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Fall 2013




Main performances





ANASTASIA FELLA (Goetmals Wood) - Prix des Elites (Gr.1)
Picture by APRH


15/12 Vincennes - Trapped in the last furlong of the G.N.T.'s Finals (Gr.2), Septuor (LOVE YOU) logically finds the light in the Prix de Châteaudun (Gr.3). Picture.
One hour earlier, Alisma du Corta (LOVE YOU) had perfectly initiated the afternoon in the Prix de Vaumas (Gr.3). Picture.

14/12 Vincennes - Two weeks after Atlessima, winner of the Prix Urgent (Gr.3m), Ah Quel Micha (ROCKLYN) dominates in very brilliant style the Prix de Pithiviers (Gr.3). Picture.
For her discovery of the black track in the Prix de Pondurat, A Great Lady (PASSWORD) adds a fifth win out of six starts to her race record.

8/12 Vincennes - Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1) : Aladin d'Ecajeul in the name of QUAKER JET!
Alésia d'Atout (DEFI D'AUNOU) places third in front of Alberic (GOETMALS WOOD) and Artiste de Joudes (PRODIGIOUS).

VILLAGE MYSTIC shows off in the Prix Octave Douesnel (Gr.2). Picture.

In the Prix de Parthenay, A Nous Deux (GOETMALS WOOD) also honours her dam, Nina Madrik, "Présidente de la République" in 2005, with a first victory "au monté" and at Vincennes.
In the Prix de Mansle, Villa do Touro (PRODIGIOUS) avenges her half-sister Anastasia Fella, beaten in the Critérium.

1/12 Vincennes - Vision Intense (PRODIGIOUS) outclasses her opponents in the Prix Philippe du Rozier (Gr.2m). Picture.

30/11 Vincennes - Be My Girl (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix Vourasie (Gr.3), remaining unbeaten out of five races. Picture.

28/11 Vincennes - Ulysse (LOVE YOU) controls an high-level Prix Joseph Lafosse (Gr.2m), defeating Un Team de Nacre, the two half-brothers Utoky and Ugo de Nieul (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE), and UBRIACO! Picture.
Knocking at the classic gates, Adio Josselyn (AND ARIFANT) and Atlessima (ROCKLYN) respectively dominate the Prix de Troyes and the Prix Urgent (Gr.3m). Both very brilliantly!
Picture : Atlessima.
The success of Téatro (GANYMEDE) in the Prix de la Camargue and the one of Vicky Love (LOVE YOU) in the Prix de Beauvoir complete this first festival of the meeting for the stallions.

19/11 Vincennes (night) - Cabourg, Enghien, tonight, discovery of the black track in the Prix Gerda! The song remains the same for the unbeaten Brindille de Mai (REPEAT LOVE). With brio.

18/11 Vincennes - By winning a second semi-classic in a row, the Prix Annick Dreux - Critérium des Pouliches (Gr.2), Anastasia Fella (GOETMALS WOOD) has necessarily put the pressure on Avila, Axelle Dark... and the colts! Picture.
Next date : the Critérium des 3 Ans.

Septuor (LOVE YOU) catches up with Sage de Guérinière (GANYMEDE) at the post in the Prix de Montignac-Charente. The talented Black Gold dominates the Prix des Bignones in the name of SAM BOURBON.

12/11 Vincennes (night) - Winner october 18, Bassana de Marlau (SAM BOURBON) repeats in the Prix Gyptis, setting a new record (1' 15" 6 - 2 200 m P.P.).
Half-brother to classic winners Kinder Jet, Quaro and Avila, the talented Very Well Jet (LOVE YOU) confirms his excellent potential in the Prix Mebsuta.

8/11 Wolvega -Your Love Lois (LOVE YOU) pockets the Prix des Géants (Gr.2) ; his half-brother Zorba Oldeson places third.

6/11 Nantes - Ru de l'Airou (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) brilliantly adds the G.N.T.'s 12th Trial (Gr.3) to his race record.

