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Fall 2014




Main performances





19/12 Vincennes - The 2yo leading colt is k,own : Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET - Making Money), winner of the Prix Emmanuel Margouty (Gr.2)! Finishing fast also, Célébrissime (PASSWORD) places second, not far. Picture.

14/12 Vincennes - Baraka de Bellou (PRODIGIOUS) upgrades, easily capturing the Prix Albert Rayon (Gr.3). Picture.
Angel Rock (GANYMEDE) honors his half-brother Oyonnax in the Prix de Château-Thierry.

8/12 Vincennes - Omnipresent with his 2yo colts, PASSWORD finds a talented nugget on the fillies' side in the Prix des Gardénias (group A) : Cathy A Quira.
Vésuvienne (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) devours the Prix de la Touraine (monté).

7/12 Vincennes - Aladin d'Ecajeul (QUAKER JET) catches up with Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE) at the post to pocket the Prix Octave Douesnel (Gr.2). Picture.

6/12 Vincennes - TEXAS CHARM perfectly controls the Prix du Bourbonnais (Gr.2). Picture.
Booster Winner (LOVE YOU) remains unbeaten out of three starts au monté, following his victory in the Prix Raoul Ballière (Gr.2m). Picture.

29/11 Vincennes - Campo Rossa (COKTAIL JET) pockets the Prix Vourasie (Gr.3), particularly defeating two daughters of REPEAT LOVE, Cuise la Motte and Capucine de Nacre, respectively third and fourth. Picture.
Born in purple, by PRODIGIOUS and the high-level mare Hirosaka, Akayama brilliantly dominates the Prix de Jonchery.

28/11 Vincennes (night) - Victorious of the Prix Ourasi (Gr.3) in front of Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) and Canari Match (EXTREME AUNOU), second and third, Célébrissime (PASSWORD) imitates his half-brother Brillantissime. Picture.

17/11 Vincennes - Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) honors her very famous half-sister Return Money in the Prix des Bignones.

15/11 Vincennes - VILLAGE MYSTIC places fifth of the Prix de Bretagne (Gr.2) ; TEXAS CHARM travels safely and promisingly...

Roma - In the Gran Premio d'Europa (Gr.1), Radiofreccia Fi confirms her victory in the Gran Premio Continentale (Gr.1), already against the colts, and GANYMEDE sees double, Re Italiano Ur being second.
In the Gran Premio d'Europa Filly (Gr.2), it was time for LOVE YOU to show off with Rania Lest, first, repeating her success in the Gran Premio Continentale Filly (Gr.2), and Robinia, fourth.

6/11 Vincennes - Aladin d'Ecajeul (QUAKER JET) impressively adds the Prix Marcel Laurent (Gr.2) to his race record. Picture.
Easy victory for Ariane du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix de Castres!
The talented Bambi de Bry (PRODIGIOUS) controls the Prix de Belle-Ile.

4/11 Vincennes (night) - Célébrissime (PASSWORD) beats Canari Match (EXTREME AUNOU) in the Prix Geminus.

1/11 Torino - Ten starts in 2014, 9 wins, once second! The finnish colt Jontte Boy (LOVE YOU), already winner of the 3yo Kriterium (Gr.1) at Tampere and the 3yo European Championship (Gr.1) at Jägersro, completes a fantastic season with a third group I victory, the Gran Premio Paolo & Orsino Orsi Mangelli (Gr.1).

28/10 Vincennes (night) - Half-sister to So Lovely Girl, already winner at Cabourg, Beauty Lady (SAM BOURBON) repeats at Vincennes in the Prix Laméia.
The talented Campo Rossa (COKTAIL JET) and Capucine de Nacre (REPEAT LOVE) place second and third of the Prix Marcel Dejean (Gr.3).
Ballina d'Ourville (QUAKER JET) shows off in the Prix Lucrétia!

24/10 Vincennes (night) - A PASSWORD can always hide another one! Cahal des Rioults, first disqualified in the Prix Louis Cauchois (Gr.3), victory goes to his half-brother Caïd Griff.

17/10 Vincennes (night) - Winner at Enghien, dead-heat, september 29 (Prix du Pont de Tolbiac), Cuise la Motte (REPEAT LOVE) will not share the Prix Aludra.
Authorized (KAISY DREAM) pockets the Prix Cyrène.

15/10 Lyon-Parilly - Ulf du Noyer (LOVE YOU) wins in brilliant style the G.N.T.'s 11th Trial (Gr.3). Picture.

14/10 Vincennes (night) - Twice second - Prix de la Porte de Choisy at Enghien and Prix Centaurus at Vincennes, Célébrissime (PASSWORD) was waiting for her third start - this Prix Algina - to enjoy a first victory.

5/10 Alençon - A Premiere in the Prix Dynavena! Cool Rendez-Vous will remain as the first winner by THE BEST MADRIK.

4/10 Mauquenchy - Remarkable second, close to champion Robert Bi, Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE) shines in the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1).

28/9 Vincennes - As he did in the Prix d'Essai, Booster Winner (LOVE YOU) impressively captures the Prix des Elites (Gr.1).
VILLAGE MYSTIC places third in the Championnat européen des 5 Ans (Gr.1).
Téatro (GANYMEDE) shows off in the important Prix Ovidius Naso.

26/9 Vincennes (night) - Four starts, four victories! Today, the Prix Etamin... Brandeis Jet (COKTAIL JET) remains unbeaten.

23/9 Vincennes (night) - Winner of the Prix Aldebaran, Cahal des Rioults (PASSWORD) is now unbeaten out of three races
Bossanova Maza (ROCKLYN)'s race record is now rich of a first victory : the Prix Crucis (monté).

21/9 Bologne - Radiofreccia Fi is in full bloom this summer. Twice group II winner at Follonica and Montecatini, the 4 yo mare by GANYMEDE defeats the colts in the Gran Premio Continentale (Gr.1). Her half-brother Real Mede Sm places third.



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