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Summer - Fall 2015




Main performances





CRISTAL MONEY finds his first classic day
in the Prix de l'Etoile (Gr.1), september 12.


13/12 Vincennes - Crowned in the Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1), Charly du Noyer (Ready Cash) honors the female line of QUAKER JET and COKTAIL JET.
Combattante (SAM BOURBON), Caïd Griff (PASSWORD) and Cavalleria (PRODIGIOUS) respectively place third, fourth and fifth.
Cap Matyss (LOVE YOU) confirms his high potential in the Prix de Cogolin.

12/12 Vincennes - Belina Josselyn (LOVE YOU) defeats Billie de Montfort in the Prix Ariste Hémard (Gr.2). Picture.

26/11 Vincennes - Excellent fourth of the Prix Marcel Laurent (Gr.2), Specialess (GANYMEDE) shows off in the Prix de Picardie.
Berlioz Griff (COKTAIL JET) pockets at the post the Prix de Louvigné-du-Désert.
Corsaire du Roi
(REPEAT LOVE) brilliantly wins his first race, the Prix de Nantes (monté).
Come On Jet (GOETMALS WOOD) honors her half-brother QUAKER JET in the Prix de Mirecourt.

25/11 Vincennes - First victories for Boss du Marny (ROCKLYN) and for Diva du Mouchel (THE BEST MADRIK), respectively in the Prix de Menneval and in the Prix des Anémones (gr.A).

23/11 Vincennes - Balade de Mars (COKTAIL JET) devours the Prix de Landivisiau (monté), winning by far.

21/11 Vincennes - VILLAGE MYSTIC and TEXAS CHARM respectively place third and fourth of the Prix de Bretagne (Gr.2).
A tough Cavalleria (PRODIGIOUS) defeats Combattante (SAM BOURBON) in the Prix Annick Dreux (Gr.2 - Picture) ; Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) adds the Prix Jacques de Vaulogé (Gr.2 - Picture), a fifth semi-classic, to his race record. Next date : the Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1).

12/11 Vincennes - Already winner of four races, Carat Williams (PRODIGIOUS) victoriously discovers Vincennes in the Prix d'Aix-les-Bains.
Charmeuse de Simm (SINGALO) shows off again in the Prix de Valenciennes (monté)!

10/11 Vincennes (night) - Both by PRODIGIOUS, Deep Purple and Don't Explain take the two first places of the Prix Gyptis, as they did in the Prix Hékate, on the same course, september 25, but not in that order.
Circé la Chesnaie (REPEAT LOVE) controls the Prix Florentina.
Catalogne (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE) signs her first success, the Prix Psyché (monté).

9/11 Vincennes - The Critérium des 3 Ans (Gr.1) is traditionnally the first classic of the meeting...
Combattante (SAM BOURBON) totally reveals herself in the Prix Reine du Corta (Gr.2). Confirming the high-level of the Prix Timocharis (Gr.3 - october 20), Cavalleria (PRODIGIOUS) and Cylée Névelé (SAM BOURBON) are second and third. Picture.
Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) adds the Prix Abel Bassigny (Gr.2) to his race record. Picture.

Doberman (PRODIGIOUS) easily captures the Prix des Giroflées.

8/11 Milano - First group I for Moses Rob (GANYMEDE), the Grand Prix des Nations defeating Nephenta Lux and Pascia'Lest!

28/10 Vincennes - Brilliant winner of the Prix des Clématites, Dragon des Racques (LOVE YOU) declares "open" the 2015 - 2016 Winter Meeting.

27/10 Vincennes (night) - Demonia Roma (PASSWORD) takes her revenge on Dawana (Ready Cash) in the Prix Marcel Dejean (Gr.3), first main date for 2 yo fillies. Also very promising, Dista Love (ROYAL DREAM) places third. Picture.

23/10 Vincennes (night) - Adélie (GANYMEDE) finds the light in the Prix Pierre Van Troyen (Gr.3). Picture.

20/10 Vincennes (night) - In the Prix Timocharis (Gr.3), Cavalleria (PRODIGIOUS) defeats Cylée Névelé (SAM BOURBON). Combattante, also by SAM BOURBON, places third. Picture.

16/10 Vincennes (night) - Considered as one of the best swedish mares, Donna di Quattro (LOVE YOU) easily controls the Prix Klymène.
Half-brother to Joke Face, Colbert d'Am (GOETMALS WOOD) wins in brilliant style the Prix Aréthusa.
Viking Blue (PRODIGIOUS) takes home the Prix Thémis, second european race of the evening.
Winner, august 26, already at Vincennes, Dista Love (ROYAL DREAM) repeats in the Prix Aludra.

13/10 Vincennes (night) - Two very promising victories for SAM BOURBON with Combattante, half-sister to Texas Style, in the Prix Ophiucus and with Dream Darling, by the classic Let's Go Darling (2nd Prix de l'Etoile), in the Prix Algina!

10/10 Yonkers - Papagayo E (COKTAIL JET) will remain as the first laureat of the International Trot (Gr.1), new era. Timoko, Creatine, Oasis Bi, B.B.S. Sugarlight, Bee A Magician, On Track Piraten, Rod Stewart, Mosaique Face et Natural Herbie place in that order behind the norwegian 5 yo!

23/9 Argentan - Third of the Sweden Cup, in may at Solvalla, Tabriz du Gîte (GANYMEDE) captures the Grand National du Trot's 10th Trial (Gr.3). Picture.

