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Winter 2009 - 2010




Main performances




Particularly The Best Madrik, Texas Style, Tucson, Thorens Vedaquais, Troïka du Corta, Tequila Cocktail, Trophy Charm, Top Barbés, Tchao Love, Toscane Jab, Tessy Dream, Tulane, Tsar de Blay, Taxi Way

Scipion du Goutier, Saxo de Vandel, Surabaya Jiel, Sanymède Tivoli, Seven d'Oliverie, Scala Bourbon, Statue of Liberty, Swilly Barbés, Sao Paulo de Lou, Santa Rosa France, Salomé, Samara de Faverol, Samba de Daidou, San Gaby Polo, Saphir Barbés, Sylviana Bella, Saphir des Loups, Simardière, Saphira de Faël, Seigneur Daidou, Sagarella, Sierra Mesloise, Sancy, Simplicity, Sakura Jiel
Mistic Love

Rodrigo Jet, Riesling, Rambo Jet, Renommée d'Obret, Ricimer, Royale Action, Royale Kaisy, Royale Scarlet, Raspberry, Royal Charm, Royal Island, Rainbow d'Arc, Royalty France, Riviera Bella, Rebecca Jet, Razgon, Ragtime Bourbon, Rohant d'Echal, Rosanna d'Arc, Royal Luxor, Razzia du Lys, Razzia de Vive, Resless
La Dany Bar

Quaker Jet, Queen's Glory, Quinoa du Gers, Quid de Chahains, Quéléa Madrik, Quantasia, Qadidja, Quasar Joli, Quasimodo Face, Quête des Racques, Quita de Padd

Private Love, Priscilla Blue, Plenty Pocket, Pretty Jet, Prodigious, Palmyre, Princesse Etoilée, Petite Chérie, Pasco Barbés, Providence, Peter Pan

Oyonnax, Oasis Gédé, Opaline d'Atout, O'Sullivan, Overtrick, Overwave, Océan Pacifique
Fabrice Axe

Mac Kindley


Oyonnax (In Love With You) in front of Quaker Jet (Love You)
Nesmile's female line dominates the Prix d'Amérique (Gr.1). Picture by APRH


20/3 Cagnes-sur-Mer - Winner of the Coupe des 4 Ans, the excellent Salomé (LOVE YOU) is unbeaten out of four races, this winter, on the French Riviera.

6/3 Vincennes - Saxo de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) devours the Prix de Sélection (Gr.1), his second group I ; Sanymède Tivoli (GANYMEDE) places second.
Earlier, Riviera Bella (LOVE YOU) had controlled the Prix de Maurepas.

4/3 Vincennes - At the end of the winter, Thorens Vedaquais (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) will remain unbeaten out of four starts, "au monté", including two semi-classics. Today, he wins by far in front of Trophy Charm (MODERN JAZZ) the Prix Félicien Gauvreau (Gr.2m). Picture.
Not very serious in the first meters of the Critérium des Jeunes, four days ago, Troïka du Corta (LOVE YOU) becomes semi-classic in the Prix Ali Hawas (Gr.2m). Picture.
COKTAIL JET keeps on earning! Quid de Chahains defeats Quérios du Mirel in the Prix Emile Allix Courboy ; Royal Island slides out of the reach of Real Artist (LOVE YOU) in the Prix de Tignes.

28/2 Vincennes - The Best Madrik (COKTAIL JET) offers to Jean-Etienne Dubois a fifth Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).
The Prix de Monflanquin will remain as the sixth victory of the winter for Pretty Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU).
Own sister to Kiwi, the talented Quantasia (COKTAIL JET) pockets the Prix d'Avenches.


The Best Madrik (Coktail Jet), an Ace of Aces, on the inside.
Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1). Picture by APRH

27/2 Enghien - The excellent Rebecca Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) easily beats Raspberry (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) and Reine Lucernaise in the Prix de Noirmoutier, for a third victory, this winter!

25/2 Vincennes - Real semi-classic hope, Riesling (LOVE YOU) logically finds success in the Prix des Andelys. Still "au monté", Qadidja (COKTAIL JET) wins in brilliant style the Prix de Vire.
Samara de Faverol (GANYMEDE) dominates the Prix de Guise.

