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Spring - Summer 2014




Main performances






20/9 Mauquenchy - Africaine (Oiseau de Feux), winner of the Eliminatory B with Jean-Etienne Dubois, Tast of Bourbon (Donato Hanover) with Jean-Pierre Dubois and Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE), both second, are qualified for the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1), the fourth of october at Mauquenchy, particularly joining with Västerbo Loveboat (LOVE YOU).

19/9 Vincennes (night) - Placed at Pornichet, then at Ecommoy, Capucine de Nacre (REPEAT LOVE) wins her first race for her first parisian date, the Prix Aquitania.

18/9 Vincennes - Third consecutive victory for Bodeguita, half-sister to VILLAGE MYSTIC by REPEAT LOVE, in the Prix de Taverny!

16/9 Vincennes (night) - Already winner at Amiens, Châteauroux (SAM BOURBON) defeats Célébrissime (PASSWORD) in the Prix Centaurus, remaining unbeaten.

14/9 Copenhagen - And the beat goes on for Ed You (LOVE YOU), winner of his first group I, the Hugo Abergs Memorial (Gr.1), in july!
In the Trotting Masters Final 2014 (Gr.1), he particularly defeats Mosaique Face, Canaka B.F., Timoko... Commander Crowe, Solvato, Quid Pro Quo and Pascia' Lest.

12/9 Vincennes (night) - Half-sister to talented Vagabondu Mag, Ciperla Mag (QUAKER JET) seduces for her first start, directly at Paris in the Prix Galathéa.
Boogie de Padd (SAM BOURBON) victoriously discovers Vincennes in the Prix Alkmène.
Beginner "au monté", Boston (KAISY DREAM) dominates the Prix Menkar.
Before those "premières fois", Aymtika had offered to AND ARIFANT the Prix Atalante.

28/8 Vincennes - Athos des Elfes (GANYMEDE) ends his formidable summer with a victory in the Prix Jules Thibault (Gr.2) ; Aladin d'Ecajeul (QUAKER JET) places excellent second for his come back. Picture.
Half-sister to VILLAGE MYSTIC, Bodeguita (REPEAT LOVE) honors her blood in the Prix de Cagnes-sur-Mer.
Athéna de l'Abbaye (DEFI D'AUNOU) captures the Prix de Corbeil.

27/8 Vincennes - Born in purple, already winner at Cabourg last week, Couleur Citron (COKTAIL JET - L'Aunou du Fier) remains unbeaten following her victory in the Prix des Cyclamens.
Fourth of the Prix Louis Cauchois (Gr.3), last fall, Best Of (SAM BOURBON) wins the Prix de Formerie.

25/8 Vincennes - Relative to Slave, the promising Buckingham Park (COKTAIL JET - North America) shows off in the Prix de Châteaumeillant (monté).
Previously winner at Carentan, august 7, the very talented Cahal des Rioults (PASSWORD) stays unbeaten in the Prix des Bruyères.
Anantara Jet
(GANYMEDE) pockets the Prix d'Aurillac.

23/8 Vincennes - Coast to coast for Bubble Jet (PASSWORD) in the Prix de Molay.

20/8 Vincennes - And Bomba (GOETMALS WOOD) danced in the Prix Pierre Gamare (Gr.2m)! Picture.
Téatro (GANYMEDE) trots 1' 13"1 over 2 700 meters to dominate the Prix de Beaune.

18/8 Vincennes - Booster Winner (LOVE YOU) defeats Bird Parker in the Prix Pierre Plazen (Gr.2). Picture.

13/8 Enghien - A promising Romanesque (LOVE YOU) finishes faster than Athos des Elfes (GANYMEDE) in the Prix de Genève (Gr.3)! Picture.

2/8 Enghien - Both by PASSWORD, Caïd Griff and Célébrissime, half-brother to Brillantissime, dominate the Prix de la Porte de Choisy, first parisian date for the 2yo colts!
After the Prix de Bruxelles (Gr.3), the Prix de La Haye (Gr.2)! VILLAGE MYSTIC beats by a nose Swedishman, efficiently preparing the Critérium des 5 Ans at the end of the month! Picture.

2/8 Berlin - Great success for the stallions in the Arthur-Knauer-Rennen (Derby des Pouliches)! Pippa Barosso (GOETMALS WOOD) wins in front of Emma di Quattro (GANYMEDE) and Imi Para Mi (LOVE YOU).