17/9 Vincennes - Cylée Névelé (SAM BOURBON) beats Currency and her half-sister Cilaria Paradise in the Prix de Taverny, now knocking at the semi-classic doors.

12/9 Vincennes - Defeating Coquin Bébé, Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) is crowned in the Prix de l'Etoile (Gr.1).
Shortly beaten by Astor du Quenne, Apprenti Sorcier (LOVE YOU) places second of the Prix de Normandie (Gr.1).

7/9 Vincennes - An impressive Booster Winner (LOVE YOU) wins by far the Prix Ceneri Forcinal (Gr.2m). Picture.
City Star (THE BEST MADRIK) takes home the Prix de Nangis.

5/9 Vincennes - So fast "in the last furlong", Che Jénilou (GOETMALS WOOD) shows off in the Prix de Basly (Gr.2m). Picture.
Very pleasantly, Belina Josselyn (LOVE YOU) catches up with Briac Dark to beat him at the post in the Prix Joseph Aveline (Gr.3). Picture.
Black Charm (PRODIGIOUS) seduces in the straight line of the Prix de Nueil-sur-Layon.

4/9 Vincennes (night) - Prix Ambrosia : Démonia Roma (PASSWORD) remains unbeaten out of two races.

29/8 Vincennes - Calita Wood (GOETMALS WOOD) imitates her mother Qualita Bourbon, impressively winning the Prix Uranie (Gr.2). Picture.
Arabella de Lou (COKTAIL JET) pockets the Prix de Coutances (monté) at the post.

26/8 Vincennes - Capturing the Prix des Cyclamens, Dista Love (Usita Love) will remain as the first winner by ROYAL DREAM.

19/8 Vincennes - An impressive Che Jenilou (GOETMALS WOOD) devours the Prix Pierre Gamare (Gr.2m). Picture.
Own brother to Royal Crown, already twelve times winner, Un Charme Fou (LOVE YOU) enjoys a first success at Vincennes in the Prix de Beaune.
Two victories for PRODIGIOUS with the excellent Alexia in the Prix du Périgord and with the promising Chicago Blues - his fifth consecutively - in the Prix d'Antibes.

17/8 Vincennes - Back on the black track for a perfect day!
All brilliant winners, Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET), Cère Josselyn (KAISY DREAM), Ariane du Goutier (GOETMALS WOOD), Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE) take home the four semi-classic events of the day, respectively the Prix Pierre Plazen (Gr.2 - Picture), the Prix Guy Deloison (Gr.2 - Picture), the Prix Hervé Céran-Maillard (Gr.2m - Picture) and the Prix Jockey (Gr.2 - Picture).

12/8 Enghien - Romanesque (LOVE YOU) defeats Ustinof du Vivier, Vinci de l'Abbaye and Roxane Griff in the Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère (Gr.2), highlight of the meeting. Picture.

10/8 Enghien - Winner of the Prix de Chaudes Aigues, Cicero Face (THE BEST MADRIK) remains unbeaten out of three races.
Démonia Roma (PASSWORD) dominates in great style the Prix de la Porte de Montreuil.

6/8 Enghien - Virgious du Maza (PRODIGIOUS) reveals himself in the important Prix de Londres (Gr.2m). Picture.

5/8 Saint-Malo - Vostania de Viette (PRODIGIOUS) keeps on winning in the Grand Prix Henri Desmontils (Gr.3), G.N.T.'s 8th Trial. Picture.

4/8 Cabourg - Coming soon, the Critérium des 5 Ans (Gr.1)...
Amiral Sacha (GANYMEDE) devours the Prix des Hêtres and the excellent Akido (LOVE YOU) for his come back after four months without racing.

2/8 Enghien - Twice second at this level since the beginning of the summer, Châteauroux (SAM BOURBON) defeats Tesoro degli Dei to offer to Jean-Pierre Dubois the Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr.3). Picture.


CHATEAUROUX and Jean-Pierre Dubois
Prix Henri Cravoisier (Gr.3)


22/7 Enghien - Akido (LOVE YOU) easily pockets the first group of his career, the Prix de la Chaussée d'Antin (Gr.3). Picture.

11/7 Enghien - Christmas Jenilou (SINGALO) wins by far the Prix d'Uzerche (monté).

4/7 Enghien - Romanesque (LOVE YOU) devours the Prix de la Manche.
For his birthday, Jean-Pierre Dubois leads Châteauroux (SAM BOURBON) to the second place of the Prix de Berlin (Gr.3), behind Critérium des Jeunes winner Coquin Bébé. Caïd Griff (PASSWORD) is third.

2/7 Enghien - Bel Avis (GANYMEDE) confirms his high potential in the Prix de la Madeleine.

30/6 Vincennes (night) - Two victories for PRODIGIOUS with Balthazar Maza in the Prix Henri Gouin and with the "born in purple" and very talented Classic Way (Pole Position) in the Prix Gudrun!

26/6 Vincennes (night) - Winner of the Prix de Vitesse des 3 Ans at Avenches, the 4yo "danish" mare Uza Josselyn (LOVE YOU) shines for her first start in our country, in the Prix Eva.
Bettina (GANYMEDE) captures the Prix Nunky.

21/6 Vincennes - Che Jenilou (GOETMALS WOOD) in the Prix d'Essai (Gr.1) and Booster Winner (LOVE YOU) in the Prix du Président de la République (Gr.1) place second.
Cristal Money (COKTAIL JET) is third of the Prix Albert Viel (Gr.1).



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