23/2 Vincennes - Tulane (KAISY DREAM) in the Prix de Carhaix and Tsar de Blay (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) in the Prix de Falot (monté) are today's winners for the stallions.

22/2 Vincennes - A promising Taxi Way (COKTAIL JET) takes home the Prix de Graignes.

21/2 Vincennes - After the Prix d'Amérique, the Prix de Paris (Gr.1) for Nesmile's blood! Half-sister to IN LOVE WITH YOU, Private Love (GOETMALS WOOD) defeats Oasis Gédé (BUVETIER D'AUNOU).
Rainbow d'Arc (KAISY DREAM) had perfectly initiated the afternoon with a victory in the Prix de Pouilly-sur-Loire, "au monté".

18/2 Vincennes - Winner of the Prix Edouard Marcillac (Gr.2m), Thorens Vedaquais (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) is now unbeaten out of three starts, "au monté". Picture.
O' Sullivan (COKTAIL JET) catches up with Oslon de Guez (GANYMEDE) in the Prix de Châteaurenard.

14/2 Vincennes - In the name of GOETMALS WOOD, Scipion du Goutier and Surabaya Jiel shine in the Prix des Centaures (Gr.1).
For her first try against the best older horses, Queen's Glory (LOVE YOU) is an excellent third of the Prix de France (Gr.1).

Famous blood lines dominate the Prix d'Oloron : Reine du Corta in front of Mahana! Troïka du Corta (LOVE YOU) stays unbeaten out of three starts, controlling in the straight line Tequila Cocktail (COKTAIL JET), also very promising.
Earlier, Samba de Daidou (GANYMEDE) had quite easily captured the Prix de Josselyn.

13/2 Vincennes - In the Prix de Munich, Fabrice Axe (GANYMEDE) defeats a remarkable O' Donnell.
And the 2010 winner of the Prix de Janval is the talented The Best Madrik (COKTAIL JET), Top-price yearling in 2008.

11/2 Vincennes - Injured in 2009, "out" more or less during six months, Palmyre (GANYMEDE) has perfectly recovered. As a proof, her very pleasant victory in the Prix de la Nièvre!
In the Prix de Verneuil, Rambo Jet (GOETMALS WOOD) adds a third win, this winter, to his race record.

10/2 Vincennes - Royale Action (EXTREME AUNOU) and Saphir Barbés (GANYMEDE) take home by far, respectively the Prix de Darnetal and the Prix de Rozay-en-Brie (monté).

8/2 Vincennes - San Gaby Polo (MILLENIUM WOOD) beats Sirius de Fellière (GANYMEDE) in the Prix de Ramatuelle.

7/2 Vincennes - Highlights for two valorous mares who both deserved a first class victory!
The beloved Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET) and Priscilla Blue (Extrême Dream) respectively pocket the Prix de la Marne (Gr.2 - Picture) and the Prix de l'Ile de France (Gr.1).
Santa Rosa France (KAISY DREAM) conquers the Prix des Rouges Terres.

6/2 Vincennes - Three weeks away from the Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).
The Prix Paul Viel (Gr.2) for colts only : twice beaten by Torino d'Auvillier, Tucson (COKTAIL JET) takes his revenge, adding a first semi-classic victory to his race record. Picture
The Prix Roquépine (Gr.2), for fillies, was then a quite easy target for Texas Style (GOETMALS WOOD), once again impressive. Picture

Seven d'Oliverie (AND ARIFANT) seduces in an high-level Prix d'Avignon, while Overwave (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) finds the light, au monté, in the Prix de Lannemezan.

4/2 Vincennes - Associated in Oyonnax, the bloods of Nesmile and Dourga II were challenging each other in the Prix de Langeais.
Half-sister to IN LOVE WITH YOU, the very talented Private Love (GOETMALS WOOD), particularly pleasant this winter, finishes fast to catch up with Pomerol de Laumac, half-brother to Oyonnax.
Already victorious "au monté" at Vincennes, granddaughter of Reine du Corta, Troïka du Corta (LOVE YOU) repeats, harnessed, in the Prix de Coulommiers.

