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Winter 2008 - 2009




Main performances




Particularly Sam Bourbon, So Lovely Girl, Scipion du Goutier, Salsa Beji, Saxo de Vandel, Silia Pierji, Salima du Goutier, Seven d'Oliverie, Sherry Love, Shucca, Shirley, Shamrock, Star Melody, Sofia Thourjan, Solaria, Special Love,
Rocklyn, Rhéa Pride, Royal Lover, Rieussec, Royale Scarlet, River Love, Reflet Céleste, Romane's Fella, Riga des Jacquets, La Dany Bar,
Qualita Bourbon, Quopeck, Quinoa du Gers, Quick Nevele, Queyras Rapide, Quid de Chahains, Quito d'Avèze, Queen's Victory, Quatevana, Quéléa Madrik, Qualinda du Donjon, Queen Gentille, Quid de Corneville, Queen Song, Qualine du Quenne,
Prodigious, Plenty Pocket, Passion du Loisir, Popinée de Timbia, Palmyre, Princess Wild, Poker Dream, Polka de Vandel, Pianiste du Lys, Passorida, Pasco Barbés, Pavot de la Frette, Power of Love, Providence, Paloma Vici,
Opaline d'Atout, Oyonnax, O'Sullivan
, Fabrice Axe,
Norma de la Frette, Monte Georgio, Magnificent Rodney, ...


Critérium Continental 2008
Qualita Bourbon
(Love You) defeats Qualmio de Vandel (Gobernador)
and Quarla (Extreme Dream) ; Quaker Jet (Love You) is fifth. Picture by APRH


20/3 Vincennes (night) : Two events under control, the Prix Enceladus with Quito d'Avèze (DEFI D'AUNOU) and the Prix Alcyone with Shirley (NOT DISTURB).

17/3 Vincennes (night) : Inspiring more and more respect, Monte Georgio (GANYMEDE) adds to his record a second group II in three weeks, the Prix du Bois de Vincennes (Gr.2). Picture.

4/3 La Capelle : Half-sister to Kalahari, Palmyre (GANYMEDE) controls the G.N.T.s 1st Trial (Gr.3). Close relative to GOETMALS WOOD by LOVE YOU, Quick Nevele is second. Picture.

28/2 Vincennes : Great winner of the Prix de l'Union Européenne (Gr.2) with Monte Georgio, one of the best french geldings, then of the Prix de Montsoreau with the very talented Fabrice Axe, GANYMEDE has put his seal on the 2008-2009 winter meeting. Picture by APRH : Monte Georgio.
Already third of the Prix de l'Etoile (Gr.1), last september, ROCKLYN confirms his rank in the Prix de Sélection (Gr.1).

22/2 Vincennes : Half-brother to Mara Bourbon and Qualita Bourbon by GOETMALS WOOD, the very promising Sam Bourbon seduces in the Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1), as a second to Sanawa.

19/2 Vincennes : Close relative to OLITRO by LOVE YOU, River Love wins in brilliant style the Prix de Lauzun, "au monté".

17/2 Vincennes : A Prix de Carhaix stamped by NOT DISTURB : Salsa Beji beats Sensas Nicosam.
Winner february 7, Quopeck (GOETMALS WOOD) impressively repeats in the Prix de Fontainebleau, as a true little champion!

16/2 Vincennes : By KAISY DREAM and the excellent New York, Shamrock defeats Seven d'Oliverie (AND ARIFANT) in the Prix de Graignes, honouring Nesmile. 1' 14"9 - 2 175 mètres.
Quatevana (GOETMALS WOOD) takes home the Prix de Cahors.

15/2 Vincennes : In the Prix, the elegant Quid de Chahains (COKTAIL JET) resists to Quouditch du Porh's attack all along the straight line.

12/2 Vincennes : An impressive Scipion du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD) shows off in the fashionable Prix Edouard Marcillac (Gr.2m) ; his half-brother Singalo (Ingala) is fourth. Picture by APRH.
Riga des Jacquets (GOETMALS WOOD) "pockets" the Prix de Falaise, still "au monté".

8/2 Vincennes : Queen's Victory (AND ARIFANT) takes home the Prix de Fréjus. With a touch of class.

7/2 Vincennes : Finishing fast, the classic ROCKLYN becomes semi-classic winner in the Prix Ephrem Houel (Gr.2).
Quopeck (GOETMALS WOOD) wins in very brilliant style the Prix du Bouscat.
Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) and Norma de la Frette (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), first and second, dominate the Prix de Lisieux, au monté, confirming the superior power of the mares led by Malakite and Nouba Turgot in that sport, this winter.

