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Winter 2014 - 2015




Main performances





Booster Winner (Love You)
Prix d'Essai (Gr.1) - Prix des Elites (Gr.1) - Prix des Centaures (Gr.1)


28/2 Vincennes - In the Prix de Maurepas, the excellent Akayama (PRODIGIOUS) imitates Akido with a fourth consecutive victory.
Finishing fast, the talented Baltic Charm (PASSWORD) pockets the last race of the winter meeting, the Prix de Monpazier.

26/2 Vincennes - The two first semi-classics, au monté, offered to 3 yo's on the classic course, are dominated by our stallions!
Already winner of the Prix Holly du Locton (Gr.2m), Ciperla Mag (QUAKER JET) flies away in the Prix Ali Hawas (Gr.2m) in front of Corsica (COKTAIL JET) and Conga (GOETMALS WOOD). Picture.
Che Jenilou (GOETMALS WOOD) shows off in the Prix Félicien Gauvreau (Gr.2m). Picture.
Akido (LOVE YOU) confirms his high potential in the Prix de Lorient, his fourth success of the winter.

22/2 Vincennes - TEXAS CHARM places excellent third of the Prix de Paris (Gr.1).
Tellement Haufor (GANYMEDE) bravely wins the Prix de Monflanquin!

16/2 Vincennes - Two victories for QUAKER JET!
Aladin d'Ecajeul adds a sixth group II, the Prix Ovide Moulinet (Gr.2 - Picture), to his race record ; Chef de Bry shines in the Prix de Graignes.

15/2 Vincennes - Canari Match (Extrême Aunou), Capucine de Nacre (REPEAT LOVE) and Côte Ouest (GOETMALS WOOD) respectively place second, third and fifth of the Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).

Ecurie Victoria Dreams held the keys of the racetrack on this classic sunday. Accro Au Rock (ROCKLYN) takes home the first event, the Prix de Pouilly-sur-Loire (monté), Alexia (PRODIGIOUS) controls the last race, the Prix de Gannat.
Alexia, logically, in echo to... Alexis (GANYMEDE), half-brother to Voltigeur de Myrt, winner of the Prix du Finistère.

12/2 Vincennes - Ciperla Mag (QUAKER JET) wins by far the Prix Holly du Locton (Gr.2m). Picture.

8/2 Vincennes - Booster Winner (LOVE YOU), glorious winner of the Prix des Centaures (Gr.1), his third group I!

TEXAS CHARM is a brilliant second of the Prix de France (Gr.1).

In the Prix de Josselin, Balade Imaginaire (GOETMALS WOOD) honors her own brother PRODIGIOUS.

5/2 Vincennes - Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE) finds the light in the Prix Jean le Gonidec (Gr.2). Picture.

31/1 Vincennes - The stallions could saddle most of the favorites in the next Critérium des Jeunes (Gr.1).
In the Prix Prix Paul Viel (Gr.2), Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) shows off in front of Cahal des Rioults (PASSWORD), Canari Match (EXTREME AUNOU), Coquin Bébé and Caïd Griff (PASSWORD). Picture.
Ciperla Mag (QUAKER JET) beats Cuise la Motte (REPEAT LOVE) at the post in the Prix Roquépine (Gr.2). Picture.

26/1 Vincennes - In the Prix de Fleurance (gr.A), Cottie Cash, half-sister to Ready Cash by SAM BOURBON, remains unbeaten, confirming her "premiere" at Mauquenchy.

25/1 Vincennes - Indigious (PRODIGIOUS) controls the Prix Jean-René Gougeon (Gr.3) with a touch of class. 1' 11" 8 - 2 100 m autostart. Picture.
Bianca de Faël (COKTAIL JET) seduces in the Prix de Meadowlands, winning easily.
At 5, Aladin d'Acajeul (QUAKER JET) is a very promising fifth to Up and Quick (Buvetier d'Aunou) in the Prix d'Amérique (Gr.1).

18/1 Vincennes - Virgious du Maza (PRODIGIOUS) dominates with authority the Prix Bellino II (monté) in prelude to the fifth place of Ugo de Nieul in the Prix de Cornulier (Gr.1)!
Akido (LOVE YOU) pockets the Prix du Lion-d'Angers. Later, the Prix de Maisons-Laffitte was the theatre of a third consecutive victory for the unbeaten Comtesse du Chêne (QUAKER JET), now in front of the semi-classic events.

15/1 Vincennes - Winner of the Prix de Valdampierre, the 3rd of january, Candice du Noyer (SAM BOURBON) repeats in the Prix de Montreuil, still "au monté".

10/1/2015 Vincennes - In the Prix Maurice de Gheest (Gr.2), Cahal des Rioults (PASSWORD) defeats Canari Match (EXTREME AUNOU), his half-brother Caïd Griff (PASSWORD) and Coup Droit (PRODIGIOUS)! Picture.

9/1/2015 Vincennes - Finishing fast on the outside, Black Atout (PRODIGIOUS) takes home the Prix de Colmar.
Conga (GOETMALS WOOD) devours the Prix de Marolles (monté).

8/1/2015 Cagnes-sur-Mer - Talented winners, Buvetier (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix Pierre Bocquet and Alisma du Corta (LOVE YOU) in the Prix Météor II offer two victories to Jean-Pierre Dubois as owner and driver.

27/12 Vincennes - VOYAGE DE REVE places second of an high-level Prix de Bar-le-Duc (Vive Majyc).

21/12 Vincennes - Already second of the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T. (Gr.1), Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE) is beaten at the post by Tumble Dust in the Critérium Continental (Gr.1).


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