2/2 Vincennes - In the Prix de Cholet, Thorens Vedaquais (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) keeps on winning, on his way to the Prix Edouard Marcillac (Gr.2m).
Earlier in the Prix de Laval, Raspberry had beaten Reine Lucernaise close to the post, initiating CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE's perfect afternoon.
Providence (DEFI D'AUNOU) captures the Prix de Faverolles (monté) and Samba de Daidou (GANYMEDE) the Prix de Moutiers.

1/2 Vincennes - In the Prix d'Issoire, the italian 4 yo Mistic Love (LOVE YOU) was on time for his appointment!
Royal Charm (GOETMALS WOOD) and Royal Island (COKTAIL JET) dominate in very brilliant style, respectively the Prix de Sarlat and the Prix de Feucherolles.

31/1 Vincennes - Nesmile's blood triumphs in the Prix d'Amérique (Gr.1) : Oyonnax (IN LOVE WITH YOU) shortly beats QUAKER JET, a son of Love You.
Winner of the Critérium des Pouliches (Gr.2), Scala Bourbon (LOVE YOU) defeats Sanymède Tivoli (GANYMEDE), Speedy Blue (Echo) and Seven d'Oliverie (AND ARIFANT) in the Prix Charles Tiercelin. Picture by APRH.

Quid de Chahains (COKTAIL JET) shines in the Prix Jean René Gougeon.

25/1 Vincennes - Statue of Liberty (GOETMALS WOOD) controls with brio the Prix de Biarritz. Rohant d'Echal (GANYMEDE) wins by far the Prix de Pontarlier.
Océan Pacifique (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) pockets the Prix de Saint-Omer.

24/1 Vincennes - A calm and very impressive Scipion du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD) answers to Surabaya Jiel, devouring the Prix Camille de Wazières (Gr.2m). Picture
Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) escapes in the last turn to add to his race record the important Prix de Brest. The talented Sanymède Tivoli (GANYMEDE) controls the Prix de Valence.
Quéléa Madrik (COKTAIL JET) had scored the first in the Prix de Poligny (monté). Tequila Cocktail (COKTAIL JET) shines in the Prix de Maisons-Laffitte.

23/1 Vincennes - For 4yo mares only, the Prix de Pardieu (Gr.2m) is an easy target for Surabaya Jiel (GOETMALS WOOD). Picture.
Second of the Coupe Inter-Régionale des 4 Ans, now winner of the Prix d'Agen, Ricimer (HERMES DU BUISSON) would have been successful, this winter.
Peter Pan (KAISY DREAM) flies away in the Prix de Sainte-Gauburge.
Promising colts were on the track for the Prix de la Ferté-Macé : Tchao Love (LOVE YOU) defeats Trajan (GOETMALS WOOD).

21/1 Vincennes - An eight race afternoon and five victories for the stallions.
Troïka du Corta (LOVE YOU) in the Prix de Montreuil (monté) and Swilly Barbés (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix de Luchon struggle to beat respectively a filly and a colt by Memphis du Rib.
Ragtime Bourbon (DEFI D'AUNOU), Royal Luxor (IN LOVE WITH YOU) and Saphir des Loups (MILLENIUM WOOD) dominate the three last events of the day : the Prix de Marcenat, the Prix de la Ferté-Bernard (monté) and the Prix de Cantin.

17/1 Vincennes - Texas Style (GOETMALS WOOD) honours Nesmile's blood (New York) in the Prix Gélinotte (Gr.2). A first semi-classic success and a perfect answer to Torino d'Auvillier, who has again defeated Tucson (COKTAIL JET) yesterday in the Prix Maurice de Gheest (Gr.2)! Picture by APRH : Texas Style
Victorious for the fifth time of the winter at Vincennes, Pretty Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) shows off again in the Prix de Toulouse.
Seven d'Oliverie (AND ARIFANT) easily captures the Prix de Croissanville.
Third and fourth of the Prix Ténor de Baune (Gr.2), finishing fast together, the half-brother and sister Queen's Glory (LOVE YOU) and QUAKER JET can't catch up with Qwerty.

14/1 Vincennes - Simardière (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) wins with a touch of class the Prix d'Evian.
The talented Royale Scarlet (KAISY DREAM) pockets the Prix de Mauriac.
Petite Chérie (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) finds the light in the Prix de Rânes.
Quête des Racques (GOETMALS WOOD) waits, then dominates the Prix de Sartilly (monté).