5/2 Vincennes : GROS GRAIN strongly blows at Vincennes in an high-level Prix de Monségur. The storm came with the names of Pavot de la Frette and Power of Love, first and second.
Prix de Verneuil : a fifth consecutive victory, the fourth of the winter meeting, for the excellent Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE)!

4/2 Vincennes : Once again impressive, Fabrice Axe (GANYMEDE) devours the Prix de l'Ille-et-Vilaine (1' 12" 5 - 2 100 m autostart).

1/2 Vincennes : Quéléa Madrik (COKTAIL JET) bravely hits her target : a victory in the Prix de Périgueux.

31/1 Vincennes : The talented So Lovely Girl (KAISY DREAM) wins in brilliant style his first semi-classic event, the Prix Paul Viel (Gr.2), in front of Saxo de Vandel (COKTAIL JET), second. Picture by APRH.
Rhéa Pride (LOVE YOU) seduces again in the Prix d'Avignon.
Quito d'Avèze (DEFI D'AUNOU) captures the Prix d'Yvetôt.

29/1 Vincennes : Born in purple, Salsa Beji (NOT DISTURB - Jolie Colline) confirms her previous start in the Prix de Coulommiers, her first victory.

27/1 Vincennes : The promising Rieussec (GOETMALS WOOD) seduces again in the Prix Jean et André de la Vaissière.
Providence (DEFI D'AUNOU) dominates the Prix de Vittel.

25/1 Vincennes : - Prix d'Amérique : a so wonderful Qualita Bourbon (LOVE YOU)!

Winner of the Prix Narquois, december 4, the classic Priscilla Blue (Extreme Dream) repeats, adding the Prix Helen Johansson to her resume.
Two colts by Supergill and Viking Kronos, a filly by Andover Hall beaten, GOETMALS WOOD, COKTAIL JET and LOVE YOU remain the masters of Vincennes in the Prix Léopold Verroken, with respectively Silia Pierji, Saxo de Vandel and Salammbo du Vivier.
One hour before the Prix d'Amérique, in the Prix de Montréal, a brave Queyras Rapide (EXTREME AUNOU) had caught up with Quatuor Alto (GANYMEDE) at the post.
La Dany Bar (LOVE YOU) defeats Inside Broline, by Varenne, in the Prix de Meadowlands.

Pictures by APRH : Queyras Rapide - Priscilla Blue - Silia Pierji

24/1 Vincennes : Infinitif, half-brother to NOT DISTURB, PRODIGIOUS and Popinée de Timbia (GOETMALS WOOD) are respectively second, third and fourth of the Prix du Luxembourg (Int.).
Victorious at Cabourg fo his first start, Special Love (LOVE YOU) keeps on winning, as he was discovering Vincennes in the Prix de Paray-le-Monial.

22/1 Vincennes : Reflet Céleste (IN LOVE WITH YOU - Classique Céleste) honors his blood in the Prix de Melun (m.).

20/1 Vincennes : Two new hopes for GOETMALS WOOD!
In the Prix de.Moutiers, Romane's Fella was discovering Vincennes after eight and a half months without racing ; by Jeanne's Fella, she stays unbeaten out of three starts .
Earlier, his half-brother Scipion du Goutier had travelled safely in the Prix de Bollène, "au monté".

19/1 Vincennes : Pasco Barbés (GANYMEDE) takes home the Prix de Pontrieux, au monté.

18/1 Vincennes : Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU), Magnificent Rodney (COKTAIL JET) and Norma de la Frette (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) are respectively third, fourth and fifth of a spectacular Prix de Cornulier (Gr.1).
Half-brother to QUATRE JUILLET and to Daguet Rapide, Poker Dream (KAISY DREAM) hits his target : the Prix de Poligny (monté).
The very talented Royal Lover (GANYMEDE) controls in brilliant style the Prix de Valence.
Qualinda du Donjon (COKTAIL JET) shines in the Prix du Lion-d'Angers.

17/1 Vincennes : New stallion in 2009, OVERTRICK finishes fast in the Prix de Granville to devour the excellent O'Donnell, at the post.
Nastown de Guez (EXTREME AUNOU) pockets the Prix de Saint-Pol.

