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Spring 2009




Main performances




Particularly Sam Bourbon, So Lovely Girl, Scipion du Goutier, Surabaya Jiel, Shucca, Salsa Beji, Saxo de Vandel, Scala Bourbon, Showtime Bourbon, Sherry Love, Samara, Solo, Spooler des Obeaux, Seven d'Oliverie, Seziro Josselyn, Sunday Jet, So Perfect, Squaw du Bouffey, Sindy de la Noé, Stentor du Goutier, Speed System, Senga de Daidou, Symphonia, Silvester, Scudo, Sirocco, Style du Vivier, Smyrna du Goutier
Repeat Love
, Rieussec, Royal Crown, Rhéa Pride, Royal Lover, Royale de Crépon, Rembrandt, Riviera Italienne, Riviera de Lou, Riviera Bella, Run For Jet, Raoul, Roxane des Racques, Rhéa de Pintignies, Rebecca Jet, La Dany Bar
Quaker Jet
, Quopeck, Quinoa du Gers, Quid de Chahains, Quick Nevele, Quito d'Avèze, Quatevana, Quirky Jet, Quick Darling
Plenty Pocket
, Passion du Loisir, Princess Wild, Power Jet, Panymède Tivoli, Pin Up de la Loge, Providence, Elegance Saulnier
, Opium, Olgado, Oslon de Guez, Othello Bourbon, O'Sullivan, Fabrice Axe
, Monte Georgio, Maxou de Prez, ...


Saint-Léger des Trotteurs (Gr.1)
Surabaya Jiel
(right) and Scipion du Goutier honour Goetmals Wood.
Picture by APRH

20/6 Enghien : Second of the Prix de Londres 2008 (Gr.2m), victorious of Prix de la Place Balard (monté), this afternoon, Olgado (COKTAIL JET) proves again that he really appreciates Enghien.
Sindy de la Noé (GOETMALS WOOD) easily captures the Prix d'Hernouville.

19/6 Vincennes (night) : The talented Riviera Italienne (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) takes home the Prix Sappho.

16/6 Vincennes (night) : First victories for Run For Jet (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix Torontius (monté) and for Squaw du Bouffey (DEFI D'AUNOU) in the Prix Edburga.

15/6 Vichy : Quid de Chahains (COKTAIL JET) beats Othello Bourbon (COKTAIL JET) and Panymède Tivoli (GANYMEDE) in the Prix Pierre Coulon (Gr.3), Grand Slam's 2nd Trial. Picture.

13/6 Vincennes : The sculptural Scipion du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD), extraordinary winner of the Prix d'Essai (Gr.1)! Second, his half-sister Shucca completes the show.
QUAKER JET, remarkable, is second to Première Steed in the Prix René Ballière (Gr.1), as well as So Lovely Girl (KAISY DREAM), to Sévérino, in the Prix Albert Viel (Gr.1)..
Elegance Saulnier (EXTREME AUNOU) pockets at the end the Prix de Grasse.

12/6 Vincennes (night) : An impressive Oslon de Guez (GANYMEDE) defeats Maxou de Prez (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix Eudora.
Stentor du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD) easily controls Prix Coronis.

9/6 Vincennes (night) : Already winner at Le Croisé-Laroche, So Perfect (COKTAIL JET - Mahana) honors his blood in the Prix Siri.
Speed System (AND ARIFANT) justifies his name in the Prix Tyché (monté).

8/6 Vichy : Come together!
Power Jet (GANYMEDE) brilliantly beats Quid de Chahains (COKTAIL JET) and Pin Up de la Loge (GROS GRAIN) in the Prix Vichy Célestins (Gr.3) - Grand Slam 2009's 1st Trial. Picture.

6/6 Vincennes : Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) wins in very brilliant style (1' 10"9) his first semi-classic event, the Prix Louis Jariel (Gr.2), for a first try at this level. The elite was particularly represented by QUAKER JET and by Quopeck (GOETMALS WOOD), second and third. Picture.
Nil (GANYMEDE) defeats Orso November, Napoléon de Bussy and Objectif Royal in the Prix du Quercy.
Panymède Tivoli had perfectly initiated this ideal afternoon for GANYMEDE, taking home the Prix de Nogent-sur-Marne.
Scala Bourbon (LOVE YOU) shines in the straight line of the Prix d'Istres.
Seven d'Oliverie, first, Spooler des Obeaux, third of the Prix de Gien : both race in the name of AND ARIFANT.

