix de Loudun, and Silia Pierji (GOETMALS WOOD) shines in the Prix des Bignones.
Second to Ready Cash in the Prix Abel Bassigny (Gr.2), october 29, ROCKLYN repeats in the Prix Jacques de Vaulogé (Gr.2).

16/11 Milano : Qualita Bourbon (LOVE YOU), winner of her eliminatory, and Infinitif (half-brother to NOT DISTURB), back from the USA and second of the other trial, are both qualified for the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1) against Sahara Dynamite.

15/11 Vincennes : Norma de la Frette (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) honours her blood, for her come back after nine months without racing, taking home the important Prix de l'Ile de Ré.

14/11 Vincennes (night) : Haras de la Perrière... Action!
In the Prix Hestia, the talented Real Music (DEFI D'AUNOU) brilliantly answers to Quid de Chahains (COKTAIL JET), easy winner of the Prix Aurora.

12/11 Toulouse : Orage du Noyer (IN LOVE WITH YOU) logically and easily captures the Grand Prix "Paris-Turf" (Gr.3).

11/11 Vincennes (night) : For his first start at Vincennes, in the Prix Unitas, the strangely named colt So Lovely Girl (KAISY DREAM) stays unbeaten ouf of two races, winning in brilliant style.
Earlier in the Prix Gyptis, Série Ouest (DEFI D'AUNOU) had victoriously initiated the evening.

10/11 Vincennes : Brave, Palmyre (GANYMEDE) stays ahead till the post in the Prix de Colombes.

7/11 Vincennes (night) - In the Prix Electra, Robinia (GANYMEDE) discovers Vincennes and beats with panache River Love (LOVE YOU), OLITRO's nièce.

6/11 Vincennes : The classic Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) defeats Padre d'Ostal in the important Prix de l'Ile d'Oléron.
Prix de Castres : Quety du Goutier (LOVE YOU) really shines in the straight line.

5/11 Nantes : One of the main challengers of the Grand National du Trot, Oasis Gédé (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), twice second at Saint-Galmier and Le Croisé-Laroche, finds her race in the Grand Prix de Loire Atlantique (Gr.3) - G.N.T. 2008's XIIth Trial.

4/11 Vincennes (night) - Two very promising colts on the track : the elegant Showtime Bourbon (KAISY DREAM) struggles to beat by a nose Sinou Madrik in the Prix Géminus.

3/11 Vincennes : Half-sister to Oky de Lou, Paquita de Lou (GANYMEDE) easily wins the Prix d'Harfleur, "au monté".
The talented Quordoba (HERMES DU BUISSON) controls the Prix de Morlaix.

31/10 Vincennes (night) : Already fifth of a semi-classic event, Rubis de Padd (IN LOVE WITH YOU) controls the Prix Lachesis. As a good horse!
Séduction d'Anama (LOVE YOU) finishes fast and... seduces in the Prix Una.

29/10 Vincennes : Opening of the winter meeting
Royal Crown
(LOVE YOU) is on time for the appointment, taking home the Prix Reine du Corta (Gr.2), her fourth group victory. Picture by APRH.
Sire in 2009 at Haras de Fresneaux, Rocklyn (LOVE YOU) is second to Ready Cash in the Prix Abel Bassigny (Gr.2).

28/10 Vincennes (night) : Qualita Bourbon (LOVE YOU) dominates Quadro de la Ferme in the Prix Lupus.
Half-brother to QUATRE JUILLET, Poker Dream (KAISY DREAM) finds the perfect card in the Prix Bellona (monté).

25/10 - Jägersro - Sweden : Commander Crowe (JULIANO STAR) is back on his successful track (24 wins out of 25 starts) defeating Giuseppe Bi, L'Amiral Mauzun and Triton Sund in the CL Müllers Memorial.

24/10 Vincennes (night) : Sirène Boréale (GOETMALS WOOD) beats Sanawa in the Prix Marcel Dejean, first main date for 2yo fillies.
Quairos Jiel (GOETMALS WOOD) controls at the end the Prix Cyrène.
The Prix Gisella? An easy, safe and victorious trip for Royal Lover (GANYMEDE).

21/10 Vincennes (night) : Quick Wood controls the Prix Pierre Van Troyen. The son of LOVE YOU should next participate to the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1).

20/10 Caen : Victorious in the Prix des Marguerites, Santa Anita will remain as the first winner by NOT DISTURB.
Enghien : Rusty de Vive (DEFI D'AUNOU), relative to Quatre Juillet, and Quatrain (GANYMEDE), relative to Laetenter Diem, honour their blood, respectively in the Prix des Pyramides and the Prix du Palais Royal.
Qualine du Quenne
(BUVETIER D'AUNOU) had perfectly initiated the afternoon, winning the Prix de Montrésor.

18/10 Caen : Monte Georgio (GANYMEDE) efficiently dominates the Prix de la Ville de Caen (Gr.3).

14/10 Vincennes (night) : The talented Nectar (GANYMEDE) devours the Prix Jonel Chyriacos, his fourteenth victory in twenty-four starts.
Quick Nevele (LOVE YOU) deeply seduces again, dominating the Prix Ludovica.
We will also remember the style of Remember My Name (GOETMALS WOOD), promising winner of the Prix Castor.

7/10 Vincennes (night) : Eleven starts, ten wins! Qlassic Charm (LOVE YOU) easily adds the Prix Freia to his resume.

5/10 Bjerke : Norway honours Zarkava!
The filly First Eleven L (COKTAIL JET) beats the colts in the Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1).

3/10 Vincennes (night) : Born in purple, River Love (LOVE YOU - La Fée) and Rhythm And Blues (BUVETIER D'AUNOU - Liste d'Atout) victoriously travel, respectively in the Prix Crucis and in the Prix Massalia.

30/9 Vincennes (night) : A third consecutive victory for Qasida Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) in the Prix Lilius (monté)!
Alone in the straight line of the Prix Chryseis, Rubis de Boussier (IN LOVE WITH YOU) shows off.
Querelle de l'Iton (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) wins the Prix Maja.

29/9 Enghien : One year after Return Money, now classic winner, Sirène Boréale (GOETMALS WOOD) takes home the Prix du Pont de Tolbiac as a good filly.

28/9 Vincennes : From high promises of great Royale For You, now unbeaten after four starts including the Prix de Fontenay-sous-Bois today, to the serious of Quick Nevele in the Prix de Denain (1' 12" 3 - 2 100 m autostart), the same big winner : LOVE YOU.
Round Ball (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) and Quickly Paris (AND ARIFANT) had perfectly initiated this afternoon, respectly dominating the Prix de Dole (monté) and the Prix d'Etampes.

26/9 Vincennes : An evening in the name of GANYMEDE! In the Prix Elsa (monté), the talented Paquita de Lou perfectly answers to Quip du Beauvoisin, victorious earlier in the Prix Felicitas.

21/9 Vincennes : Power Jet (GANYMEDE) easily finds the light in the Prix de Clermont-Ferrand.



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