16/1 Vincennes : A new crop under control and the Prix d'Ableiges as a witness!
Solaria (GANYMEDE) beats with brio Salsa Beji (NOT DISTURB), Sensas Nicosam (NOT DISTURB) and Sexy Perle (LOVE YOU).

15/1 Vincennes : The song remains the same for GOETMALS WOOD. His Star Melody and his Queen Gentille respectively take home the Prix de Marolles, au monté, and the Prix de Pont-à-Mousson.
Earlier, Quid de Chahains (COKTAIL JET) had efficiently dominated the Prix d'Agen.

12/1 Vincennes : Three victories for GOETMALS WOOD with Princess Wild, again impressive in the Prix de Roubaix (m.), Singalo (Ingala) in the Prix de Guerlesquin (m.) and Rêve d'Haufor in the Prix de Cantin.
Earlier in the Prix de la Capelle, Royale Scarlet (KAISY DREAM) had shone, for a fourth time out of five starts.

11/1 Vincennes : The promising Queyras Rapide (EXTREME AUNOU) is the fastest in the straight line of the Prix de Bois-Guillaume, on the outside.

10/1 Vincennes : In the Prix Maurice de Gheest (Gr.2), Sam Bourbon (GOETMALS WOOD) can't totally (a very small nose) catch up with Surcouf de Laubois. Finishing fast, fourth, So Lovely Girl (KAISY DREAM) has shown off.

8/1 Vincennes : Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) adds the Prix de Riberac to his resume, beating Queso Manchego, half-brother to NUAGE DE LAIT.

6/1 Vincennes : Three consecutive wins, today the Prix de Forcalquier (monté), and Quid de Corneville (IN LOVE WITH YOU) will remain as one of the main discoveries of the last weeks.

5/1 Vincennes : Fourty eight hours after the victory of her half-brother Quido du Goutier (Extreme Dream) in the Prix Léon Tacquet (Gr.2m), Salima du Goutier (DEFI D'AUNOU) also honours her family, capturing the Prix d'Aubervilliers.

4/1 Vincennes : And the beat goes on for Princess Wild (GOETMALS WOOD), winner of an high-level Prix de Villedieu (monté).

3/1 Vincennes : A very promising Paloma Vici (GOETMALS WOOD) deeply seduces in the Prix de Maisons-Alfort.
O'Sullivan (COKTAIL JET) finds the light in the Prix de Breteuil.
Mentor de l'Iton (GANYMEDE) takes home the Prix de Saint-Flour.

1/1 Vincennes : Still unbeaten at Vincennes (out of three starts), the excellent Rhéa Pride (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix de Coucy-le-Château.

31/12 Vincennes : Alluring mare, Queen Song (LOVE YOU) shows off in the Prix de Lignières.
Sofia Thourjan (LET'S GO ALONG) signs an elegant and victorious straight line in the Prix des Oeillets.

30/12 Vincennes : Royale Scarlet (KAISY DREAM) easily pockets the Prix de Neuillé-Pont-Pierre.

28/12 Vincennes : In the Prix de Bar-le-Duc, Commander Crowe (Juliano Star) is beaten by a nose, at the post, by Passion du Loisir (GOETMALS WOOD). The famous gelding's resume is now rich of 26 wins and 2 second places out of 28 starts.
Tough, Pianiste du Lys (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) controls the Prix de Marly as a good horse.

27/12 Vincennes : Flying away uphill, Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU) wins in brilliant style the Prix Yvonnick Bodin.

A second consecutive victory for Sam Bourbon (GOETMALS WOOD), half-brother to Mara Bourbon and Qualita Bourbon, in the Prix des Eglantiers! 1' 15" 2 - 2 100 m autostart - new record for a 2yo on the small track.

Already winner, november 25 at night, Quid de Corneville (IN LOVE WITH YOU) repeats in the Prix de Gambais, this time "au monté".

25/12 Vincennes : So fast in the straight line, Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET) captures the Prix Constant Hervieu.
Qualine du Quenne (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) in the Prix de la Moselle and Passorida (GANYMEDE) in the Prix d'Ispagnac (monté) will remain as the two other Christmas winners.

23/12 Vincennes : Seven d'Oliverie (AND ARIFANT) signs a promising victory in the Prix des Genêts.

21/12 Vincennes - Critérium Continental : the fifth group I of marvellous Qualita Bourbon (LOVE YOU).
Hortensias, glaïeuls, Sherry Love (LOVE YOU) appreciate all flowers : in the Prix des Glaïeuls, she beats again Shucca (GOETMALS WOOD).



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