5/6 Vincennes (night) : Riviera Bella (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix Mimas.

2/6 Vincennes (night) : In the Prix Perseus (2 700 m), Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) victoriously sets an impressive 1' 12"9, close to the record of the Prix de Cornulier (1' 12"7).
A very promising Seziro Josselyn in the Prix Lamberta and Quatevana in the Prix Adalberta sign two more wins for an omnipresent GOETMALS WOOD.

31/5 Solvalla : Already winner of both the Glenn Kosmos Memorial (1' 12"2) at Helsinki and the 4-Ars Elite (1' 12"8) at Bjerke, Royale de Crépon (GOETMALS WOOD), totally revealed under the scandinavian skies, keeps on dominating today the Fyraarringseliten (1' 11"9) at Solvalla.

29/5 Vincennes (night) : Rombaldi, impressive winner of the Prix Lavater (Gr.2m), shows off two weeks before the Prix du Président de la République (Gr.1). Half-an-hour later, Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU) is beaten head by the athletic Monte Georgio (GANYMEDE) in the Prix Chambon P (Gr.2). Both belong to QUATRE JUILLET' s family. Picture.

A second race, after eight months without racing! The excellent Opium (DEFI D'AUNOU) controls the Prix Pythia.

23/5 Enghien : Duel between two excellent horses in Prix du Rhône! The elder Power Jet (GANYMEDE) defeats the 5yo Quopeck (GOETMALS WOOD), breaking the 2 875 meter track record (1' 13" 3 against 1' 13"4 for Général du Lupin).

22/5 Vincennes (night) : The first semi-classic of NOT DISTURB as a stallion with the very elegant Salsa Beji in the Prix Ozo (Gr.2) ; Samara (DEFI D'AUNOU) places second. Picture.
O'Sullivan (COKTAIL JET) struggles to win the Prix Sirrah.

20/5 Le Croisé-Laroche : In the G.N.T. (Gr.3)'s 5th Trial, Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) is caught up at the post by Président and shares victory with him.

19/5 Vincennes (night) - Prix Kalmia (Gr.2) : coast to coast of a very seductive So Lovely Girl (KAISY DREAM) in front of Sam Bourbon (GOETMALS WOOD)! Picture.
Quirky Jet (GOETMALS WOOD)'s win in the Prix Firmament will remain as the 1000th for Jean-Etienne Dubois! Picture.
La Dany Bar (LOVE YOU), already winner of the important Prix de Meadowlands and Prix de Meaux, confirms her aptitude for the main track in the Prix Héraclite.

15/5 Vincennes (night) : And the beat goes on for GOETMALS WOOD with Senga de Daidou, victorious of the Prix Murzim.

13/5 Caen : A formidable battle all along the straight line in a Saint-Léger des Trotteurs (Gr.1) stamped by GOETMALS WOOD. His filly Surabaya Jiel beats at the post his Scipion du Goutier. Showtime Bourbon (KAISY DREAM) is third.
Finishing fast on the outside, Elegance Saulnier (EXTREME AUNOU) wins with a touch of class the Prix Georges Dreux.

12/5 Vincennes (night) : Two promising fillies show off in the Prix Diana, Symphonia (LET'S GO ALONG) shortly in front of Scala Bourbon (LOVE YOU).
Quick Darling (LOVE YOU) takes home the Prix Hespéria.

9/5 Vincennes : Three victories for GOETMALS WOOD, this afternoon! The Prix Jean Gabin with Maxou de Prez, du Gâtinais with Passion du Loisir, currently irresistible, and de Dreux with the unbeaten Silvester!
For Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE), the road to the Critérium des 5 Ans is not so long and windy ; it was effectively passing by an impressive success in an high-level Prix du Perreux.

8/5 Vincennes (night) : Solo (IN LOVE WITH YOU) defeats Spooler des Obeaux (AND ARIFANT) in the Prix Burgundia.

5/5 Vincennes (night) : Salsa Beji dominates as an excellent filly a semi-classic looklike Prix Fama. The first great honours for the stallion NOT DISTURB.approach...
Rocket Scudo (AND ARIFANT) hits his target : the Prix Anahita.

2/5 Vincennes : Despite his inexperience, Rieussec indisputably proves that he belongs to the elite of the french 4 yo's. The son of GOETMALS WOOD is a remarkable second of a very selective Critérium des 4 Ans (Gr.1).
Later, Raoul (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) efficiently controlled the Prix de Quiberon.