11/1 Vincennes - Tessy Dream (DEFI D'AUNOU) controls the Prix d'Aubervilliers.

10/1 Vincennes - Two weeks away from the Prix de Cornulier (Gr.1), the Prix du Calvados (Gr.2m) sets its winner Plenty Pocket (GANYMEDE) among the favourites of the main event. Picture
Almost together at the post, Priscilla Blue (Extrême Dream), Fabrice Axe (GANYMEDE) and Opaline d'Atout (COKTAIL JET) have truly dominated an high-level Prix de Lille. Picture

9/1 Vincennes - Victorious, Saxo de Vandel (COKTAIL JET) plays his best song in the Prix de Tonnac-Villeneuve (Gr.2). Picture
The little chestnut mare Pretty Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) devours the Prix de Breteuil (1' 12"9 - 2 100 m autostart).

5/1 Vincennes - Sierra Mesloise (HERMES DU BUISSON) shines in the Prix de Neuillé-Pont-Pierre.
Royale Action (EXTREME AUNOU) wins in brilliant style the Prix de Libourne, the fifth win of her career (out of seven starts).

3/1 Vincennes - A talented Royalty France (DEFI D'AUNOU) easily controls the Prix de Luynes.
Two wins for GANYMEDE for the first time of the year with Pasco Barbés in the Prix d'Ecouche (monté) and Simplicity in the Prix de Parilly.

2/1 Vincennes - Better than never at 10, Mac Kindley (EXTREME AUNOU) catches up with Olly Star, and also beats Brioni and O' Sullivan.
Winner on christmas day, already "au monté", Sakura Jiel (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) repeats in the Prix de Tarbes.
Toscane Jab (KAISY DREAM) struggles to dominate Mahana's daughter Tequila Cocktail in the Prix de Châteauroux.

1/1 Vincennes - Happy New Year! Qadidja (COKTAIL JET), Razzia de Vive (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) and Top Barbés (GOETMALS WOOD) respectively pocket the Prix d'Ispagnac (m.), the Prix de Cerisy and the Prix des Eglantiers.

31/12 Vincennes - Royale Kaisy (KAISY DREAM) will remain as the last winner of the year in the Prix de Salon-de-Provence (monté).

30/12 Vincennes - Saphira de Faël (GOETMALS WOOD) wins by far the Prix de Salers (m.). Simardière (BUVETIER D'AUNOU) shines in the Prix de Limay (group B).

29/12 Vincennes - Palmyre (GANYMEDE) efficiently hits her first target of the winter : the Prix de Salvanhac.
CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE's niece, Resless (GOETMALS WOOD) struggles to honor her blood in the Prix de l'Angoumois (monté).

27/12 Vincennes - Scipion du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD) wins with panache the Prix de Vincennes (Gr.1) in front of Surabaya Jiel.


Scipion du Goutier (Goetmals Wood)
Prix de Vincennes (Gr.1)
Picture by APRH


26/12 Vincennes - Promising winner of the Prix des Genêts, Tchao Love (LOVE YOU - Slave) honors her half-brothers and sisters Dance Marathon, Grande Lady, Just Like That, Kildare Wood, Montecatini, Pretence...
Rebecca Jet (DEFI D'AUNOU) adds the Prix de Damville to her race record.

25/12 Vincennes - And the Christmas Winners are : Rambo Jet (GOETMALS WOOD) easily in the Prix de Cresserons and Sakura Jiel (BUVETIER D'AUNOU), "au monté", in the Prix d'Issoudun.

23/12 Vincennes - The delightful souvenir of Mahana! In the Prix des Freesias finishing fast, her daughter Tequila Cocktail pleases the sportsmen, also offering a second victory to COKTAIL JET, after Quita de Padd in the Prix de Chambord.

22/12 Vincennes - A first victory for Top Barbés (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix des Iris!
Princesse Etoilée (HERMES DU BUISSON) takes home the Prix de Noisy-le-Sec, "au monté".
O'Sullivan (COKTAIL JET) defeats Uriah Boko (Juliano Star) in the Prix de la Tremblade.



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