4/11 Vincennes - Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1) ahead...
Aladin d'Ecajeul (QUAKER JET) beats Akim du Cap Vert in the Prix Abel Bassigny (Gr.2 - colts). Picture.
The Prix Reine du Corta (Gr.2 - fillies) was featuring "The Magic Three" : Anastasia Fella (GOETMALS WOOD) defeats the half-sisters Axelle Dark and Avila. Picture.

Two victories for LOVE YOU with Violetta Mauzun in the important Prix de Picardie and with Uzo Josselyn in the Prix d'Amiens!
Vacation (EXTREME AUNOU) captures the Prix de Morlaix (gr.A), Vallée d'Haufor (OISEAU DE FEUX) the Prix de Morlaix (gr.B).

4/11 Berlin - Indigious (PRODIGIOUS) wins his first group I : the Breeders Crown (Gr.1 - 4yo's).

30/10 Vincennes - Winner of the Prix de Gençay (gr.A), Volcan du Lupin (GANYMEDE) declares the Paris-Vincennes 2013 - 2014 Winter Meeting open!

29/10 Vincennes (night) - Impressive in the Prix Marcel Dejean (Gr.3), Be My Girl (LOVE YOU) remains unbeaten out of four starts. Picture.
Winner in september at Cherbourg, Aime Moi (LOVE YOU) honours her own sister, the classic Royal Crown, picking up the Prix Lucrétia.

25/10 Vincennes (night) - The Prix Louis Cauchois (Gr.3) for the talented Bolide de Guéron (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE)! Picture.
Best of Sly and Best Of (SAM BOURBON) place third and fourth framed by two sons of Ready Cash.

22/10 Vincennes (night) - Urella (GANYMEDE) completes her race record with a second group III, the Prix Pierre Van Troyen (Gr.3). Picture.
One hour earlier, Anina des Racques (GOETMALS WOOD) had shone in the Prix Orion (monté).

19/10 Caen - And the beat goes on for Global Manhattan (LOVE YOU) in the Prix de la Ville de Caen (Gr.3), beating his half-brother Septuor and Soleil du Fossé, dead-heat.

18/10 Vincennes (night) - Unity Jiel (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) fights for victory in the Prix Athamantis.
Jean-Pierre Dubois held the keys of the racetrack, tonight : the talented Udine (COKTAIL JET) dominates the first race, the Prix Klymène, and the promising Bassana de Marlau (SAM BOURBON) pockets the last event, the Prix Aludra.

13/10 Beaumont-de-Lomagne - Ru de l'Airou (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) adds to his race record a tremendous second place in the Grand Prix du Sud-Ouest (Gr.2), between Timoko and Sanity (LOVE YOU).

Hamburg : Indigious (PRODIGIOUS) places second of the Grosser Preis von Deutschland (Gr.1).

8/10 Vincennes (night) - First winner by SAM BOURBON, Best of Sly impressively devours the Prix Phaedra, his third consecutive victory, 1' 16"3 - 2 200 meters!

4/10 Vincennes (night) - Recently a first group III, tonight the Prix Charley Mills! Global Manhattan (LOVE YOU) shows off, this fall.

1/10 Vincennes (night) - Half-sister to classic winner Anastasia Fella, Villa do Touro (PRODIGIOUS - Jeanne's Fella) enjoys a second success during this summer meeting, in the Prix Maja.
Alite de la Côte (QUAKER JET) wins by far the Prix Dioné.

30/9 Enghien - Brindille de Mai (REPEAT LOVE) devours the Prix du Pont de Tolbiac, being now unbeaten out of two attempts.

29/9 Vincennes - Anastasia Fella (GOETMALS WOOD) dominates the Prix des Elites (Gr.1). With a touch of class!
The Prix d'Eaubonne and a first victory for Amie Love, half-sister to LOVE YOU and REPEAT LOVE, by GOETMALS WOOD.

24/9 Vincennes (night) - Bolide de Guéron (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) confirms his high potential in the Prix Aldébaran.

22/9 Vincennes - Global Manhattan (LOVE YOU) shines in the Prix Emile Bézière (Gr.3). Picture.
Veritika (COKTAIL JET) defeats Valentina Jiel (KAISY DREAM) and Vivolta (OISEAU DE FEUX) in the Prix de Givors.



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