24/4 Vincennes (night) - Prix Libussa : and Sirocco (COKTAIL JET) was blowing...

21/4 Vincennes (night) : A new "Premiere" in a semi-classic event : Saxo de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) pockets the Prix Paul Karle (Gr.2). Picture.
In the Prix Prix Masina (Gr.2), Sherry Love (LOVE YOU), Shucca (GOETMALS WOOD) and Salsa Beji (NOT DISTURB) knock at the heaven's door, being promising second, third and fourth, close to the winner Save The Quick.
Earlier, Rebecca Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) had travelled safely in the Prix Hévéiius.

18/4 Enghien : Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) shines in the Prix de la Ville de Soisy-sous-Montmorency.

17/4 Vincennes (night) : Winner of the Prix Gaston de Wazières (Gr.2), Rhéa Pride (LOVE YOU) adds a first golden line to her race record, a first victory in a semi-classic. Hidden for her come back, Royal Crown, second, completes LOVE YOU's triumph.
One hour later, Repeat Love (COKTAIL JET), own brother to LOVE YOU, was imitating Rhéa Pride, controlling the Prix Gaston Brunet (Gr.2). Picture.

Making up for lost time, Quito d'Avèze (DEFI D'AUNOU) repeats, dominating in brilliant style the Prix Astérope.
From time to time... And Passion du Loisir (GOETMALS WOOD), who defeated Commander Crowe this winter, to capture another good race, the Prix Aléthéia.
Not disturbed at all by such a success story, Surabaya Jiel (GOETMALS WOOD) was adding her own victorious gold chip, late in the evening in the Prix Palma.

14/4 Vincennes (night) : Shucca (GOETMALS WOOD) wins at the end the Prix Phaéo.

11/4 Vincennes : 1' 10" 9 - 2 175 m in the Prix Henri Levesque (Gr.2) for QUAKER JET, for his second semi-classic win, so far! Picture.
Already semi-classic harnessed, Showtime Bourbon (KAISY DREAM) is now also semi-classic "au monté", for his first try in that new sport in the Prix Hémine (Gr.2m). Picture.

10/4 Vincennes (night) : Just a perfect evening!
A perfect initiation with Rhéa de Pintignies (GROS GRAIN) in the Prix Miriam, the pleasant demonstration of a talented Sunday Jet (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix Proserpina, Roxane des Racques (LOVE YOU)'s solo in the Prix Izar and Onze des Racques (IN LOVE WITH YOU)'s new success in the Prix Emma.
So, what could happen to Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU) in the Prix Jamin (Gr.3), except to win, recording his best perormance, harnessed, ever? Picture.

7/4 Vincennes (night) : Samara (DEFI D'AUNOU), impressive winner of an high-level Prix Atlas!
Au monté, Style du Vivier (IN LOVE WITH YOU) pockets the Prix Bamberga.

4/4 Vincennes : The victory on his first attempt! Royal Lover (GANYMEDE) wins the Prix Phaéton (Gr.2) for his first semi-classic date. Repeat Love, own brother to LOVE YOU, places third, very attentive but... trapped. Picture.
Second to excellent Ravanella in the Prix Paul Leguerney (Gr.2), Rhéa Pride (LOVE YOU) proves that she belongs to the best 4 yo mares.

3/4 Vincennes (night) : Improving, Providence honours DEFI D'AUNOU in the Prix Gratia. The very talented Rembrandt (LOVE YOU) shows off in the Prix Isolda.

27/3 Vincennes (night) : Fabrice Axe (GANYMEDE) devours the Prix "France-Soir".
Easy winner of the Prix Aémilia, Quito d'Avèze (DEFI D'AUNOU) confirms his previous success, last friday.
Fast in the last two hundred meters, Smyrna du Goutier (LOVE YOU) seduces in the Prix Idunna.

21/3 Vincennes : Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) defeats Paola de Lou in the Prix Louis Forcinal (Gr.2m) : 1' 13"4 (2 700 m) ; Princess Wild (GOETMALS WOOD), very pleasant third, deserved to become semi-classic. Picture.
Second of the Prix Robert Auvray (Gr.2), the beloved and spectacular Quopeck (GOETMALS WOOD) obtains his first semi-classic references for a first try at this level. Quick Nevele (LOVE YOU), relative to Goetmals Wood (!), is fourth.
In the Prix de Meaux, La Dany Bar (LOVE YOU) confirms with authority her victory in the Prix de Meadowlands.


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