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1/12 Vincennes - A fourth 3yo colt by COKTAIL JET showing off in four days! Gimy du Pommereux (Noune du Pommereux) honors his own brother Enino du Pommereux and his half-sister Délia du Pommereux in Letrot Open des Régions - 3 Ans (Gr.3).

28/11 Vincennes - The seventh victory of Grâce de Faël (SAM BOURBON) out of ten races (three times disqualified) in the Prix Urgent (Gr.3m)!
SAM BOURBON sees double, when his filly Greyline shines in the Prix de Cabrières.

7/11 Vincennes - Flicka de Blary (SAM BOURBON) captures her second group, the Prix Olry-Roederer (Gr.3m), beating the champion Fado du Chêne (+25 meters).

1/11 Torino - Winner of his fifth group I, Axl Rose (LOVE YOU) joins with his half-sister Unicka, taking home the Gran Premio Paolo & Orsino Orsi Mangelli (Gr.1). Also son of LOVE YOU, Amon You SM places second.

27/10 Saint-Galmier - Bel Avis (GANYMEDE) adds the Grand Prix du Centre-Est (Gr.3) to his impressive race record.

16/10 Gelsenkirchen - For his first try at this level, Discovry Dry (GOETMALS WOOD) dominates Billie de Montfort, Bon Copain, Balando and Eridan in the Grand Prix de Gelsenkirchen (Gr.2).

15/10 Vincennes (night) - Grâce de Faëi (SAM BOURBON) stays unbeaten out of six races "au monté", easily winning a first group III, the Prix Phact (Gr.3m).

24/9 Vincennes - Third of his Eliminatory (Mister F Daag), FOLLOW YOU is qualified for the Grand Prix de l'U.E.T.

15/9 Avenches - Bon Copain (LOVE YOU) conquers the Prix du Président (Gr.2) in front of his half-brother Clif du Pommereux and four classic winners Eridan, Discours Joyeux, Billie de Montfort and Django Riff.

24/8 Vincennes - Classic Connection (LOVE YOU), with Jean-Pierre Dubois but without "shoes" for the first time, brilliantly takes home the Prix de Provence (Gr.3).

17/8 Vincennes - Enino du Pommereux (COKTAIL JET) ideally prepares the Critérium des 5 Ans, efficiently dominating the Prix Jockey (Gr.2).

14/8 Solvalla - Uza Josselyn (LOVE YOU) defeats Bahia Quesnot in the Prix Maharajah - European Championship For Mares (1' 10"5 - new race record), her second group I victory after the Gran Premio delle Nazioni (Gr.1) at Milano in 2017.

4/8 Berlin - 2019 will remain for GANYMEDE as one of his best years, as a Sire! The 3yo Velten Von Flevo shines in the Deutsches Traber-Derby (Gr.1), while his half-brother Jason Dragon places fifth.

2/8 Cagnes-sur-Mer - And the beat goes on for Balbir (GANYMEDE), winner of his second group III of the summer meeting, the Prix Alexandre Roucayrol (Gr.3)!

28/7 Torino - Axl Rose (LOVE YOU) wins his fourth group I, the Gran Premio Avv. Carlo Marangoni (Gr.1) in front of his half-brother Amon You SM.

27/7 Enghien - Impressive leading Sire on the european mile in 2019, GANYMEDE shows off in the Prix de Washington (Gr.2). His son Bel Avis (Prix de la Loterie) wins in front of his half-sister Tessy d'Eté, while his 6yo Dijon (Elitloppet, second of the Grand Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte d'Azur), places fourth.

24/7 Enghien - The winner of the Grand Prix de l'UET 2017 Drôle de Jet (COKTAIL JET) confirms, easily dominating a second consecutive group III, the Prix de la Chaussée d'Antin (Gr.3).

13/7 Enghien - Duel in the Prix de Bruxelles (Gr.3)! Drôle de Jet (COKTAIL JET) shortly beats Blé du Gers.

12/7 Cagnes-sur-Mer - Balbir (GANYMEDE) defeats Bahia Quesnot in the Grand Prix de la Ville de Cagnes-sur-Mer (Gr.3).

30/6 Napoli - Best italian 3yo, Axl Rose (LOVE YOU) consolidates his supremacy, taking home a third group I, the Gran Premio Citta' di Napoli (Gr.1).

28/5 Vincennes - Three races, this spring, three wins! Eolia de Houelle (GOETMALS WOOD) adds a second semi-classic, the Prix Victor Cavey (Gr.2m), to her race record.

26/5 Solvalla - Dijon (GANYMEDE), King of Speed, controls the Elitloppet (Gr.1)! A splendid coast to coast, resisting at the end to Aubrion du Gers!

5/5 Vincennes - In the Prix Jean Gauvreau (Gr.2m), Eolia de Houelle (GOETMALS WOOD) struggles and becomes semi-classic winner.
Super Fez (LOVE YOU) shines again... Today's target? The Prix du Rouergue.
Erebor (QUAKER JET) pockets the Prix d'Arpajon.

1/5 Naples - Bel Avis (GANYMEDE), great winner of the Gran Premio della Lotteria (Gr.1)!

25/4 Milan - Axl Rose (LOVE YOU) dominates the italian 3yo's. He wins today the Gran Premio Nazionale (Gr.1 - 1' 12"3 - 2 250 m autostart), his second group I, his seventh consecutive victory.

2/3 Vincennes - Bel Avis (GANYMEDE) never misses his targets. For the last day of the winter meeting, his prey was the Prix du Plateau de Gravelle (Gr.3).

24/2 Vincennes - Magnificent Bélina Josselyn! Winner of the Prix d'Amérique 2019 and of the Prix de France 2018, the best european mare, by LOVE YOU, captures the third jewel, the Prix de Paris (Gr.1).

17/2 Vincennes - EXPRESS JET defeats Enino du Pommereux (Coktail Jet) and Earl Simon (Prodigious) in the Prix Ovide Moulinet (Gr.2).
Victorious of Prix de La Gacilly, Darling Lorraine offers to GOETMALS WOOD his second win of the day.

7/2 Vincennes - Placed second to Ferreteria in the Prix de Pardieu (Gr.2m), Flicka de Blary (SAM BOURBON) takes home the Prix André Théron (Gr.3m). With a touch of class!

3/2 Vincennes - EXPRESS JET wins in brilliant style the Prix de Rouen (Gr.3).

27/1 Vincennes - So elegant, so fast in the last furlong, Bélina Josselyn offers to LOVE YOU a second Prix d'Amérique (Gr.1), six years after Royal Dream.

19/1 Vincennes - In the Prix de Pardieu (Gr.2m), Ferreteria (GOETMALS WOOD) takes back the leadership of the 4yo mares "au monté", defeating Flicka de Blary (SAM BOURBON).
The Prix de Courtemer 2019 will remain as the fourth consecutive success of Dédicace de Chenu (GOETMALS WOOD), au monté. At Caen, Le Mans and twice at Vincennes.

14/1/2019 Vincennes - Daytona Jet (GOETMALS WOOD) dances in the Prix de Roubaix (Gr.3m), his first group victory, the fourth, au monté, at Vincennes since september 23.

10/1/2019 Cagnes-sur-Mer - Despite a twenty-five meter handicap, Bel Avis (GANYMEDE) dominates the Prix de la Côte d'Azur (Gr.3) ; his half-brother Balbir places third in front of Voltaire Gifont (QUAKER JET).




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