29/7 Jägersro - Un Mec d'Héripré disqualified by the swedish stewards, Ed You (LOVE YOU) becomes group I winner in the Hugo Abergs Memorial (Gr.1).

27/7 Enghien - A perfect Sister Dany Bar (LOVE YOU) defeats a promising Sansone Bar (GANYMEDE) in the Prix de la Porte Pouchet (Gr.3), her third group III victory. Picture.

26/7 Enghien - After Pascia' Lest in the Prix de l'Atlantique 2014 and Village Mystic in the Prix de Bruxelles 2014, two weeks ago, Athos des Elfes (GANYMEDE) trots 1' 11"3 (autostart - 2 150 m course record) in an high-level Prix de Milan (Gr.3). Picture.

12/7 Enghien - VILLAGE MYSTIC catches up with Un Mec d'Héripré at the post in the Prix de Bruxelles (Gr.3), breaking the race record (1' 11" 3 - 2 150 m). Picture.

22/6 Vincennes - Champion mare Atlessima brilliantly offers to ROCKLYN the prestigious double crown Prix de Vincennes - Prix du Président de la République!
Alone in the world, Booster Winner (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix d'Essai.

Very impressive third of the Critérium des 4 Ans, Athos des Elfes (GANYMEDE) confirms in the Prix Raymond Fouard (Gr.3). Picture.

14/6 - Boden - Defeating Raja Mirchi, Nahar (LOVE YOU) takes home the Norrbottens Stora Pris (Gr.1) for the second year consecutively.

7/6 Vincennes - Sister Dany Bar (LOVE YOU) wins a second consecutive group III, the Prix d'Istres (Gr.3). Picture.
Global Manhattan (LOVE YOU) brilliantly dominates an high-level Prix du Quercy.
First victory, since december 30, 2012, for the talented Tino Madrik (COKTAIL JET) in the Prix d'Arles (monté).

30/5 Vincennes (night) - A Nous Deux (GOETMALS WOOD), perfectly training for the Prix du Président de la République (Gr.1), records a fourth semi-classic victory in the Prix Lavater (Gr.2m). Picture.

27/5 Vincennes (night) - Aida d'Héripré honors PRODIGIOUS in the Prix Rheita.

14/5 Caen - Airport (LOVE YOU) flies away in the Prix Henri Ballière (Gr.2m). Picture.

6/5 Vincennes (night) - Winner in february at Mauquenchy, the son of Rapide Aventure (Bahama), Buvetier (GOETMALS WOOD) very impressively wins the Prix Anahita for his first try at Vincennes. 1' 15" 1 - 2 700 meters!

Own sister to beloved La Dany Bar, Sister Dany Bar (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix Fama (Gr.3). Picture.

3/5 Vincennes - Returning to the Critérium des 4 Ans winner's circle is Akim du Cap Vert, in front of Aladin d'Ecajeul (QUAKER JET) and Athos des Elfes (GANYMEDE)!

29/4 Lyon-La Soie - A sparkling USED TO ME beats by a nose Global Manhattan (LOVE YOU) in the Grand Prix du Centre-Est (Gr.3). Picture.

Vincennes (night) - A Nous Deux (GOETMALS WOOD) adds the Prix René Palyart (Gr.2m), her third semi-classic success, to her race record. Picture.

26/4 Argentan - Quinoa du Gers (GANYMEDE) brings home the Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie (Gr.2), his tenth group.

18/4 Vincennes (nuit) - In the next Critérium des 4 Ans (Gr.1), our Sires will particularly feature Aladin d'Ecajeul (QUAKER JET) and Alésia d'Atout (DEFI D'AUNOU), winners of the Prix Gaston Brunet (Gr.2 - Picture) and Gaston de Wazières (Gr.2 - Pictures), tonight.
Inspired by this classic company, Bombe de Caillons (GOETMALS WOOD) conquers the Prix Euphrosyne (monté).

8/4 Vincennes (night) - Laureat of the Prix Atlas (Gr.3), Bassana de Marlau will remain as the first group winner for SAM BOURBON! Picture.

5/4 Vincennes - Athos des Elfes, the superb chestnut son of GANYMEDE and classic mare Lazio du Bourg, shows off in the Prix Phaéton (Gr.2), the first group of his career. Picture.

22/3 Vincennes - Vision Intense (PRODIGIOUS) captures a seventh group II, the Prix Louis Forcinal (Gr.2m). Picture.



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